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If you search on the Internet and look for popular weight loss diets, you will find yourself in an endless stream of advices and recipes that have helped many people to lose weight.

Some of the diets that you will encounter, in addition to the weight loss, also help to cleanse the organism, and the most popular among them is the detoxifying diet with lemons.

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What is the detoxification with lemons?

The shortest possible description that we can give for this diet is that it is a short-term, cleansing, low-calorie program, as for the cleansing of the organism is used a drink, containing lemon juice, warm water, pure maple syrup and hot pepper (cayenne).

A curious fact…

Although the lemon detoxification has become a very popular weight loss regimen only after world-famous stars such as Beyonce, Madonna, Brad Pitt and others have shared their secret for fast weight loss, actually this cleansing program is created 40 years ago by Stanley Burroughs.

Initially Burroughs created the program with the goal to help people who suffer from problems with the digestive system. In his book „The Master Cleanser” he shares the experience he has with a patient who have suffered for years of acute pain due to severe stomach ulcer.

Because nothing else has helped the patient, he asked Burroughs for help, and he recommended him to try a detoxification diet with lemons. It was very surprising when only 11 days after the patient has followed the program, he was completely healed. After this incredible success other sick people tried the Burroughs method and the results were great. Apart from the fact that the symptoms of the illness were eliminated only for a few days, the detoxification with lemons proved to be the ideal method for rapid weight loss.

In 2009 Tom Woloshin published a book in which he describes the results of patients who have undergone the cleansing program of Burroughs. In his book Woloshin confirms not only the effectiveness of this dietary regimen, but he also describes other benefits of the detox with lemons, such as increase of the vitality and immunity, freshness of the breath and skin, improvement of sleep and mood, and so on.

How does the cleansing diet with lemons work?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this diet can’t be applied for a long-term period because it is based mainly on consumption of lemon lemonade. The longest period that the diet can be followed is 11 days, then it must be terminated and you should start the feeding process.

Following the detoxifying diet with lemons is not easy and it goes through several stages. The beginning starts with the preparation of the organism before the actual comencement of the diet. This means that at least one week before the cleansing nutritional regimen, you have to minimize the junk foods, and eat mainly vegetarian dishes, the coffee lovers have to reduce the intake of their favorite beverage.

The day before the start of the detoxification with lemons is good to consume all day only lemonade, herbal teas and homemade vegetable soups. This will help the body to speed up the detoxification process.

At the end of the day (if you follow the diet) you will feel more vital and most importantly – from 0,500 grams to 1 kilogram lighter. Then you can start the lemon detox which will guarantee you at least 3 kilograms of weight loss.

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What does the detoxifying diet include?

This nutritional regimen doesn‘t require you to follow a strict diet. The diet, as we have already mentioned several times, is based mainly on drinking the lemon beverage during the entire day.

The most effective option is to drink 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade every day, as the most important is the morning drink. After consumption of the water with lemon, at least for a half an hour you should not consume any food.

The foods that can be consumed during the detox are mainly oats, fresh and dried fruits, yoghurt, wholegrain bread, salad of vegetables, soups, fish, eggs, chicken breasts.

Sample menu:

  • Morning after waking up: a glass of lemonade
  • 30 minutes after waking up: a bowl of fruit salad with yoghurt and two tablespoons of oatmeal
  • Second breakfast: 8 unsalted almonds and a glass of fresh fruit juice diluted with water.
  • Half an hour before the lunch: a glass of lemonade
  • Lunch: vegetable soup of organic vegetables, two slices of wholegrain bread
  • Afternoon snack: two oatmeal biscuits or cherry tomatoes with one block of fresh cheese
  • Half an hour before dinner: a glass of lemonade
  • Dinner: fish or grilled chicken breasts, seasoned with lemon juice and a little olive oil, salad of green leafy vegetables with one tablespoon of sesame
  • Before sleeping: a glass of lemonade

The menu that we presented to you is just an example of what foods can be consumed during the diet. You can follow another regimen or make your own nutritional regimen. The important thing is to eat low-calorie foods and to consume the the drink regularly.

How to prepare the original drink with lemons (lemonade)?

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or lime
  • 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
  • 1/10 tea spoon of hot pepper (cayenne)
  • 300 ml hot water

There are different variations of the original recipe in which the hot pepper can be replaced with cinnamon, ginger or red pepper, and the maple syrup may not be used (the detoxifying diet of Dr. Martine Andre).

Even if you drink only one glass of lemonade every morning after waking up, this will have beneficial effect on your body because…

Lemons have remarkable detoxifying, antibacterial, antiseptic and antitoxic properties. Moreover, these citrus fruits stimulate the diuresis, thus helping the elimination of toxins that are accumulated in the organism.

The secondary effect of following the detoxification program is a weight loss from 1 to 3 kilograms only for one week.

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The effectiveness of the cleansing program has been proven, but can anyone follow it?

Of course, just like any diet, the detoxification with lemons has its contraindications, which should not be overlooked.

This diet is not recommended for people who have undergone organ transplantation, it is not suitable for children and elderly people, also for people who had some kind of surgery, pregnanet women and breastfeeding women.

The detoxifying program is not for people who suffer from kidney or liver failure, rickets, arthritis or other diseases that prevent the proper absorption of lemon acid.

Even if you do not have specific health issues, a number of experts are of the opinion that, despite the rapid weight loss effect, the detoxification with lemons has a lots of risks that can become very serious over time.

The danger comes from the fact that the diet is low-calorie which means that the carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are extremely insufficient for the body to function normally. This may lead to a condition of hypoglycemia, physical weakness, headache, inability to concentrate, irritability and other unwanted reactions such as:

  • Tooth errosion: the lemonade consumption may cause destruction of tooth enamel, and may make the teeth much more sensitive;
  • Acidity: in some cases the consumption of water with lemons can cause stomach problems and may complicate the condition of patients with gastritis;
  • Dehydrationin rare cases, the drink may have a strong diuretic effect due to the high content of ascorbic acid in the lemons. The consumption of this drink may cause rapid loss of liquids and sodium. If this happens, it is good to reduce the leomon content in the drink.

The detoxification with lemons really is among the most popular and effective methods for rapid cleansing of the organism and for weight loss, but our recommendation to you is to start the diet only after you have consulted with a specialist.