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Easy weight loss | LuckyFit

LuckyFit program offers an effective and balanced diet that can help you reduce your weight.


The balance consists in a regulated intake of calories per day, according to the body mass index, that are measured at the beginning of the program. The weight measurement can be done at the end of the program as well, which should also measure the effectiveness of the program as a whole.


The menu in LuckyFit contains rich and varied organic food containing the required amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat. With minimally processed thermally food and more fresh vegetables and fruit, the program helps the purifying processes in the body, reducing the accumulated mucus. Frequent intake of a small amount of food, coupled with active physical activities and nature walks makes the weight loss easy and guaranteed, without feeling hunger and discomfort. The process of losing weight is activated without loss of vitality and energy.


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Easy weight loss | LuckyFit Balanced food | LuckyFit

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