Detox for the four seasons
Детокс през четирите сезона

Seasonal transitions are an important part of life, but we are already so excluded from the natural world, so a long walk in the woods, walking on the beach or just watching the stars can be very useful. Relationship with nature is a vital factor in mental, emotional and physical health, and many studies substantiate these relationships. Eastern philosophers emphasize the interconnections between the natural world and everyday life, and in our modern society, we need this connection more than ever.

Well-planned seasonal body cleansing is important, and it will offer us the opportunity to eliminate harmful toxins that sabotage our health. Seasonal detox can also restore natural vitality by taking whole unprocessed foods straight from Mother Nature.


This can help to reset the rhythms of our digestive system, improve our sleep, etc. Essentially, seasonal purification helps to harmonize with the rhythms of the natural world to enhance the health of our body in the long run.

Detox for the four seasons

Traditional Chinese medicine connects each season with different organs, emotions, and other elements:


  • Winter corresponds to the kidneys, bones and bladder
  • Spring is a time for renewed growth and vitality. It is associated with the liver and gall bladder
  • Summer is the time when we are more active. Warmer weather and longer days affect the cardiovascular system and heart health
  • Autumn affects the condition of the lungs and colon


Detox Tips For All Seasons



Spring is a time for healthy eating. Sweet, fried and fatty foods put stress on your liver, so it is best to keep your foods light and fresh with a focus on green foods. Eat slowly and do your best to you do not overeat.


Enjoy the scents and let your body relax while you eat because everything else moves very quickly in the spring. Foods and drinks with acidic taste are thought to stimulate the liver.


Put lemon slices in your drinking water and use vinegar and olive oil for cooking. It is best to start your day with warm foods in the morning.


Energy is very vibrant in the spring, so your largest serving should be in the middle of the day so your body can absorb everything before evening. At this time of year it is good to eat roasted vegetables with fish. Eat less food in the evening, we recommend pureed vegetable soup.

Detox for the four seasons


Movement and sports

One of the functions of the liver is blood purification. He rests at night, so be sure to stay in bed no later than 11:00 pm to give him time to rest without burdening him with more work, as well as with the late evening poetry food because it starts cleansing your body by 3am.


Activity is important for maintaining the flexibility and proper flow of energy throughout the body and nervous system. Keep going the way you like best: swimming, dancing, running, walking and even a weekly acupuncture session.




Certain emotions like insults, bad feelings for someone, and bad memories are almost impossible to absorb from the liver, so learn to forgive. Allow space for the new to come into your life. Remove things that no longer serve you. Understand that you are in control. Use this power to create a better and more relaxed atmosphere around you.


One way to stay healthy and happy is with acupuncture treatment. It helps to improve overall liver health, as well as to treat stress, dissatisfaction, irritability, anger, pain and many others that are often associated with liver disharmony. Yoga, massage and tai chi are also good alternatives.


Here’s a quick guide to the other seasons:

Detox for the four seasons


Drink eight glasses of water a day. This is one of the most important aspects of purifying your body. Water:

  • Washes your system with unwanted waste
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • gives a longer feeling of satiety
  • Helps to conserve your energy.


Start your day with hot drinks and food to help your nervous system recover naturally. If possible:

  • Have a rest at lunch and later in the day
  • Eat cooler foods full of vegetables and fruits
  • Enjoy fish, but generally limit your intake of meat



The autumn equinox signals a change in the weather in daylight and temperatures. During this season, you have to take great care of your two vital organs – the lungs and colon.

The lungs, along with the bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses and nose are the main pathways to purify your body of toxic substances. They act as a mediator of the internal and external environment, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide through the pulmonary capillaries. Each cell acts as a mini-lung, absorbing oxygen from the blood stream and eliminating carbon dioxide, which is then transported back to the whites. .

Detox for the four seasons


Just as important for your health is detoxifying your colon. It also needs your special attention this season. When your system is full of toxins mucus builds up on the intestinal mucosa.


The waste located in your large intestine ultimately affects every part of your body and leads to constipation. Therefore, its purification from toxic substances is a very important point.


The thing to do when autumn comes is to eat less cold foods such as salads, iced drinks and pressed juices. Better switch to foods with longer cooking times and more saturated ingredients. They should be moisturizing to compensate for the dry, windy season.

Detox for the four seasons



Winter can be a difficult time to motivate yourself to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Detox in the middle of winter is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and improve your health.


Detoxification can improve your overall well-being and help you feel very well, even in the coldest weather. It will have a beneficial effect on your skin and brain and will bring you more energy.


After the holidays it is usually tempting to continue eating foods high in fat and low in fiber It is therefore important to clean the kitchen and fridge of junk foods and replace them with others that will promote better eating habits

  • Eat more nuts, cruciferous vegetables and meat
  • Sleep more
  • Consume dark leafy vegetables and nourishing stews, soups and teas


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