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What is the men’s dietary regime? 

If you are a man who wants to be fit, then, this article will give you some guidelines. Naturally, the men have different metabolism and different nutritional needs from the women. Therefore, the diet for them must meet the specific needs of the male body. The regime must be balanced, and it must provide the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to the body. The food included in the correct weight-loss diet for men must be low-calorie food, but at the same time, it should satiate and charge the body with energy.

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As nobody would like to feel weak and without energy with the diet, diet for men must provide energy to the body, as the male body burns more energy than the female one, due to the greater muscle mass availability.  Therefore, as a general rule, the diet for men contains more calories than the diet for women – 1700, to compensate for the higher energy consumption. When a diet makes us feel well, while losing weight, it makes us more willing to comply with the diet regime for longer, which will help us towards a long-term compliance with the diet.

In the men’s diet, as well as with the women’s one, it is important that all the calories should come from entirely natural sources. It is not mandatory that the carbohydrates should be reduced drastically, as the man’s body does not transform them to such an extent into fats, unlike the female body. So, without having to worry, you can have carbohydrates, as long as they come from healthy sources such as cereals, pulse, wholemeal pasta and bread, sweet potatoes.

It is important to recall, that the strict diet regimes where the food intake is very limited, are not a long-term solution to fight with the surplus kilograms. If we do not accept enough protein carbohydrates and fats, we will not acquire a beautiful body. This strongly applies to the proteins, as they are a very important element of the healthy diet. They contribute to the building of muscles. And the muscles, on their side, mean what? Yes, you guessed – fast metabolism. So, do not reduce the amount of protein during the weight-loss diet.

The perfect portion on our plate during the diet must consist of half vegetables, one-quarter of it should be meat or vegetable source of protein, at your choice, and the other half must be slow-digestible carbohydrates such as rice and quinoa, for example.

Here are a few basic principles, that any man wishing to achieve a good body, must comply with

Frequent meals

The frequent meals of small or medium-sized portions accelerate the body metabolism both in men and in women. Recommended are five portions a day. Between them, there should be an interval of 2 to 3 hours. This food regime, maintains a stable blood-sugar level throughout the day, and it does not allow us to fall into a state of a wolfish hunger, and to eat whatever comes in front of our eyes. If your daily schedule is busy and does not allow you to have meals 5 times a day, then, try an interesting principle called 4×4. Simply have meals four times a day with four-hour intervals between the meals. So, it will be easy for you to orientate, when your next meal is, and you will prepare less food for the day.

Food from nature

To get fit, you have to replace all the unhealthy food that you have had so far, with a healthy one. The intake of fresh fruits and vegetables must be increased. Prohibited are all processed food, semi-manufactured food, sweets, fatty and fried food. Fats should come from healthy sources like fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados.

200 ml of alcohol per day is allowed; for brunch (intermediate snack) all kinds of fruit are allowed except for bananas and grapes. The sugar is prohibited; sauces as ketchup, mayonnaise, oil are not allowed. You must be careful with the salt as well. The salads should be flavoured with vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and spices.


It is very important during diet the cooking to be varied, so as our body to receive vitamins and minerals from different sources. If you eat the same food, however useful it is, the body will not receive all the necessary nutrients. The various dishes, with new products, will keep your interest up, and the diet will not be a boring test of the will.


Of course, without being physically active, there is no way we can see quick results. Regular and moderate sports will reinforce the effect of the diet. It is not mandatory to enroll in a sports class. The day-to-day walking, climbing the stairs, ordinary jogging in the park, also have an effect, so choose what most suits you.

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Diet regimes for weight loss for men

We are happy to offer you a few healthy diet weight loss regimes for men:

Day 1:


A slice of rye bread, a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice


120 grams of boiled or roasted skinless chicken and 1-2 slices of rye bread.


120 grams of grilled fish with fresh salad and peas.

Day 2:


A slice of rye bread, a glass of 250 ml of fresh skimmed milk or 120 grams of yogurt with two tablespoons of honey.


100 grams of chicken chop with 200 grams of garnish of boiled potatoes and vegetables


120 grams of tuna with stewed broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, sesame, 70 grams of brown rice

Day 3:


A bowl of oats with skimmed milk and fruits


100 grams of liver oven-baked, with onions and tomato salad


100 grams of salmon with green beans, asparagus and 70 grams of brown rice

Day 4:


100 grams of fish or chicken with a vegetable salad with avocado


Wholegrain spaghetti with minced meat and home-made tomato sauce


120 grams of steak with 1 boiled potato, spinach and tomato oven-cooked

Day 5:


Wholegrain-bread sandwich with turkey or chicken, a piece of cheese and freshly squeezed fruit juice


100 grams of chicken fillet with salad at your choice, and 1-2 slices of rye bread


100 grams of salmon with green beans, asparagus and 70 grams of brown rice

Day 6:


Omelet of 4 egg whites with two slices of rye bread and grapefruit


120 grams of meat at your choice steamed, vegetables and 1-2 slices of wholegrain bread


100 grams of grilled chicken with bacon and salad with avocado

Day 7:


Omelet of 2 eggs, a piece of cheese, 1-2 slices of rye bread, freshly-squeezed apple juice

Banana smoothie, forest fruits, protein powder, 300 ml of skimmed milk


120 grams of grilled mackerel with spinach and tomatoes


120 grams of fillet with a garnish of peppers and 70 grams of brown rice

Options for an afternoon snack:

Vegetable salad with seeds

Omelet of 2 eggs with two slices of toasted rye bread

One package of yogurt with honey, forest fruits or other fruit at your choice

Dried fruit and nuts

Apple with 2 spoons of natural peanut butter

Skimmed curds with pineapple or other fruit

150 grams of carrots and humus

*If you feel hungry before going to bed, you can have a pot of natural unflavoured yogurt

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For which part of the body is the diet for men effective?

Each man is individual and his constitution is influenced in a different way from the particular diet. Generally, with the men, the most affected part of the body is the abdominal area, as in that area, men are most prone to accumulate fats.

Within what period of time do the first results appear?

The first visible results appear usually within 2-3 months, but still, they depend on what the initial overweight is, and to what extent, the ability of your body to burn fats will increase during the diet.

The main objective of any diet is, as we all know, to create a slight calorie deficit in the body and to accelerate the metabolism. In combination with regular physical activities, the properly followed diet for men, sooner or later, will not fail to give positive results.