Can detoxification make us sick?

It seems contradictory, but natural purification and detoxification can sometimes make you feel bad. This is actually a good sign that detox is working. Immediate increase in symptoms is a common reaction that  toxins are released from your body.



Common reactions to detoxification:

  • Headache – caused by toxins that are released inside the brain – usually from nutrients, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, contaminated media, excessive medicines.

GMOs cause headaches during detoxification. This can be caused by dehydration, lack of calories, and / or stopping of caffeine. Drink more water, cold pressed juice and herbal teas.

  • Constipation – a set of toxins accumulated in the lower intestinal tract can be the result of higher-speed detoxification; dehydration as well as lack of natural oils and fats can cause this. Increase your intake of water, fish oils or seed oils and vitamin C.
  • Flu-like symptoms – Toxins that are excreted in the urine, intestines and blood cause these symptoms.
  • Increased appetite – this can be the result of eliminating all your usual foods, reducing calories, existing nutritional deficiencies or dehydration. Drink more water.
  • Skin rashes – our skin is the largest eliminating organ, and large, sudden changes in diet that affect our body’s natural detox processes can make our skin suffer. The process of detoxification is accelerated by sweating.
  • Diarrhea – this is not a very common symptom, but it may occur due to the rapid increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables. Fermented foods and beverages can also cause this symptom.
  • Acne
  • Disorder
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Fatigue
  • Gases
  • Nausea
  • Muscle strain
  • Tummy ache


Toxins emanating from the body can sometimes be compared to “short-term illness”. Rest a lot, be patient, maintain a positive attitude and allow your body to “recover” for the time it takes. In order to understand why a detox can make us feel sick, we must first understand how it really works.

Our liver filters toxins from our blood. These are pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, ammonia and any other chemicals found in the atmosphere, our homes, our food, our water and everything that surrounds us.

If you eat whole foods, then the nourishing fibers are the ones that will capture these toxins and transport them outside your body via the gut movement. But if your daily diet does not include any fiber – for example you are on a juice diet you can potentially create a huge problem because this is how these toxins are reabsorbed back through your intestinal walls and into your bloodstream.




If you do not eat fiber during your detox, what you are really doing is:

  • Removal of all heavy metals, toxins and poisons from cells, tissues and organs of your body.
  • Concentrating them in the liver (and bile).

In fact, your body concentrates toxins, making them even more dangerous than before.

  • Dispose of them back into the small intestines at once, where they can already cause acute toxic reactions and poisoning.


Why can some detox diets be very dangerous to your health?


For many people, detox means fasting and / or drinking only liquids. Although starvation can be a way of detoxification and we believe that vegetable juice generally supports a healthy diet we do not recommend extreme action. Fasting, as a health practice, has been practiced since ancient times, and when done carefully, with rest and proper guidance, can not only assist in physical cleansing but also in spiritual development.


An extreme diet can do more harm than good. That’s why:

  • Every diet sends the body into a state of starvation, causing stress to our already overloaded adrenal glands. You need to be careful if your body produces more adrenaline hormone because, as mentioned, it depletes already weakened adrenal glands and can lead to a cascade of problems.
  • Prolonged fasting can cause nutritional deficiencies and damage the kidneys and heart.
  • Juice or disturbed diets are high in sugar, low in many nutrients, especially proteins and fats, which we need to properly and successfully detoxify and cause muscle loss.
  • Although the desired weight loss may indeed occur in these diets, maintaining that weight after such a diet is more difficult and weight gain is more likely and faster.


Lengthening the body and preventing side symptoms resulting from detox

The key to avoiding the symptoms of detoxification is to use a variety of holistic methods that maintain, strengthen and purify our organs, which will help them do their work to detoxify our bodies more effectively.


Here are some basic ways to successfully prevent unpleasant symptoms:


  • Good “regularity” – If your constipation is a problem, two of the best ways to overcome it is to take more magnesium and vitamin C with your diet, but in no case as synthetic ascorbic acid or similar pills.


  • Enemas or hydrotherapies – Many people are not yet aware of the powerful healing and detoxifying effects of making a regular warm water enema, which is a centuries-old cleaning practice. Many practitioners also recommend another option, which is essentially flushing the colon with a careful, but more intense, infusion of filtered water using specialized medical equipment.


  • Activated charcoal – Activated charcoal is known as the “universal antidote” which, when ingested, is known for its powerful ability to safely remove toxins, pathogens and waste and effectively remove them from the body.


  • Salt Baths – Adding sea salt, baking soda or a combination of both to a hot tub and soaking it for at least half an hour is a great way to bring some of the toxic substances that have accumulated into our bodies through our skin. Adding bentonite clay powder to the baths is also very useful.


  • Dry Skin Brush – A dry skin brush all over our body (except face, neck, breast and genitals) with a special natural bristle brush made specifically for this purpose is a fantastic method for exfoliating for stimulation and support the improved functioning of the entire lymphatic system.


  • Bounce – If you have access to a fitness trampoline, this will be one of the best things you can do during a detox. Even a slight jump, without much weight, is beneficial to you, as this action directly stimulates and mobilizes the entire lymphatic system of the body, helping it to transport, process and eliminate waste and pathogens outside our body.



Lastly, be sure to always drink plenty of the purest water you have. This is absolutely vital for anyone who adheres to any detox protocol. This will prevent the side symptoms of detoxification and the process will not be so unpleasant.


If your symptoms persist for a longer period of time, it may mean that you have removed older longing substances or pathogens deep within the tissues of your organs. If this is the case, we recommend that you include something cooked, such as cooked potatoes, for example, in your detox diet to reduce their output and drink more water to dispose of them faster than your body. Yours.


Just remember that in general these symptoms are short-lived and will go away. Many people feel unhappy, but don’t think that because of this initial discomfort, a healthy lifestyle is not for you. Sooner or later everything will be balanced and I do not regret that you have undertaken cleansing your body.

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