Do we need to prepare mentally before starting a complete change in our eating habits?
Трябва ли да се подготвим психически преди да стартираме пълна промяна в хранителните си навици?

Reasons to want change your diet basically come down to necessity from adjusting our weight, to health problems, or to becoming aware of some of our harmful eating habits. Different in themselves, these three motifs are connected to each other as connected vessels.

In the general case resorting to diet is caused by the appearance of the big problem – overweight. The combination of these two words is capable of terrifying most women and men. What’s worse is that with increasing waist circumference , the likelihood of developing various diseases often increases.

In such situations, the question always arises: “What to do?”. Doctors, nutritionists and environmentalists can point to the right answer, which in general boils down to the wrong approach to food.

Must should we prepare mentally before starting a complete change in our eating habits?

Human nutrition and psyche

When we talk about healthy eating , the term is limited to the type of the products, the way of their preparation, the regime and the time periods for eating. At the same time, the need for training and physical activity is indicated, in order to lead the useful regime to the formation of an athletic body.

Somewhere aside, however, there is another very important component of the process of purification, rejuvenation and fattening . And this is the human psyche and his attitude to the very weakening or detoxification of the body.

Because each person needs to face their own fears, motives and expectations of future change. Only with inner conviction that the right decision for change has been made can we help ourselves in the difficult path to impose new rules.

Often overcoming habits created over the years costs a lot of headaches, insecurity and difficulty people with overweight or other eating disorders . The problem is exacerbated when the motives are not just aesthetic, but involve illness or the abandonment of bad habits.

Must should we prepare mentally before starting a complete change in our eating habits?

How does eating affect our emotional state?

You’ve heard that insomnia can damage the weight loss process . Yes, this is due to the fact that our emotional state often determines our current attitude towards food.

If we are restless, angry, depressed, constantly dissatisfied with our lives, food becomes our savior. It is the easiest substitute for all those missing positive emotions that we want and need to experience.

It is at such moments that he finds himself in a vicious circle. The reason is, that in depression a person is more susceptible to eating disorders and going to extremes. It can be crammed with harmful semi-finished products, treats, carbohydrate bombs or indulge in total hunger as and in Both cases put your health at risk.

Psychology of Nutrition

Obesity is not accidentally classified as a disease, mostly because there is a risk of “unlocking” serious diseases  such as diabetes, hypertension, disc herniation, spinal deformities, ulcers, colitis, gallstones, etc. Then weight loss is paramount and the only way to a better life.

 Should we prepare mentally before starting a complete change in our eating habits?

It is good for such problems, in addition to a nutritionist, a person to consult a psychologist. We do not always manage to realize for ourselves whether our harmful eating habits are not provoked by internal torments, disappointments or life failures. Consulting a specialist will definitely give us the right answers.

He will also advise us on the right approach for us . With qualified support, we will understand ourselves in order to move without much disturbance to a new and better way of life . Because sometimes new challenges will appear with our new body. The first of them will be to be able to maintain the achieved good result.

There is no person who does not want to look good and, if possible, even better, to be healthy and in full condition in the face of the many challenges of life.

Only strong will, faith in one’s own strength and the support of the closest people, manage to support the individual to be in harmony with himself and with others . When you enjoy peace of mind, many harmful eating habits become unnecessary, easier to forget.

Mental training before the start of a complete change is necessary if the goal is a sure success in the war with the pounds. When a person sets clear goals, it is much easier to overcome difficulties, and he does not forget where he came from, he does not lose the right direction.

Almost always the weight loss process is accompanied by emotional ups and downs . It often happens that the initial enthusiasm evaporates and clouds of hesitation and uncertainty appear on the path of change.

Psychologists advise in difficult times to visualize the image of yourself after the dream change. It helps women to imagine exactly which dress they want to get into when they lose weight. Men more often dream of sports that so far have not had the physical ability to practice.

An important feature is the changing one to have a sober, real and logically sound goal. Can’t expect a separation of 20 kg in just two weeks, for example. So get ready for a long marathon in which to reach a safe end.

Even when we have achieved the desired scale measurement, the challenges are not over. It’s okay to deal with intrinsic motivation about the benefits of new diets, the belief that they should continue in some form even after the end of a particular diet.

Along with this, enough willpower will be needed to avoid any temptations that lead to an unwanted yo-yo effect , i.e. to return to our old weight.

Nutrition pros and cons

Food should be liked in appearance, smell nice, give a surge of the necessary dose of positive energy , as well as to create pleasure for the senses. Overeating, overeating harmful fast food leads to instant satisfaction, rapid satiety.

This vicious circle doesn’t last long and repeats itself to bring us back to the starting position of hunger and overeating . Therefore, it is not the quantity but the quality of food, their subsequent release of nutrients and ingredients that we need.

Hunger is the biggest mistake we can make. All experts are adamant that the best diets rely on smaller amounts of food, with fewer calories, which to be taken at regular intervals. The diet goes hand in hand with physical activity to make healthy weight loss happen.

A total ban on food groups only can make the body not accept the long-awaited change, on the contrary to reach the opposite effect. Therefore, it is more important when and how much you eat.

To make sure that you follow a certain diet properly , most It is better to perform it under medical supervision. This is essential for people who are severely overweight and in need of drastic changes in shape.

Does a person’s psyche affect the types of food?

There are a number of theories on the subject that are based on research and observation. Because of their composition and properties, certain foods are said to bring calm, drive the tension away from us, ie. have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Chocolate is the product that many say is their best friend when they want to get rid of bad moods, nostalgia and sadness. Bananas are the fruit we are said to eat when we are depressed. Coffee and black tea tone us.

And other foods are considered to be good for the brain and can activate our creativity. These are walnuts and northern blueberries. For the latter, the scientific explanation is that they contain many antioxidants. They in turn help to get rid of free radicals that damage the heart, musculoskeletal system, memory and more.

Antioxidants are found in most small red fruits. For this reason blackberries, raspberries, currants, chokeberries are very useful.

Much has been written and written about fermented food and its useful properties for the gastrointestinal tract are being rediscovered, but it turns out it also has to do with the psyche. Pickles are recommended, along with cabbage and beets in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

The same goes for fish products and so their valuable omega 3 fats. You may be surprised, but experts point to spinach as a powerful remedy for nervous breakdowns and treating nervous system problems.

With positive emotions, the results are better

Good mood, positive thoughts, mutual respect with others are part of the healing effect. It’s not bad to consider meditation or breathing exercises.

They will only help to achieve and preserve our new self. Breathing techniques are known to normalize the heart rhythm, to escape from stress, which sometimes provokes us to we cram in all sorts of useless products.

Anger, bad energy, dark thoughts weigh and cannot free us to fully commit to change. Losing weight or tightening the body is also only part of the process of changing eating habits and overall cleansing.

How we will look after each diet or whether we will overcome health problem is the necessary conditions for a successful diet. In addition it is successful when it saves us not only a few pounds more, but at the same time copes with the stress , haste, stress, insecurity, bad mood.

It is in them that lies a large dose of the root causes of obesity , the inability of the body to be purified and to function normally.

Achieving excellent shape is a combination of good health and tone , good looking figure, fresh skin and positive thoughts.

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