A guide to a healthy life
Наръчник за здравословен живот

Most people underestimate the possibilities of a healthy lifestyle and for many it is only related to prohibitions. In fact, the healthy lifestyle does not involve sacrifices, on the contrary – it turns into additional years of living in good health. In our hectic daily lives and the stress we are subjected to, at first glance it seems difficult to follow any rules.

These problems can be overcome if you accept the principles of the Healthy Living Guide, which you can adapt to your life and work.

A guide to a healthy life

What is meant by the term “healthy living” and does this mean complete restrictions?

Healthy living is a comprehensive concept, referring to all aspects of human life. It is not just a matter of replacing harmful foods with useful ones, but of changing your diet in a complex way.

First of all, this includes more activities, a healthy diet and quality rest. And this does not exhaust the meaning of the concept of healthy living, because in order to achieve it we must reduce stress to a minimum. This goal is quite difficult to achieve in modern society, but one can at least try.

Many people worry that they have to suddenly lose all their favorite things and spend hours in the gym. Healthy living does not mean complete restrictions. There are foods that are good to give up, but this way your diet will only become better.

Healthy eating is not a diet for weight loss and no one makes you starve. This is a way of life where you don’t hate yourself after every overeating, when your stomach is heavy. And no one has said that healthy food should not be appetizing.

A guide to a healthy life

It is advisable to first think about which bad habits are bothering you and try to overcome them. These include smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating, lack of exercise. If you decide to make your diet healthy, it does not necessarily mean that you should become absolutely sober. The French say that a glass of wine at lunch can even be useful.

Health depends largely on the diet and this is one of the first things to pay attention to. Create a proper daily routine with specific meal times. This way you won’t be able to bite into a packet of saltines or “slip” a waffle at any time while browsing your mail. Forget about the late “invasions” in the fridge.

A healthy breakfast with cereals and fruits, not fried mekis, is a good start to the day. Reduce your salt intake and avoid foods with sugar and white flour, and if you can, eliminate them completely from the menu.

Prefer wholemeal flours and brown rice, which are no less delicious. You need to drink plenty of fluids, but don’t replace water with fizzy drinks. You don’t have to be vegan, but don’t overdo it with meat, especially fatty foods.

A big disadvantage in the diet of Bulgarians is the absence of fish or its small amount in the menu, and it is a source of many valuable nutrients. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Include nuts in your menu, and exclude packaged chips and snacks.

A guide to a healthy life

There is no absolute dogma what exactly your daily menu should be, but tastes are different. It is important not to overdo it and at the same time not to deprive your body of important substances.

It is not a sin sometimes to succumb to temptations. Prepare the family’s favorite pie and take a piece of it, without bothering that you have no will. Just don’t do it every day with the excuse that tomorrow is a day for a new beginning. If you have decided to really take care of your health, start today.


 With small steps towards a healthier life

You don’t have to throw away all your old habits all at once, including your current diet. One can progress in small steps. Today, for example, you can drink 2-3 glasses of water more than usual, and from tomorrow you can refuse fried foods.

Sweet lovers will need a little more time to get used to their favorite treats, but at first you may lose the white sugar. For the weekend, plan a longer walk or start walking to your workplace if the distance allows.

There are simple things that anyone can do as early as this week, rather than waiting for Monday, next month, or the New Year.

  • For example do not buy vegetables and fruits in large quantities, buy exactly as much as you can eat in the next few days to always have fresh products. Store food at a suitable temperature regime to preserve its qualities.

A guide to a healthy life

  • In restaurants refuse foods that make you doubt. Poisoning or even an upset stomach undermines the strength of the body. And it is best to eat home-cooked meals, so you will be sure what you eat. When cooking, do not fry food, preferably boiled, stewed, simmered or steamed.
  • Do not lift heavy weights, such as crowded shopping bags for women or cement bags for men. This can damage your health, and the treatment of the consequences is difficult and long.
  • There are tips that look downright funny, but have a significant impact on health. Remember to brush your teeth – this should be done in the morning and evening, and best after each meal. Experts say it is impossible to replace a toothbrush with gum or plain mouthwash.

