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Foods and drinks detox

Detox after dirty air

What is the problem with toxins in the organism and why detox is needed 

The formation of toxins and their release is not a “novelty” for the organism – it is so created by nature in order the body to be able to self-cleanse. The substances coming with food can’t be directly absorbed for energy because they are in the form of complex compounds.

The food needs to be degraded for which the digestive tract is responsible, then it needs to be processed and turned into simple substances. The useful substances are absorbed and the waste ones are eliminated, so this is the process of metabolism. A number of harmful substances that are highly poisonous participate in this process, such as heavy metals – copper, zinc, iron, etc.

In small quantities, the organism uses them for control processes of the dynamic internal balance, but if they are in excessive amounts they are extremely harmful. Iron and copper, for example, block the permeability of the cellular membranes, which leads to damaging of the cells, as well as of the tissues, and the normal functions of the organs and systems are disturbed as a result. The problems is that in today’s way of living the organism is attacked by numerous toxins that are beyond its natural self-cleansing capabilities. Then the poisons begin to build up in the heart, in the cerebrum and spinal cord, bones, muscles, kidneys, intestines and stomach, etc.

If we refer again to heavy metals, nickel is contained in some types of cosmetics, it is also a stabilizer of fats in certain food products, contained also in refined foods, in cigarette smoke. “We provide ourselves” with lead pollution from the car traffic that pollutes the air, as well as from a number of canned foods.

We can also mention the mercury contained in softeners, seafood, etc. In addition to the household toxins, we should consider also the pollution of air, soil and water caused by the industry; as well as fertilizers and products used in agriculture and so on. This hyper attack of toxins requires the organism to be supported in the process of elimination of toxins.

The cleansing of poisons is a complex process of measures that includes detox foods and procedures to restore the defense of the organism:

  • SPA therapies
  • Select exercises
  • Healthy and regular sleep
  • Relaxation.

The goal is not only physical cleansing and flow of energy but also clarification of consciousness. Symptoms that indicate that we need a detoxification are allergies, irritability, chronic fatigue, increased sleepiness or insomnia, frequent colds and other diseases, digestive disorders, poor condition of the hair and skin, etc.

Food and drink detox

Useful and harmful products and detox habits

The detox is based mostly on diet, but is also related to habits that may be helpful or prevent the release of toxins. For example, smoking, use of drugs and alcohol, as well as caffeine beverages are contraindicated during a detox. The habit of “eating” when we are not hungry is also harmful – just to do something, soothe our nerves and so on, especially at night.

It is useful to go to massages, sauna, fitness. The foods that should be avoided are the semi-prepared products, fried and fattty foods, and it is advisable to reduce the consumption of meats, cakes, salt, foods containing artificial flavors or colorants, canned foods, dry snacks, industrial packed juices and compotes, as well as „fast” eating. It is recommended to consume the foods baked or boiled.  

In the detox foods menu should be included cereals, especially oats and brown rice, but the semolina is not recommended. All vegetables except potatoes are good for detox. Fruits must be juicy – for example, the “bready” bananas are not recommended.  

It is advisable to drink two fruit and two vegetable juices a day, but they should be freshly squeezed. Nuts can also be consumed, although in small quantities. With regard to proteins, the lunch or dinner can include chicken breasts or fish.

The main meal should include also liquid or cream soup. When performing a detox, it is important to drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, in the morning. You can also add some honey – one tablespoon. This drink helps to activate digestion.

For breakfast you can consume cereals , shakes, as for second breakfast you can eat a fruit salad. After 1 p.m. you can start eating vegetables –  raw, stewed, baked,cooked, all kinds of vegetable dishes (boiled, baked, stewed, raw). During the detox course it is also important to drink plenty of water – over 2,5 liters. The daily meals should be a quarter of the usual and consumed between 5 and 7 times, with an intervals of at least 3 hours. The dinner should be early, in no case after 8 p.m.

Pleasure after the detox

What are the benefits of the detoxification

The detox may be performed in accordance to a variety of programs – to cleanse the blood, skin, the entire body, individual organs: kidneys, colon, liver, thyroid and so on, as it significantly improves their function.

The duration and methods of detox may be different. Some people with established detox habits such as prophylaxis periodically apply a one day of water fast. But others don’t have such habits, so they need a certain preparation. It includes a week of adaptation of nutrition and reducing the intake of calories, as well as limitation of animal fats and proteins to promote metabolism, taking supplements, drinking teas and laxatives, etc.

Intensive detox lasts one week and it should be supervised by a doctor, as it includes a diet, massages and cleansing procedures and so on. Thereafter, the feeding process starts – without going back to old harmful eating habits. In practice, as we cleanse the toxins and focus on a healthy diet, the detox naturally increases the energy of the organism and its vitality. This is due to the improved absorption of nutrients and increased immunity.

Many of the herbs used during a detox support the lymphatic system. At the same time, the consumption of detox foods will help you lose weight not only during the course, but also in the long-term, because it will help you get rid of harmful habits.

If a person tries to stay away from fatty and fried foods, caffeine and sugar, he may fail. However, when a person follows a healthy and understood system, replacing the junk products with healthy ones, when he sees the results, it will be much more easier.  This is the way to introduce new and healthy habits and get rid of the bad ones.

The cleansing of toxins has positive effect also on breathing, it improves skin condition, as the hair becomes stronger and softer. The overall detoxification is effective also as an anti-age measure due to the release of free radicals.