At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?
По кое време на деня какви храни да консумираме и какви – не?

We have all heard the sentence  “We are what we eat.”  Well, in fact, this thought is full of extraordinary meaning and is truly valid for our organisms. Because the food we eat is our fuel.

If we compare the complex systems of our bodies with one car, both “machines” need their  fuel to drive.  Because we know painfully what happens when our car runs out of oil or, if it is poor, to what extent consequences of water.  It is the same with our body  – it is vital how much quality food we give it to take, for how long and how we combine it.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

It often happens that we are so strongly motivated by the idea,  that we can be in top shape  and feel good, even starting with a successful start to live more fully. But often this motivation lasts a relatively short time, after which it evaporates.

This is  the result of a wrong attitude and low motivation.  The best way to prevent this event is through written motivating goals that are tailored to the capabilities of the individual and the witness to whom you have given the floor.

Or another case is that we want to start living a more appropriate lifestyle, most often it starts with  physical activity and nutrition. But with so many diets and diets, it is difficult to decide which one. is the most correct diet among all the others.

Many people give up before they even start,  because they don’t know how to start. But we will not allow this to happen to you.

So today we will talk about nutrition and more precisely –  at what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

We will address the following topics:

  • Types of food to be combined at different times of the day and at different meals.
  • How to combine them properly for healthy eating and weight loss.
  • What foods to avoid and why.
  • How to combine them in a diet.
  • For what period.

There are many different opinions on how to eat properly, what to eat, at what time of day. You need to highlight your own according to your preferences and requirements so that you feel as good as possible.

First, let’s start a little further with what healthy eating really is, like  wholesome diets and diets.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

In fact, the most important thing is when, with what quality of food and in what quantity we eat every day.

  • Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods, which give us the nutrients we need. They should maintain our health, give us energy and make us feel good.
  • Complete diets are made up of both calories consumed and the consumption of nutrients such as fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.  All elements of this diet should regulate the body and be consumed in moderation.
  • Diets, on the other hand, represent adherence to a certain type of nutrition , with the goal of correcting a person’s weight or improving his health. Also, following a diet should by no means be a deprivation of food, it is the proper consumption of food. Here, as in other related concepts, the emphasis is on the quantity, quality and ratio of the foods we eat.

There are two types of weight loss diets:

  • To lose weight – it limits calories and fat. The goal is to achieve a calorie deficit – calories consumed to be less than consumed;
  • To gain weight – this is where calories and fat increase. The main goal is to achieve excess calories – calories consumed to be more than expended.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

It is recommended that the food be taken and chewed slowly, because with a quick intake it is not possible to understand how much is absorbed. In most cases, the food ingested is a larger dose than needed.

It is extremely important for us and our bodies that the ingested food be so. live food or fresh food.

Poor nutrition has a very strong effect on our quality of life,  draining our physical and mental energy, as well as our moods, depriving the mind of clarity.

Believe it or not, as we feed our body, so we feed our mind.

Some people feel that they are devastated by the stress and tension caused by the work environment. In fact, lethargy is caused by the fuel poured into our bodies, which is low octane.

Real foods are created by  the natural interaction of sun, air, soil and water.  Or this is another vegetarian diet. For example, if we fill our plate with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, we have the opportunity to live forever.

The fact is that  vegetarian eating is one of the secrets to the longevity of beings.  This diet is predestined for us by nature, as it is alive, vital and especially healthy. It is also called a pure diet. The strongest animals on the planet, such as gorillas and elephants, are also vegetarians. And the gorilla is about thirty times stronger than man.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

Of course, if you love meat, you can continue to eat it, just remember that you are eating dead food.

  • If possible, it will be good to reduce the intake of red food, because it is difficult to process.  Our digestive system is one of the processes that require the most energy for digestion, and this type of food deprives us of the necessary valuable energy reserves.
  • You can, for starters, compare how you feel  after eating a steak and pay attention to your energy level after eating a salad. Even if you do not become a complete vegetarian, you could at least eat one salad with each meal and fruit for dessert.
  • Fruits are recommended to be consumed half an hour before and about two hours after each meal. This is because when mixing fruits and meat or dairy products, alcohol is formed in the blood, after which the fruit begins to rot faster than other foods. And so the blood is poisoned and from there the whole body.

Breathing is also key to a healthy life.  People say that breathing properly is living right.

Assuming that our daily food intake is 100%, it should look like this:

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

As the largest part –  70% is raw food.  These are fruits, vegetables, super foods, grains, sprouts that are not cooked, but are eaten raw.

Next are sugars, salt and spices, which account for 5% of our diet.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

It is the turn of solid foods, the main representatives of these foods are meat and meat products and milk and dairy products. They are as much as 20% of our diet for the day.

Finally are the nuts – also 5% of our daily dose.

A typical day of a healthy diet

  • In the morning – half an hour before breakfast boiled warm water to return the necessary enzymes in the stomach. Then it’s time for breakfast and you can eat fresh or smoothie with super food, green leafy plants, seasonal fruits and nuts. Green leafy vegetables can be such as spinach, arugula, purslane, kale, nettle and others.

Nuts and seeds are full of heart-healthy fiber and fat.  They can avoid the risk of heart disease and promote weight loss.

Superfoods provide health benefits thanks to their high nutrient density.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

The best superfoods are:

  • Spirulina – this is a world-famous supplement that is an extremely powerful source of nutrients. Many people use it as a substitute for protein or as it is called – vegetable protein. May have antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and  brain-protective properties for the body
  • Chia seeds
  • Goji Berry
  • Hemp seed
  • Wheat grass
  • Coconut oil
  • Akai Berry
  • Aloe vera
  • Cocoa beans, cocoa
  • Pollen, honey
  • Poppy root.
  • Between breakfast and lunch it is recommended to drink tea, drink fluids or eat fruit.
  • For lunch we can offer a plate of salad or chicken salad, it can be supported with a dish of broccoli, spinach and quinoa, nettle, cauliflower, and why not spaghetti?
  • Between lunch and dinner it is positive for health to drink liquids, fresh juices and smoothies,  to eat some nuts and seasonal fruits.
  • For dinner, serve a small portion of food of your choice (can be steak, fish, boiled potatoes, rice, zucchini, eggplant, whatever you want) the most important thing is to be accompanied by twice the portion of fresh salad.

The amount of food should not be the usual, but less, because we are accustomed to cram in food that is unnecessary and unnecessary for our systems. So a good recommendation is to take a smaller plate and eat in it.

At what time of day what foods to eat and what not?

Remember that  every healthy diet is accompanied by large amounts of water.  Because water is the best solvent for almost all the elements involved in our body. It is recommended to start with normal amounts of water and gradually increase until your body gets used to maintaining this good water balance.

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