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It is needless to mention that the liver and the colon are one of the most important organs in our body; they are responsible for the disposal of all toxic substances and poisons that our body does not need. These organs are a sort of purifying station for our body.

The detox has become quite popular in recent years, like for example the kind that involves freshly squeezed green juices, but what does it actually represents and how healthy it is for the health.

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Liver Detoxification

When can we be sure we need a liver detoxification?

Symptoms of liver overload are usually abdominal swelling, constant pain in the liver area, feeling of weight in the epigastrium, feeling of weight after consumption of greasy and fried foods, yellow skin, kidney stones, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea.

Are detoxification tablets effective?

The liver is responsible for more than 500 functions in our body, one of which is toxin neutralization and detoxification. It is also thanks to it that damaged tissue in our body can be recovered, as the liver produces new cells needed for tissue regeneration.

Once all the toxins pass through the liver, it is logical to decide that ding a detoxification from time to time will improve its function and restore our body after festive feasts and a little too much of alcohol, for example. At such times, we resort to the detoxification supplements and tablets available on the market, which are not a few.

However, we must be aware that not all similar pharmaceutical products have undergone clinical research and it cannot be said with absolute certainty whether they work or not.  Some specialists recommend regular detoxification because they claim that uncleansed toxins in the body eventually lead to the appearance of serious diseases from which cancer. But there is still no clear evidence on this issue. Others believe that a healthy liver does not need detoxification and that such a practice is even harmful.

Advertised detoxification dietary supplements may simply be a waste of money and may even pose a threat to our health. So, before we buy a similar product, it is good to go with caution. It is a myth that liver detoxification tablets work as a prevention of liver diseases.

There are more than one hundred liver diseases. Some of the most popular ones are: Hepatitis A, B and C, cirrhosis. One of the most important factors increasing the risk of liver disease is the frequent and excessive use of alcohol as well as relatives in the family with a liver disease. Also, there is no solid evidence that these pills help treat hepatic disease that has already appeared.

Another myth associated with the action of detoxification pills and the detox regimen in general is that they can have a positive effect on weight loss. In fact, this is wrong. Some people claim that after adherence to the detox regimen they have lost weight. This is more likely due to the loss of fluids.

Keeping detoxification regimens and taking detoxification pills can actually slow down the natural metabolism of the body and thus prevent successful weight loss. After the detox, if a person goes back to their previous unhealthy diet, he or she is likely to regain the lost weight.

But the truth is that toxins are actually all around us. Our body has an innate mechanism of self-purification from harmful substances. A healthy liver has the ability to remove harmful substances from the body without the need for tablets. Nor has it been proven that a diseased liver will heal with the intake of such supplements. A person suffering from hepatic disease needs first of all a quality medical treatment, a change in diet and lifestyle.

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Basic things that help for a successful liver detoxification:

  • Avoiding certain harmful foods
  • Strictly following a diet that includes foods that are beneficial for the liver
  • Keeping a juice diet for a certain period
  • Taking tested liver detoxification additives

Things that prevent the development of liver disease:

  • Moderate alcohol consumption (one standard glass per day is considered a permissible dose)
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccine
  • Avoiding liver-damaging drugs. It is completely forbidden to mix pills and alcohol.
  • Always use clean needles as the hepatitis C virus is transmitted by blood. Make sure you always give injections with clean needles and hands, also be careful if the studio where you decide to make a tattoo complies with all hygiene rules.
  • When handling hazardous chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides and paints and other dangerous preparations, always wear safety masks, gloves, masks, trousers and shirts with long sleeves as chemicals and toxins can enter the body through the skin.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Liver disease that is not caused by alcohol dependence can occur if a person has a metabolic disease, suffers from overweight or type 2 diabetes. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and, above all, consuming healthy products is key to preserving our liver health.

Detoxification of the colon

The colon contains billions of bacteria. In it, a large proportion of beneficial bacteria are responsible for good nutrient absorption, maintaining the PH balance, protection from dangerous bacteria and regulating appetite.

Undigested food ferments in the intestine and leads to the formation of mucus and bacteria that cause toxins to flow into the bloodstream. Colon cleansingimproves the function of the digestive system. One of the most effective methods for the treatment of irregular bowel movements and constipation is the healing enema.

This type of detoxification is not obligatory for every person, but only for those whose organism has really accumulated a large amount of toxins and poisons and standard detoxification methods no longer work.  Although the intestinal system has its own ways of purification, many people suffer from irregular bowel movements. Between 15 and 20% of adults suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

This problem can be caused by allergies, worsened intestinal health, consumption of foods with pesticides, inflammation of the digestive system. If we experience pain and cramps in the stomach area, constipation, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, irritability, allergic reactions, change in appetite, this means that we need colon detoxification.

Colon cleansing is a proven effective method of treating bowel problems and it only helps if done in the right and safe way.

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What ingredients do we need for an effective detoxification?

For the liver


One of the ingredients that has been proven to help the liver is thistle. It has a powerful cleansing property on the liver and can be found in detoxification supplements. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to prevent inflammation of the liver.


Studies show that this aromatic spice reduces the type of molecules that are the key cause of inflammation in the body.  These molecules contribute to the emergence of a disease, its development and worsening. Turmeric reduces the risk of developing liver health problems.

For the large intestine

Fermented products containing pro-biotics (yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha).

Foods rich in fibers – seeds, leafy vegetables, fresh fruit rich in pectin.

Bone broth, vegetable soups, salads and juices.

Useful fats such as coconut and avocado oil, olive oil.