Effective weight loss without starvation
[:bg]Отслабване без диета с ЛъкиФит[:en]Lose weight without following a diet with LuckyFit[:]

photo_3Each year thousands of people follow different kinds of diets and procedures to lose weight. Most of them are willing to do everything, even to starve for a long time in order to achieve the dream body. Exhausting training and starvation can bring you the desired effect, but it won’t last long. Besides, these things really ruin your body.


You can enjoy fit and elegant figure without torturing your body and mind. Just take part in the special weight loss holiday Lucky Fit. This wonderful holiday is not only healthy, but also extremely enjoyable and it has a proven effect.


Lucky Fit is an unique program for healthy weight loss without dieting in the form of unforgettable vacation.

It guarantees you not only long -term weight reduction but also valuable advice how to maintain the perfect weight. Besides being good for the body, this holiday is extremely pleasant, funny and relaxing, so don’t hesitate to try it.


Lucky Fit takes place every month for a period of two weeks between April and November. It is divided in three interesting programs with a different focus. The courses include 7 or 14 days and you can get an advantage of the special weekend classes. Depending on your goals, you can choose from LuckyFit Standard and LuckyFit Plus whose main purpose is weight reduction without a radical diet and starvation; LuckyFit Ultra focuses mainly on the fast weight loss with long term results, LuckyFit Antistress – relaxing program without fixed calories with a positive effect on the psyche.


All courses are carried out in the luxurious five-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko situated at the foot of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains – Pirin. These unique vacations can guarantee you easy and long-term weight loss without dieting and you will be amazed by the results. The different programs can help you lose over 4% from your weight (with a 7-day course) or over 6% (with a 14-day course).


LuckyFit really differentiates from the other weight loss methods such as the so called weight loss camps. That’s because the participants don’t follow tough diets or exhausting exercises. The goal of the program is not only to help you shed pounds but also direct you how to achieve balance between your body and mind. Besides, you will receive a special bonus – practical teaching on healthy habits and a lot of useful advice. So, in the end of your vacation you will be more fit and more healthy.


A specialized weight loss program will offer you more than one way of quick weight reduction.

LuckyFit will provide you with a comfortable environment, balanced diet, consumption of live-giving water and zeolite , much activity and a variety of procedures that can transform both your mind and spirit. The courses include daily mountain hikes, horse ride, fitness, callanetics, water aerobics, dancing and SPA packages that include massage combinations, sauna and steam bath. Moreover, you have the option to participate in the folk dance and modern dance classes or to go on a tour to one of the most impressive places in the region.


Give yourself a healthy and most importantly long-term weight loss without a special diet or starvation and discover the pleasure of having a fit body. The unique program Lucky Fit will help you easily lose weight, improve your body’s overall condition and feel perfect in your skin. Don’t hesitate to enjoy an unforgettable mountain holiday with a miraculous effect.

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