Do we have to be completely healthy, to do detox?
Do we have to be completely healthy, to do detox?

We have to be clean of toxic substances to be completely healthy? Detoxification is a topic of immense importance to us.


What exactly is Detoxis?


Simply put, it is a process in which a person makes changes to his lifestyle to cleanse his body of toxins. These changes usually involve refraining from certain harmful substances and optimizing body processes. Some changes are temporary, such as observing a clean diet, others are permanent.


What are toxins?

Toxins are substances that are poisonous in nature and negatively affect our health. These are chemical elements, petroleum products, artificial food additives and chemical ingredients in:

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Drinking water
  • Detergents
  • Cosmetics
  • Medications
  • Most plastics
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides and many other

We are in constant contact with harmful organisms and contaminants. They are in our water, in our food and in the air we breathe and it is very difficult to break away from them. The source of many health problems are the toxins that accumulate in our bodies over the years, including drugs and alcohol.

Do we have to be completely healthy,  to do detox?

If you have decided that it is time to stop using drugs and/or alcohol, it is good to discuss it with your doctor. You need to be honest about the types of substances you have taken, their quantity and for how long. The same applies to alcohol.

If you have used narcotic or medicated substances (regardless of whether they were legal or illegal) depending on the type of medicine you may need, or not, go through medical detox. Some narcotic substances are water-soluble and do not require detox, but others such as heroin, morphine, OxyContin, as well as benzodiazepines cause unpleasant symptoms of abstinence, which can be more severe and require medical intervention. The same applies to alcohol. Some of its users develop severe symptoms when stopping it, while others do not.

Detox from alcohol and drugs is the process of eliminating the toxic substances accumulated in your system. Your doctor will advise you on what to take to ensure that your symptoms, when you stop toxic substances, are regulated to their safe levels until you completely exit their dependence. The detox will remove all toxins from your body so that you can start a new, more fulfilling life.

Otherwise, in general, there are no practical ways to protect yourself from all the toxins in our environment. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract some of the widespread toxic substances and contaminants.


The natural detoxification processes of your body exist to deal with those we cannot avoid. You can help your body successfully perform these processes with the help of regular purification, but first we need to understand the natural ability of the body for self-purification.


Body and detoxification

The human body has a natural ability to detoxify itself. In fact, the body has several waste disposal systems. The excretory system plays the greatest role in detoxification. The most obvious work of this system is defecation and urination. The main organs that make up the excretory system are:

  • Skin
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Colon
  • Kidney

You may be surprised when you learn that your skin is part of your excretory system, but it is true that your skin helps eliminate them through sweat glands. The purpose of perspiration is to regulate the body temperature, which is part of a multifunctional system. When sweat passes through your sweat glands, it takes toxins with you.

Do we have to be completely healthy,  to do detox?

The roles of other organs are equally important. The work of your liver is to filter and excrete waste, hormones, medicinal substances and other foreign elements. Lungs help to remove carbon dioxide (the waste gases as a result of breathing).

The colon has several important tasks. It absorbs water and nutrients from the food. It also converts waste into feces to be thrown out of the body by defecation. Kidneys filter blood and help to lift waste from the body by urinating.

The whole body relies on this system to live a healthy life. It is detoxificated continuously, 24 hours a day, 24/7. Even your brain dumps toxins while you sleep. It is important to take care of these organs and allow them to do their job.


Six ways to detox your body

  1. Choose the right foods

One of the best things you can do for yourself to help detoxify the process is to relieve the strain of new toxins. If possible, choose organic vegetables and fruits in front of the fast breakfast and other processed foods. GMO products and food contaminated with pesticides add harmful toxins to your diet every time you consume them. Therefore, avoid them like the plague.

Do we have to be completely healthy,  to do detox?

  1. Movement and Meditation

Movement and meditation help to maintain a healthy body. On the other hand, the movement helps to sweat, and perspiration helps to release toxins through the pores of your skin. Scientific studies have found traces of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in sweat.

Meditation helps to clear your mind and reduce stress in your daily life. Stress can be as toxic to your health as the toxic substances themselves. A tired and stressed mind can lead to malfunctioning of your body.

  1. Diet

Detoxification of the body refers not only to what to avoid, but also what to consume. Following a healthy diet can do wonders. There are many foods that help detoxify your body, such as: garlic, lemon, broccoli, raw vegetables, mango sprouts, etc.

There are many diets, but it is advisable to consume biodiverse foods or to starve yourself from 6 to 8 hours per day for a week, but there are other options if these are not for you. You may also try a raw alkaline diet. This is a temporary purification with the consumption of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts.

This type of nutrition is a great way to purify your colon and liver. The juice diet is very useful and consists of the consumption of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juice-preferably bio.

Do we have to be completely healthy,  to do detox?

  1. Purify the air you breathe

Breathing in fresh air is another way to reduce the toxins entering your body. Although you cannot control the environment, you can control the air in your home. Fumes, vapours, dandruff, mildew and microorganisms can make the air in your home more toxic than the outside.

A high-quality air purifier is the best way to keep your air fresh and free of toxins. If you can’t afford it, take a few home-based plants, which are natural fresheners and refiners of air in your home. They help to filter the air and remove toxins

  1. Purify your body with water

Water is perhaps the most valuable means of detoxifying your body. The most basic functions of the body require water. Your body needs water to produce saliva. Water is needed when sweating to remove toxic waste.

When you are told to drink water, consider water, not coffee, sports or soft drinks. If you are one of those people whose taste of water is dull, add lemon or cucumber to it.

Do we have to be completely healthy,  to do detox?

  1. Complete detox of the body

The full body detox is a necessary, important and long process that can last from a few months to several years. It focuses on purification of all organs involved in releasing the body of toxins, which will begin the process of healing of diseases that you already know, and others for which you have no diagnosis.

The detox program usually has the task to remove harmful organisms, chemicals and toxic substances, heavy metals not only from the colon, liver and kidneys, but also from the tissues and other organs of your body.

The complete detox of the body is a long and devoted process, but it is especially useful for rescuing and prolonging our lives, giving a new perspective and understanding of the nature of our existence. By healing our body, we help to grow our soul.

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