You can see that everything said so far is easily achievable for anyone who wants to live a quality life. However, useful tips apply not only to everyday life, but also to communication and all other aspects of life.

  • Don’t just stay at home – actively meet friends, visit theaters, movies and museums. A life full of positive emotions can make up for a lot.
  • Hug and kiss your loved ones as often as possible. Psychologists advise to hug your partner, just a loved one or someone you like, at least eight times a day. If you think a lot or for health reasons you have to keep your distance, no one prevents you from smiling at the people around you and saying nice things to them.
  • Avoid sad mood in any way, because pessimism is a veiled form of chronic depression, which is responsible for the appearance of many diseases.
  • If you are angry, then do it openly, do not accumulate anger in yourself. Anger that has found a way out is much healthier than restrained malice. Try not to swear or insult anyone. If the quarrel has already begun, then present your arguments calmly and constructively so that the conflict is resolved and not aggravated. Some quarrels continue simply because no one wants to stop first.
  • It’s good to have a favorite job, but it’s not always up to you. On the other hand, discovering a favorite hobby is available to everyone, even without a lot of money, because you don’t need to collect cars to bring yourself satisfaction.
  • Rest regularly, plan and travel to get new emotions and impressions. It is good to afford vacations in pleasant places to get away from work and routine at home.

The trips charge with energy for a long time, as the positive effect starts while you are choosing the destination and continues long after the return. If you can’t bounce out of town for the weekend, walk in the park and enjoy the  beauty of the season.

A guide to a healthy life

  • Not everyone and not always can afford to relax in a spa hotel due to lack of time or money. Then just take a bath at home – they are very useful for both body and soul. Well, if you do not have a bath, the shower is also a way to relax. Warm water will help you relax, unwind, refresh your skin.
  • Very important for good health is the environment in which you live. If you live in a house, the garden is the place that charges the person with extra energy. In the apartment you can also put a piece of nature for good mood – green plants in pots and boxes of flowers on the terrace.

An important moment for your health is good sleep. It depends on many factors, but the simplest thing you can do is pay attention to mattresses, pillows and bedding.


10 tips for healthy living

  • Eat only quality food and try not to skimp on healthy products. Food is the basis of a healthy and long life.
  • Do sports, because 150 minutes of fitness a week will prolong youth by 5 years. What kind of physical activity to choose is up to you, the main thing is regularity. Dancing, yoga, Pilates, cycling, gymnastics and many other pleasant activities are suitable for strengthening health.

You should be careful only with strength exercises, jogging and contact sports – first, they are traumatic, and second, it is better to do them under the supervision of an instructor. Walk whenever possible. Only through active movement will your body always be in shape.

A guide to a healthy life

  • If you have a sedentary job, take at least 5 minutes every hour to get moving – stretch, stretch your legs, raise and lower your shoulders. All this can be done even without getting up from your chair.
  • Stop smoking. Not only will it save you money – living without cigarettes will also save you a lot of harmful substances, of which not only nicotine is dangerous.
  • Worry as little as possible or better yet – if you can, don’t worry at all. The more nervous a person is, the faster he ages. In addition, stress is the main culprit for wrinkles and hair loss.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol consumed and follow the culture of its consumption so as not to cause significant harm to the body.
  • Try to drink as much water as possible. The average recommended dose of fluid per day is 1.5-2 liters. Start the day with a glass of warm water.
  • Give up anything that may contain harmful substances – mainly smoked meats and fried foods, protein products after high heat treatment, canned food, marinated and salted foods.
  • Do not bend over, sit and walk with your back straight and keep your neck straight. Many diseases are provoked by problems with the spine.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is important to sleep regularly and go to bed at the same time. It is sleep that helps to restore physical strength, improve memory and attention, get a good mood and increase immunity.

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