Can we lose weight with dancing? 

The summer is in full swing, and some of us have not achieved the desired body figure? Don‘t worry because it is not too late to get into shape! If you want to lose the unwanted weight and finally look great on the beach in your new swimsuit, then you have in your arsenal a safe weapon against the extra kilograms – the dances.

Most of us don’t perceive dancing as an effective way to lose weight. The fact is, however, that dancing burns a significant amount of calories, therefore we should not underestimate it as a way of getting into shape and to look at the dance as a tool to maintain the desired weight throughout the year.

The dances give us a great opportunity to get the dream body without realizing it while having fun. Through dancing, we can relax from the stressful daily life, in an active and healthy way that is not difficult to achieve. One hour burns approximately 400 calories, which is also achievable by cycling and swimming.

Dances are such a physical activity that doesn’t require any special equipment, which makes them accessible and relatively cheap sport. You will need a comfortable clothes and shoes depending on the chosen dance style and most of all you will need a good mood.

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Why dancing?

Initially the dance occurred as an art form, as a way to express emotions, as well as performance of religious rituals, and it has evolved over the years to the point where currently we have a choice of thousands of dance types that we can try.

There are so many dance styles, so it isn’t possible not to choose one that you like. Every dance style has its own benefits for the health and respectively it leads to loss of weight, when it is practiced regularly and accompanied with healthy and complete nutrition.

The medical experts and fitness gurus are of the opinion that dancing has a number of health benefits. It is believed that dancing lowers the bad cholesterol, it protects us from cardio- vascular diseases, as well it improves the health condition of the respiratory system, it strengthens general muscules, improves the coordination and flexibility, regulates the blood pressure, activates the fat burning.

Dancing helps us overcome the post-training numbness in the muscles. The regular dancing activities are also believed to increase the aerobic endurance, they keep the bones and joints healthy and flexible, and respectively they prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis in the old age.

Dance is also considered to sharpen the memory and to prevent the occurence of dementia in old age. The aerobic exercises slow down the natural process of reduction of the volume of the hippocampus – a brain area that is responsible for the memory. It is scientifically proven that dancing improves the mood, increasing the level of the hormone of happiness – serotonin.

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Some dance styles and their advantages and disadvantages


This type of dance doesn’t limit us, because it doesn’t require particular steps to be followed. So while we dance, we don’t get busy thinking whether we are performing the steps well and how our movements look like.

The freestyle is the easiest dance to perform compared to all other dance types, making it suitable for children. This fast-paced dance improves our flexibility, increases our vital energy. If practiced for 30 minutes every day, the freestyle dance can guarantee us very good results with regard to weight loss.

Hip hop

With its roots beginning from the streets, the hip hop dance became a hit in the night clubs and nowadays evolved to a dance that is suitable to maintain a good figure. It trains all body muscles and offers movements for both new beginners and for advanced ones.

This type of dance helps to strengthen the abdomen muscles and it burns from 250 to 370 calories per hour. The disadvantage is that it is not the most gentle type of dance for the joints.


This dynamic dance includes a number of variations with different intensity and movements, is recommended for weight loss in the dance studios. One hour of salsa will make you lose the impressive 420 calories.

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Zumba includes elements of salsa, rumba and merenge and it is a sports dance that doesn’t require a partner. The dance itself can be compared to a cardio training and it is recommended to be practiced 2-3 times in the week. The movements train separately your arms, legs and abdomen, and for an hour you can burn from 350 to 650 calories.


This energetic dance can be an excellent way to lose weight. It contains complex combinations of movements and spins, jazz will definitely make you sweat.

Dancing under the jazz rhythms increases the endurance, it keeps the back flexible, strengthens all the muscles, improves the coordination and our stand, helps us to balance our body and to be focused, as well reduces the psychological tension.

This type of dance can burn up to 580 calories per hour. Not all jazz styles are recommended for new beginners.


At first glance, this beautiful dance looks like a dance with low intensity, but actually it shapes the entire body. The ballet requires flexibility, strength and precise balance in the movements, as in form it resembles Pilates.

It helps to shape enlongated and powerful muscles, leads to a good stand and improves the coordination. With the ballet you can burn 450 calories per hour. It is recommended for intermediate dance students.

Oriental dance

This dance helps tightening the hips, belly, back, thighs, improves the flexibility and the circulation. The movements are slower and controlled and doesn’t cause pressure on the joints. For one hour you can burn up to 300 calories.

Pole dance

Pole dance classes have been popularized in our country in the recent years. This type of dance may not be liked by everyone, so you can’t be sure whether you will like it before you try.

It is a fact, however, that the movements that are included in this type of dance activate the muscles of the entire body and strengthen them, and they improve the flexibility. 30 minutes of pole dance are equal to 20 minutes of gym exercises. This dance burns between 200 and 350 calories per hour.

Some useful tips on how to lose weight successfully with dancing

To make a weekly schedule

There is no doubt that no matter which sport we choose, we need a program to follow in order to be more organized and not to miss a dance class. For maximum effect it is recommended to dance at least 20 minutes 4-5 times a week.

The dances have to be suitable for our physical condition and not to be too slow or too fast. They have to accelerate our heart rate, in order for us to feel their full effect.

Before starting to dance it is recommended to make a quick warm up for 5 minutes, as well to make 5 minutes of stretching after the end of the dance. Use a timer to measure the dancing time in order not to miss the exact end of the activity.

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To choose a complex type of dance

In order to activate the process of fat burning, it is required to move our whole body. Therefore, it is recommended to choose such a dance that covers as many muscle groups as possible, in which we can move intensively our hands and legs.

To eat healthy foods

Of course, as with any sport, dancing won’t have any effect on weight loss if we continue to eat unhealthy foods. We will gain better effect from the dancing if we include in our menu more vegetables and fruits, as well if we avoid semi-manufactured and fatty foods. One effective way to observe what we eat is to keep a diary with our daily menu.

By recording everything that is contained in our meals during the day, as well their quantity, this will help us to create a clear image of the calories intake and this will motivate us to reach our goal, namely to lose weight.

Using measuring tools, like kitchen spoons and scales, is also a good option to distribute our portions in equal amounts, and to know that we are not exceeding the daily recommended calories intake.

To choose music that makes us happy

The most important thing for a dance is the good music. Think about which music you like best and which can make you dance fast.

How long will it take to lose weight through dancing?

The results are different for everyone, because every person has a unique metabolism and loses weight with different speed. The average speed is from half a kilo to 1 kilogram per week if you regularly go to intensive dance classes.