Detox before conception – yes or no?
Детокс преди зачеване - да или не?

Modern life is proving to be harmful to us in a number of respects. The intake of toxic foods and beverages is not always under our control. It’s about the fact that labels sometimes lie, but not only that. Science sometimes finds that certain nutrients and supplements are harmful sometimes long after we have already used them.

Limited access to real organic food further complicates matters. And as for the lack of time – it is almost a universal enemy of balanced life, which takes away our last opportunities for shopping claims.

Детокс преди зачеване - да или не?

At the same time, although it is sometimes truly impossible to protect our bodies from toxins, a clean body is extremely important. This is even more true when we decide to become parents. In order for our baby to be born healthy and strong, it must have enough vitamins and minerals, and also its exposure to harmful and poisonous ingredients must not be allowed.

But how can we deliver all this to him? Is this the time to undergo a difficult detoxification process?

Of course, strict regimes are by no means preferable when we are talking about a delicate process, such as both pregnancy and pregnancy, as well as the birth of the child itself. On the contrary – many gurus warn to postpone reproductive activity for a further period, when we start detox. For each of these things to happen smoothly, we must above all minimize the stress in our lives, even if we are talking about the stress of abstinence.


How to cleanse yourself before getting pregnant?

No diets and no forced cleansing is what will work for you at this point. You need to realize in the first place that detox must become our daily routine.

It should not be used as a deterrent for long periods of substance abuse, because at least it will not be effective. Only through constant self-control will you be able to maintain a truly balanced environment for your embryo.

First of all, you need to stop taking any harmful substances that may get into your body along with food and drink, as well as increase the consumption of vitamin foods. Get a blood test. If you are unable to get everything you need from food, talk to your doctor about prescribing any supplements and vitamins.

Get rid of chemicals from your food

Nowadays, one of the most serious sources of toxins for the human body is the food it buys from the supermarket. What to do to reduce the content of toxins?

·         Soak fruits and vegetables

Along with lettuce, we often ingest nitrates, which get into it through fertilizer mixtures. They are easily soluble in water and do not wash off simply by rinsing. Fortunately, we can easily and cleanse at home.

After washing the vegetables, immerse them in lukewarm water and let them stand for at least 20 minutes. Get used to it, because you will have to do this after the 5th month of your baby, when you will have to start feeding him. with plant foods.

It is time to mention that nitrates are not only found in agricultural fertilizers. They are also found in paints, varnishes, plastics and even medicines.

Although it is difficult to reduce our exposure to them, and they are unlikely to harm us directly, it is a good idea before becoming pregnant to slowly begin to surround ourselves with natural materials and surfaces. Bet on cotton and linen for clothes, on wood and glass for furniture, instead of plastic. Wear clay and wooden jewelry and throw away all your jewelry made of base metal.

·         Vitamins and nutritional supplements

Detoxification is not limited to deprivation of harmful foods. It is extremely important for the success of our regime that we supply our body with enough useful substances in place of the harmful ones that we strive to eliminate.

A good idea is dietary supplements to stimulate the liver, if it is inhibited. Once restored and restored tone, it will be activated and will take care of the purification of the body. Discuss the topic with your doctor.

Детокс преди зачеване - да или не?

·         Get rid of free radicals

The key to the health of the baby and the young mother is the elimination of so-called free radicals. This can be done most easily by using every opportunity to walk barefoot on grass or wet ground.

Unfortunately, this can only happen in Bulgaria during the warm seasons. The rest of the time, you can strive to control your body’s charge through a balanced diet and exercise.

There are other methods to limit the amount of free radicals in our body, including reducing the intake of substances that cause inflammation.

Say no to inflammatory foods and beverages

Minimize all foods that, while not toxic in the true sense of the word, can cause inflammation.

·         Alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes

It is preferable that you do not smoke cigarettes for at least two years before conception. You may not stop drinking coffee unless you are overdoing it and provided you are not prone to high blood pressure.

As for alcohol, you may not stop it completely – a glass of wine is perfectly fine if you like it. However, it would be great if you take a break in this regard for at least about 6 months before you conceive.

This will be an ideal preparation for the upcoming period in which you will not be able to drink for at least a year and a few months ahead. If you have a habit of overdosing on alcohol, rest and for longer, a year or two will be fine.


Keep in mind that any abrupt breakups of addictions like the ones we build on tobacco and alcohol should not be caused to the baby because they can lead to abortion.

 If you find yourself pregnant while still drinking and smoking, make a plan and stick to it by reducing your cigarettes by no more than 5 every 3-4 days. With regard to alcohol, it is preferable to drink beer or white wine in the most moderate amounts.

·         Sugar

 White sugar and even fructose in excessive amounts should be excluded from your menu. You certainly do not want to feed your baby with them, because among other things, sugars are extremely harmful to the development of the child’s brain.

·         Vegetable, hydrogenated and saturated fats

Forget about any partially hydrogenated and saturated fats. You will have to say goodbye to chips, croissants and most of the fast foods we are used to eating. It is best to get purified animal ghee oil, which you can make yourself at home by heat treatment.

·         Processed meat

If you eat meat, you do not need to stop, but if you eat processed meats, then before conception it is high time to give them up. This includes bacon, sausages, perishable and perishable sausages, ham and smoked meats, even sausage.

In fact, processed meats contain nitrates, because they have a very good preservative effect. In addition, they are processed at an extremely high temperature, which makes them many times more harmful than bites fried in a deep fryer.

Eat these foods in your life and you will not regret it

Детокс преди зачеване - да или не?

·         Vegetables, fruits, nuts

With wonderful detoxifying properties and no side effects, you will be amazed by vegetables such as carrots, garlic, spinach, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Olive oil and green tea are also popular gentle ways to cleanse yourself before a planned pregnancy.

From the fruits, bet on lemons and apples. Walnuts are the perfect superfood, they will charge you with omega-3 fatty acids. It is a good idea to drink fruit juice or some warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Onions and garlic are also rich in antioxidants, which neutralize the free charge in our country. The same goes for eggplant, pumpkin, carrots and more.

·         Fish

But forget about wild fish. It is very likely that it contains microplastic, which is not good for you or your unborn baby. It is recommended to get fish from controlled farms.


Reduce the consumption of sushi and other foods containing seafood, which have undergone little or no heat treatment. They may contain bacteria that will not do you any good during pregnancy.


Detox for dad too?

In fact, purification is equally important for both parents. The mother is the one who will bear the fetus for 9 months, but the father is also responsible for half of his genome. For this reason, the father’s regime is no less important.

Doctors especially recommend that men who smoke and drink stop their bad habits at least until conception. However, there are theories that children grow up healthier if their fathers also abstain from toxins during pregnancy and in the first years after birth.



Детокс преди зачеване - да или не?

Spiritual purification is also very important, when we have decided to conceive. One of the most appropriate ways to achieve this is through meditation. Choose a series of guided meditation and take time for it every day. This will set your mind on a wave of pregnancy and childbirth.



One of the reasons we need detox is the lack of enough exercise. This very often causes blockages, which then prevent us from moving and expelling toxins from our system. Do light yoga or Pilates workouts with an instructor or at home. Do not overload and do not overdo it – leave the sweat from postpartum training.

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