Cumin for weight loss?
Кимион за отслабване?

Cumin is a spice with a spicy taste and strong aroma, which exists in the culinary traditions of many peoples. He is said to have been pleased with the time of Ancient Egypt. Small use brown seeds very useful for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and help for variety in nutrition, enrich the taste of many dishes.

They also need a much more application, which is very important for those who want to reduce their weight. You can use cumin for weight loss, without having negative consequences for the body.

Cumin for weight loss?


What is cumin?

Cumin (Cuminium cyminum) is an annual herbaceous plant. This is to the family of parsley and carrots – Sennikov. Cumin was originally cultivated in each of the Mediterranean.

During the day it is most visible in Morocco, Egypt, Syria, India, North America and Chile. Cumin has a branched foot with a height of about 30 cm. The leaves can be intricately pinnate, and the flowers can be collected small, the color is white or pink and create awnings.

The areas are in the form of seeds with a popular spice. Find them slightly bitter. The aroma is characteristic and is due to the high content of essential oils.

Cumin for weight loss?

Cumin is fast with cumin and many people consider them synonymous with the same plant. The two spices are from the same family, but differ.

In fact, cumin has a sharper taste, its color is lighter, and the seeds may be larger than cumin. There is more and the so-called black cumin, but it is also a different plant – this is another name for the herb celiac (Nigella sativa).

In Bulgaria, cumin is found in the wild in some regions of Northeastern Bulgaria. Grows in shady places and in partial shade. The different cumin has larger seeds, taste and aroma, which differs from cultivation. It contains more lemon essential oils that maintain the effect.

The different cumin is a perennial plant with much different and larger leaves, which can also be used as a seasoning for soups and salads. It is sometimes seen as a houseplant. Use in traditional Bulgarian cuisine as a spice for dried meat and sausages.


Why is it useful?

Cumin seeds are only useful, high in vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect and supports the action of cellular structure. Also store vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, and of the minerals – iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc and others.

This spice covers headaches, helps with gastrointestinal diseases, attracts stomach cramps and flatulence. Cumin can cause diabetes. Systemic use lowers levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

From ancient times the healers presented cumin for “female” diseases, parasites and kidney diseases. In the herb, which is a stimulant, similar and opposite means. It strengthens male strength, rejuvenates the skin, refreshes the breath, actively fights insomnia and depression. In India for centuries, cumin is chewed for disinfection of the oral cavity.

Cumin can be very useful for cough, and for relief of lung requirements I recommend chewing cumin seeds. This is true only wearing a day as no more than 6 seeds are chewed for two minutes and then discarded.

Cumin can feel enough – up to seven years, but only if it is in a tightly closed container for a dry and dark place. If not used improperly, the spice loses its aroma, taste and usefulness. More precisely, it is thought that a kilo is good to be fresh.

Cumin for weight loss?

Keep in mind that medicinal plants are asked and asked whether the use of man can have negative effects. A medium contraindication to the use of cumin seeds may be the appearance of allergies, which can smell and tart seeds need to suggest a rash or redness of the skin.

Such a reaction can only be in case of abuse of the spice. It is unlikely that some pickles with few seeds will turn out to be a serious allergen.

Cumin can offer irritation with increased stomach acidity and gastritis. Pregnant women are good to limit its use, so as not to get heartburn, but on the other hand cumin increases the service of breast milk.


How does cumin help with weight loss?

Everyone who struggles with weight knows how difficult this page is. Specialize in categories that starvation can harm you, and then very quickly go back to that old weight. There are also many recipes with various food additives and in some cases that have achieved an effect, but recommend preparations that are not always safe.

Cumin is an effective means of weight loss, and everything is messy, if you understand, do not overdo it.

Cumin for weight loss?

Combining food with the right spices gives a lasting effect on burning fat. The main way to lose weight is by speeding up metabolism. Cumin has this ability and can become an integral part of your diet.

The best part is that you are not forced to give up your favorite things. All you have to do is add cumin to the food you eat to boost your metabolism and the result will come. It is recommended to consume 1 teaspoon of cumin per day for three months.

Medical research has shown that cumin can be a valuable helper for healthy weight loss.

Two groups of overweight women participated for three months in an experiment that required them to follow a certain diet. They had to eat a balanced diet and eat 500 calories less than usual for them. The only difference was that the ladies in one group drank a glass of low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of cumin in the morning, and the control group ate only yogurt without the spice.

Finally, the participants in the experimental group boasted of losing about 15% of their weight, and on the other – only about 5%.

Other positive health results have been achieved. As a result of the diet, the percentage of adipose tissue in women has decreased and their waist circumference has become smaller. In addition, cumin has helped lower total cholesterol, triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol. At the same time, the values ​​of good HDL cholesterol have increased.

The benefits of including cumin in the daily diet are largely due to its antioxidants and phytosterols. In this case, phytosterols suppress the absorption of cholesterol, taken with food, which explains the easier weight loss.

In addition to food, cumin can be taken as a decoction.

To prepare it, you need half a liter of water and 1 teaspoon of cumin. The water must first boil, and when it boils, add the crushed spice. After 2 minutes, remove from the heat. The decoction of cumin should stand for two hours and then strain.

The amount is drunk in one day, and it is good to divide the liquid into 5 parts and distribute them evenly throughout the day.

Cumin for weight loss?

 Use of cumin in cooking

Cumin has a strong characteristic smell and specific taste, which makes it suitable as an addition to meat dishes. Its application is also for flavoring various  types of sausages from minced meat or minced meat, homemade sausages and sausages. The spice is ground in them.

Cumin is one of the favorite spices of the Indians, it is also typical of Mexican cuisine and the countries of the Middle East. It is one of the ingredients of curry and garam masala, which give the unique taste of Indian cuisine.

Cumin is used in the preparation of pickled tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage. It is a universal spice because it can be added to salads and soups, as well as to main dishes. Used for sprinkling saltines and other pasta.

Cumin for weight loss?

Cumin can be added in the preparation of lentils and rice. If you want the dish to be more dietary, you can use brown rice. Cumin is used to season roasted and stewed vegetables and even oatmeal, which you serve for breakfast. It is an excellent additive for vegetable and meat purees and is very suitable for hummus and guacamole.

You can very easily include this magic spice in your daily menu without having to learn complicated new recipes.

It’s easiest to just sprinkle your salad with it. Add it to the homemade soup you love. Cumin will enrich the taste of minced meat princesses that you prepare for breakfast.

It will complement appropriately the marinade for different meats. For example, you can marinate pork ribs with garlic, soy sauce, cumin, sugar and hot red pepper. Try it and you will find out what you have missed so far.

Cumin also goes with fish and lamb. You can marinate carp chops with grated onion, cumin powder, lemon juice and olive oil or vegetable oil. After a few hours they become perfect grilled.

This recipe is dietary and the taste of the fish is unique. A very good result is obtained with the combination of lamb chops with cumin.

Cumin for weight loss?

It became clear that cumin is one of the spices that every housewife should have in her cupboard with jars. And which recipe you will like the most, you will decide after you decide to experiment in the kitchen.

 And here are some secrets for the full use of cumin in cooking:

  • Pre-frying cumin seeds in a dry pan reveals its aroma and taste due to the intensive release of essential oils.
  • Grinding the seeds immediately before use gives the dishes a richer taste and aroma.
  • If you want to remove a specific smell when cooking cabbage, add cumin to the pan, which will ennoble the taste of the cabbage leaves and make it more pleasant.

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