Foods for detoxification
detoks hrani

In fact, the detoxification concept dates back to ancient times

Few people think about this, but the idea of body and consciousness cleansing dates back to ancient times, though in more general philosophical and religious forms. It is present in various rituals such as washing away, in the ritual foods, in shorter or longer term fasts and so on.

detoks hrani

In the Eastern world, for example, thousands of years ago, food products were defined as foods of goodness and foods of ignorance. The fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy products, lentils and others were defined as foods of goodness. The foods of ignorance, these that cause damage to the health, included the alcohol, cans, meat, etc. There is a third type of foods – foods of passion with strong flavor and aroma – spicy, salty, sour foods and others that should be avoided. In general, this is also applicable nowadays with regard to the concept of burdening the organism with toxins and its cleansing.

The longest fasts in the Orthodox Christianity are the Christmas fasts – 40 days before Christmas and these before the Resurrection – 7 weeks. Generally, this is a serious process of cleansing of the organism from toxins andclarification of the consciousness. During the Ramadan, Muslims fast for one month from sunrise to sunset, as they don’t even drink water.

The modern detox regimens have been derived essentially from the Austrian dietician who lived at the end of the XIX century – Felix Meyer. He combined proper nutrition with SPA procedures, massages and exercises.Hisgoal was to improve the digestion, the metabolic function of the liver, the excretory function of the kidneys, the intestinal function and so on with the help of the specific diet and physical activity, so the natural elimination and release of toxins can happen, because the toxins occur due to internal metabolic processes in the body. This leads to a healthy weight loss.

Nowadays, there regimens are very relevant, as the body builds up a lot of toxins that come from the outside environment – processed foods, air, water, agricultural production treated with chemicals. The lack of movement, overweight, alcohol, cigarettes, medication intake and so on, also contribute to the accumulation of toxins.


What does the detox menu include

Usually the diets including detox mealsare perceived as vegetarian, although is not entirely true. For example, the menu may include lean fish, grilled or steamed, boiled chicken meat, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, steamed omelet. However, in general, the plant based foods are the best for detox, especially the fruits and vegetables. They should be consumed fresh or as a juice, as many of them have a slightly diuretic effect.They contain various vitamins, trace elements, fiber, so they improve digestion, supporting the function of the liver, kidneys and intestines, etc.

detoks hrani

This boosts the functions of the body, improves the absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins. The menu with detox meals includes cereals containing many vitamins, mostly of the B group and minerals. These are the sprouted wheat, soy, oats.They are a light food and don’t burden the organism. At the same time, the oatmeal, for example, even in small quantities, gives a sense of satiety for a long time.

Another great dish is the grilled zucchini, marinated in herbs in advance. In a bowl with olive oil – 50  grams, put some basil, rosemary and oregano. Cut the zucchini and leave them for 20 minutes in this marinade, then cook them on the grill without other oil.

Sliced red caabbabe salad withcooked chicken breastswith grated carrot, cuccumber, apple, and some crushed almonds is a good choice. It can be seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil. Another type of detox salad is the fresh cabbage and boiled beets. One popular vegetables soup is of carrots, celery, tomatoes, zucchini and cabbage. You can add to it some garlic, black pepper and parsley. The lentils soup is also very good health choice. The second dish may be cooked brown rice with vegetables.

Of course, the nutritional regimens for detox are numerous and can’t be listed here, but the most important thing is to be consistent and disciplined once you choose your diet with the help of a specialist. The body should be cleansed on a regular basis and many people perform detox procedures every month.


How to make a safe and successful detox

Switching to detox menu shouldn‘t be shocking for the body. The cleansing regimens should be carried out according to a certain plan and preparation in advance, and changes in the eating habits.

detoks hrani

You should also consult with your physician with regard to some conditions – for example, if low blood sugar, inflammations, infectious diseases, breastfeeding or pregnancy, etc., are contraindicated for the detox.

The detox period also should be chosen carefully, because the detoxification requires sufficient relax and at least 8 hours of sleep. Therefore, the period should be relatively peaceful, without intense professional stress or if you can work from home is the best option – so for example, the period should exclude exam sessions, major home repairs requiring a lot of physical and mental stress, etc.

At least ten days prior to the detoxreduce the intake of spicy, fried and salty foods, as well as the flour products. Avoid theconsumption of fish and meat, replace them with beans, dairy products, vegetables.

Desserts include fresh fruits with increased probiotics intake, as they are very good for the intestines. Alcohol and coffee should be avoided. The dinner should be light and consumed at least three hours before bed.

To activate digestion is useful to drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning. SPA procedures – massages, sauna, contrast showers are very good during detox. Moderate physical activity is recommended – riding bicycle, walks, swimming.

Feeding should be 5-6 times a day,but the meals should be small and the daily water intake should be at least 2 liters, so the kidneys can function properly. Herbal teas, vegetable and fruit juices and shakes are the recommended liquids for the detoxification period.

There are different detox periods, as it is best to practice them gradually – from short-term to long-term ones. So in the beginning the diet may be for three days, a week, ten and more days. We have to mention that in addition to the preparation period, there is also an adaptive period after the diet, so the detox days are actually more.

The physician will determine how long the regimen should be performed, as he will prescribe the proper detox menu for the entire organism, or for specific organs such as liver, blood, kidneys and so on. However, this process shouldn’t be overdone – even the short-term regimens shouldn’t be followed not more than once per month, and with regard to the long-term detoxifications, specialists recommend to be performed twice a year.