Detox pills or proper regimen?
Хапчета за детоксикация или правилен режим?

Detox is a way to cleanse the body of everything unnecessary and harmful for its proper functioning. The benefits of such a process and its direct link to good health are increasingly being realized, which makes detox a desirable way to rid the body of toxins.

And these are all those so-called “poisons” that we accumulate in us due to the polluted environment or harmful habits that are difficult for us to give up.

Pills for detoxification or proper regimen?

Detox drugs – types, characteristics, actions

Detox medications can be divided into two main types – one is plant-based , while others have chemical or mixed composition.

There is a wide variety of medicines and food supplements on the market help to remove harmful accumulations in the body. In the general case their effect is achieved by accelerating metabolic processes , and the impact is mainly at the cellular level.

The principle of action of the drugs is to absorb toxins or to activate the cleansing of individual organs . The pharmaceutical products may be in the form of tablets, powders or syrups. Each of them has a different period for achieving the desired effect, and in use the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed.

Most of these types of drugs are wholly or partially bio-based. For example, preparations of purple carrot, black and white charcoal, dandelion, apple pectin, green coffee, cranberry, artichoke, etc. have a detoxifying effect. These are mainly antioxidants that support digestive processes , cleanse the urinary system and liver.

Detox pills or correct mode?

Are the detoxification drugs suitable for everyone?

Any drug, regardless of its composition, is best to take after consulting a doctor. This fully applies to drugs intended for detoxification.

Their dosage is important to be assessed by a specialist and if he decides, a thorough examination should be performed first and tests should be ordered to  establish the health status of the individual.

Even products labeled as 100% natural should not be self-appoint. The problem is that side effects can occur. There is a danger if we do not suspect a certain disease or condition.

When a medication is discussed and appointed by a medical professional, we will we will be alerted to possible reactions and will receive instructions on how to deal with unforeseen situations.

Detox pills or correct mode?

In addition, mixing different pharmaceutical products carries risks . If we are taking medication for a specific disease, it is important to consider how the new product interacts with them.

When would a detox only come with the right regimen?

For a detox to be useful , it should not harm organism. If we do not have serious health problems and complaints that require urgent medical intervention, detoxification can be completely successful by applying some easy ways through which to restart our body.

They can also be used for overweight, insomnia or overexertion, because healthy detox not only cleanses and restores, but also rejuvenates and tones organism.

Detox pills or proper regimen?

Natural detox methods are widely used, almost without contraindications and are suitable for everyone. One of the important rules is related to good hydration of the body so that it can function properly. Every day, a person needs at least 2 liters of water, and other intakes should not be included in this amount. 

A teaspoon or two of lemon juice in the morning with a glass of warm water is probably the fastest and most affordable recipe for detoxification . Of course, during the day in combination with herbs and ginger, such a drink is extremely useful for the stomach, liver and urinary tract.

Green tea is another common, natural detox product. Refreshing and toning, it is a good substitute for morning coffee.

It is also recommended for weight loss. And getting rid of excess weight Fat is also a type of purification and has not only an aesthetic effect, but also a healthy one – so all the organs in our body function better.

A harmless way to purify are the well-known of all natural probiotics. Yogurt, yeast and kefir are among the most common variants of these extremely useful foods.

Detox pills or correct mode?

Smoothies are the other recommended drink , which has become a hit among young and old. Green smoothies from fresh vegetables, fruits, water and yogurt have the greatest effect. Mixes of cucumber, cabbage, spinach, salads, green apple or whatever else you like are enemies of toxins.

It is even advisable to set a few days a month in which 24 hours to consume only vegetable and fruit natural juices . However, the condition is that they are freshly squeezed, not bottled juices from the store, because of the preservatives and sweeteners in them.

Is it possible to mix both ways of detoxification?

When you aim for a quick cleansing effect or it is necessary due to a health problem , you can combine prescribed medications with natural detoxification methods.

To solve the dilemma – detox pills or proper regimen – it is important to note that medications should not be taken constantly, so at some point it is best to switch completely to a proper diet.

The other condition for achieving the desired result is to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, immobilization, excessive alcohol consumption, etc., because they are all a prerequisite for health problems. This will allow you to keep your body in good shape.

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