For or against drastic weight loss?
драстичното отслабване

Sudden weight loss can be very detrimental to a person’s health. Whatever is desired, especially among women, it can have serious negative effects on the body:

  • One is to regain old weight. Very often, the pounds that are lost quickly come back at full strength and can even become more.
  • Fast weight loss can also cause depression and serious eating disorders.
  • It is also possible to slow down metabolism or confuse menstruation.
  • Other problems that can lead you to dramatic weight loss are hair loss, exhaustion, dizziness, nervousness, irritability and even an increased risk of heart attack.

Therefore, it is extremely important if you want to quickly lose another kilogram, trust a proven specialist in the field. If you want a competent answer to the question for or against drastic weight loss, it is best to contact the LuckyFit Clinic, which has a special program for  weight loss and detox.

The clinic itself is five-star, located in Bansko and deals with rapid and effective weight loss. There anyone can lose weight healthy and without starvation and also maintain long-term results. And this is the easiest way to acquire useful habits.

LuckyFit’s Weight Loss Program is based on low-calorie 4x meals. However, the secret is that they include daily mountain walks, medical exercises, horseback riding, yoga, dancing, zumba and lots of fun. The diet itself is balanced and controlled by a nutritionist. The program was created in 2008 and has a proven track record and many fans.

Entrants can choose a menu according to their personal preferences or their body readings. Only Antistress and  LuckyFit full detox programs are an exception, because they have a special mode. It is also possible to tailor the menu with a requirement for vegan or vegetarian food, but only with a preliminary request.

5 are the main programs for fast weight   loss at LuckyFit Detox Center. There is also the option to select a group according to physical activity – for athletes, advanced, or basic.

LuckyFit Standard

This is called the basic program for weight loss, antistress and detox. It is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce and maintain weight  as well as change their lifestyle.

drastic weight loss

It is suitable for any age, and those under the age of 18 can benefit in the presence of an escort. Participants are required to be in good general condition and not to have severe health problems.

The price of the standard program includes four meals in addition to accommodation:

  • initial medical examination
  • cardio review
  • medical control
  • gymnastics
  • mountain passes
  • horseback riding
  • bio pool
  • hydrocolonotherapy and others

Those who choose the program will also receive nano probiotics, a whole day excursion, and will benefit from daily laundry.

The second main program is called “LuckyFit Plus.” It is based on standard but also includes 3 classic massages.

drastic weight loss


LuckyFit Antistress

This is a program that cures accumulated stress. It is suitable for people who are underweight and overweight. It is also based on the standard, but has a normal 3 meals a day diet with no calorie restriction. Ideal for people who want to rest and take care of improving their overall health and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Full Detox

It is individual. It is aimed at strong detoxification of the whole organism, or of individual organs and systems. It mainly emphasizes the intake of plant foods and the exclusion of products that burden the body and lead to the accumulation of toxins. A lot of water is taken in which helps to eliminate the toxins in question from the body.

Included are specialized massages and hydrocolonotherapy, as well as nutritional supplements, mainly ayurvedic products. During the program, it goes through 3 phases, each of which helps the end result:

  • The first is a 7-day predetox, which is a preparatory stage. It gradually reduces calorie intake to allow participants to adapt more easily. The use of animal proteins and fats is reduced and alkalisation of the body begins.
  • This is followed by a 7-day intensive detox
  • The third phase is a continuous detox and a gradual feeding. Also included are carefully selected foods, teas and Ayurvedic supplements.

LuckyFit Weekend is a two-night test program where meals are healthy and multiple activities are included. It allows for a total toning and purification of the body. Has an anti-stress effect and charges with positive emotions. However, the weekend package does not include medical procedures and examinations.

The whole weight loss and detox program also includes free stuff, which is explained in detail on her official website. For each re-visit, a 20% discount is made. The free benefits include an introductory lecture about the program, cardiologist review, cardiogram and heart ultrasound, and more.

In addition, it is noted that all fruits and vegetables are ozonized – soaked in water for 2 hours before consumption, and stews for 24 hours. This is done to remove toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants. Each package can be supplemented for desirable massages, as well as extend the stay by 2 days, with additional preferential prices.

The participants’ daily program is also explained in detail:

  • In the morning it includes gymnastics, breakfast, then a hike in the mountains, then return for lunch at the hotel and free time for rest
  • In the afternoon there is a zumba, gymnastics or aerobics, optional
  • The following is an intermediate breakfast, rest time or spa treatments, dinner and a final folk or Latin dance before bed

The site describes in detail and what the participants should wear, and there are a few mandatory things to do, such as hoodie, warm outerwear, jacket, and hat.

The LuckyFit program is held for 2 weeks each month, without January and February. For better results, it is tailored to the lunar cycle. Recording is done online by reservation form, email or phone call.

Hundreds, even thousands, of diets can be found on the internet, which have been shown to shed unwanted pounds. However, how many of them are effective and sparing the body is another question. Milk vegetable diet, 90-day, split meals, high-fat regimens and more.

However, very few guarantee that the boomerang effect will not be obtained and that the few pounds lost will be regained full force. The diet should be prepared individually for each person according to his / her indices, diseases, physical activity and habits. And it should not be seen as a beginning and end diet, but rather a permanent healthy lifestyle.

Exactly such healthy eating and movement habits can be acquired by participating in the LuckyFit Challenge. At least you will be sure that you are monitored by specialists and will not harm your body. With inappropriate and incorrect diets you can get unpleasant side effects.

These include:

  • Reduced immunity
  • The appearance of stretch marks
  • Relaxation of the skin, which can then be quite difficult to harvest. Sagging skin is a big problem for people who were very full and then quickly lost significant pounds. Even sometimes it is necessary to resort to plastic surgery to remove the skin in question, which weighs and prevents
  • Unlocking allergy after repeating 4-5 basic foods for 2 months or more is also quite dangerous
  • It can also lead to muscle cramps
  • Water retention in the body
  • Unlock Diabetes
  • To “call” ulcer and gastritis and many more diseases

Lack of certain vitamins  can also negatively affect the body, so it is not advisable to do very strict and restrictive diets.

It is best if you are serious about the mission to lose weight, consult a nutritionist, and then, after doing the research, determine exactly which regimen is best for you. This is strictly individual and each person’s body reacts differently.

For example, some diet results in good results, while others do not, or vice versa. For this, it is very important that the process is monitored by specialists who understand their work. At LuckyFit you will get all this in one place. The program is for fast weight loss, but without hunger and diet, and slims guaranteed 4 to 6% by weight.

In addition, at the five-star hotel you will enjoy a well-deserved rest and relax in the spa. Unforgettable moments in Bansko are guaranteed and are a nice addition to your new body. And if you get used to and continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, you will continue to keep in good shape and enjoy life.

The experience is sure to be unforgettable if you embark on it with a partner, girlfriend, or even a few friends. This will give you a nice break, and you will be separated by inches from your tour. In this case, in order to make a decision and enroll yourself, you need motivation and a strong desire to change in a positive direction.

From there on, you can fully trust and leave it in the hands of the specialists and just enjoy the results that are guaranteed. Full information on the whole program can be found on LuckyFit’s official website on the Internet. There are also answers to all the questions that will pop into your mind as you prepare for the change.

drastic weight loss

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