Breakfast – helper in weight loss, but how?
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We have many times heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As we have already pointed out in our other articles, the greater part of the daily intake of food we eat before noon, the less we eat at dinner, when metabolic processes slow down and we have a lesser chance of burning the calories consumed. In that case, why should we skip the breakfast if it will keep us well satiated and highly functioning until noon and at the same time will help us to lose weight? But what should the breakfast be like?

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Research shows that people who eat muesli (but not those of the high-calorie, high-sugar type) five days a week are significantly less likely to suffer from overweight and diabetes than others. The best option is to prepare a bowl of oat kernels (they are sold finely ground, which makes them faster to prepare) with yoghurt/milk and supplements such as seeds, nuts and dried or fresh fruits.

It turns out that berries are a wonderful supplement to breakfast and a good helper in weight loss as they have a high fiber content. Raspberries in particular have the best carbohydrate-fiber ratio – with a bowl of raspberries we get about 1/3 of the daily fiber intake needed!


There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble (in water). Oat kernels and berries, for example, contain soluble fiber. They turn into a gel-like substance in the digestive system and slow down the passage of food, giving us a feeling of satiety for longer. Insoluble fiber, on its part, contributes to the faster digestion of the digestive system and is therefore recommended against constipation. Such type of fiber is contained in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, green beans, potatoes.

But let’s go back to breakfast and berries. Besides fiber, they also contain the so-called flavonoids, which can also be found in citrus fruits, green and black tea, red wine and cocoa.

The Flavonoids

According to a 24-year study, people whose menu contains the highest percentage of flavonoid-containing foods are the least likely to gain kilograms over the years. Flavonoids also have different species, but those that help us to look good are found in strawberries, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, radishes and blackcurrants.

Diet with grapes and berries | LuckyFit

What else can we add to breakfast to make it both tastier, more satiating and more controbuting to our good figure? Nuts – a great source of beneficial ingredients, proteins, “good” fats. The healthier choice is raw nuts pre-soaked in lukewarm water (at least 20 minutes). According to research, the healthier nuts (not only for the health but also for the figure) are cashews, macadamia, pistachios, almonds and walnuts.


In addition to nuts, we can also add seeds to our breakfast. Flax seeds, for example, contribute to maintaining a longer feeling of satiety as they contain the so-called lignans (which are also contained in sesame seeds, but to a lesser extent) that regulate blood sugar; omega-3 fatty acids and again – fiber. It is recommended that flax seeds be consumed ground (for example, flax flour can be found), since whole grains are very likely to pass through the digestive tract without allowing for the consumption of their beneficial substances.


Another aromatic scent to add to the breakfast is cocoa. According to experts, it has a protective effect on the nerves and skin and contributes to the feeling of satiety, mental functions and mood. For more sweetness, add some of the natural sweeteners – honey or unrefined cane sugar – or rely on the savoury taste of sweet fruits such as bananas, dates or raisins that you can include in you morning meal.

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It turns out that breakfast can be not only a tasty but also a healthy meal for both our health and our figure. With the right choice of foods to include in our menu and in particular in the breakfast, we can enjoy more diversity instead of suffering deprivation. This is also one of the basic principles of our LuckyFit Weight Loss Program Without Starvation in Bansko – following a sensible and healthy diet for a good figure and good mood!