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A nice figure is the goal for many of us, but unfortunately there are many factors in our lives which prevent us from achieving our goals. If you are one of those people who want to lose some weight, you may have already tried at least a few diets.

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Each diet has its own benefits and disadvantages, so there is not one single perfect diet that brings fast results to absolutely everyone. One of the main problems with diets is that no matter how healthy they are, they do not work for everyone because each person is different and has a unique organism with individual metabolism.

If you’ve decided to keep a diet, remember that it’s good to choose it for your weight loss goals. A successful diet should create a calorie deficit in our body without leading to a yo-yo effect and muscle loss.

Hunger and too strict diets will also not help you if you are overweight and want to lose weight because namely the strict limitations in the diet lead to an unwanted yo-yo effect over time. One of the diets that are effective and have minimal health damage is the yogurt diet.

In recent years, the reputation of dairy products (and especially that of milk) has been tarnished by various claims that they are unhealthy and many people have turned to plant-based products. But these claims were later disproved.

One of the main reasons for milk to get its bad name is the lactose content. But unless you suffer from lactose intolerance, there is no reason to remove yogurt from your diet.

It has been proven that daily consumption of yogurt helps maintain a nice figure throughout the year. Yogurt has valuable health benefits and, in addition to helping us lose weight, it also supplies our body with a long list of useful nutrients. Milk and all dairy products also contain vitamin A, D and B12.

Some professional nutritionists even recommend consumption of whole milk as it is the only one that gives us the daily dose of indispensable calcium. We need 500 to 700 mg of calcium every day to have healthy teeth and bones. There is another interesting fact – whole milk contains less lactose than low-fat milk.

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What is the yogurt diet?

Of course, during a diet, a person does not only eat yogurt, as it is not a monodiet. It is just that all unhealthy foods are excluded at the expense of the healthy ones and there is an increased intake of yogurt in each meal. Mineral water intake is increased, with sugars and fried foods being forbidden.

For what period is it okay to keep it?

The yogurt diet usually starts from 3 days and goes on for up to a month. It should not be kept for more than a month.

Which part of the body does it affect most strongly?

It is wrong to expect a diet to affect only a certain part of our body, as the body loses weight in all parts evenly. Factors such as genes and body shape determine how fast we will lose weight and in which part of the body basically.

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Is such a diet healthy?

Yogurt is a low-calorie food that delivers us the necessary beneficial substances of the body and is a rich source of calcium and contains a good amount of proteinthat is the basis of a successful diet.

Yogurt is easily digested and quickly absorbed by the intestines. It stimulates the digestive activity, balances our intestinal flora and also keeps us sated for a long time without adding centimeters to our waist.

The yogurt diet, though healthy, is still strict and therefore it is not recommended to keep it for more than a month. If you experience any stomach indisposition and swelling during your diet, go back to your old diet, as this may be a sign of lactose intolerance.

Because of its rich content in calcium and phosphorus, the yogurt diet is not recommended for people suffering from high cholesterol or kidney and liver problems.

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Who is the yogurt diet intended for?

It is designed for people who are overweight and really need a working method to quickly lose weight over a short period of time.  Do not forget to consult with a doctor before starting any diet, especially if you have a specific health problem because each diet has its contraindications in some conditions.

Here are some sample regimes for yogurt weight loss:

For the yogurt diet, when choosing yogurt, we choose only natural, unsweetened yogurt. Sugar and salt are forbidden. Yogurt can be replaced with kefir or traditional buttermilk/ayran. If desired, green leafy vegetables can be added to the portions during the diet. Breakfast can be served with honey.

Drinking at least a liter of mineral water (preferably at room temperature) during the day between meals is a must.
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Yogurt diet 1

This diet lasts for 7 days. The last days are hard to keep because the restriction in calories is greater. It is not recommended to keep such a regime more than twice a month. This diet promises losing of 3-4 kg for 15 days and the daily menu contains a total of 1,200 kcal.

Breakfast (every day)

a glass of pure water on an empty stomach, followed by two of these options

  1. A cup of coffee without sugar, two small yogurts with an apple or a pear
  2. A cup of sugar-free tea, a glass of partially skimmed milk, four biscuits

Intermediate breakfast

Option 1: 3 biscuits, a cup of green tea without sugar

Option 2: 200 g of fresh fruit

Day 1


Salad with a spoon of olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, yogurt and cottage cheese


2 tomatoes with two boiled eggs and a medium-sized sandwich

Day 2


Salad of celery, cucumber, carrot, rice and yogurt


250 g yogurt, a bowl of fruit salad with lemon juice

Day 3


60 g of cooked rice with a teaspoon of melted butter and sprinkled with grated yellow cheese, cucumber with yogurt and a medium sandwich


80 g of tuna fish, a boiled potato

Day 4


Cucumber salad with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, pasta and yogurt


celery, cucumber, dill and carrot salad, 120 g veal steak and a small wholegrain bread

Day 5


Yogurt with mint, 80 g of spaghetti with 10 g of butter and sprinkled with grated cheese, green salad with 1 tablespoon of olive oil


A cucumber, celery, dill, carrot, seeds, salt, pepper, parsley, basil and 80 g of cheese salad flavored with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and a small wholegrain bread

Day 6


Fruit salad with yogurt, 70 g of rice made with 1 teaspoon of oil


Salad with 200 g of potatoes, 200 g of carrots, 100 g of red onion, oil, vinegar and parsley

Day 7


Baked eggplant with mozzarella


2 small yogurts with 200 g of fruit
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Yogurt diet 2

It is kept for 3 days. Besides salt and pepper other spices are not allowed. A yogurt with fruits can be eaten for dessert.

Day 1

Low-fat yogurt with muesli

Stewed vegetables with olive oil and a bowl of rice

Carrot salad with ham and no-fat yogurt

Day 2


Cucumber and yogurt salad


Baked turkey meat with olive oil and garnish with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and yogurt.


Forest fruits with yogurt.

Day 3


Cheese, an apple, cinnamon and salt with an extra portion of yogurt at will


A fish fillet with cucumber salad and a portion of yogurt


100 g of pasta with chopped peppers, 1 boiled egg and a portion of yogurt