Fruits for detoxification
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What is detoxification and why it is necessary

Many people are not quite aware of the detoxification of the body and they associate it with a process performed by drug addicts and alcoholicsof fasting and cleansing from poisonings. Yes, for these people, the detoxification is often life-saving, but in practice it is necessary for everyone else, even though they do not have serious addictions. Why is that?

Fruits for detoxification

Because our body is exposed daily to chemical compounds that causedisturbances to the metabolism and to the cellular norishment and tissues, as the organs start to function insufficiently and the function of whole systems in the organism get confused, and a number of diseases occur as a result.

In fact, the world around us is filled with chemicals more than ever in human history –they are present in the air, water, food, household products, cosmetics, aerosols, fresheners, etc.All these causes damage to the organism by building up toxins in it, and the detoxification is a method to neutralize these toxins so the body to be able to get rid of them, because they prevent the normal function of the organism. There are many fruits for detoxificationthat can help you get rid of toxins, but before we list their positive effects, first we will explain how toxins work.


The heavy metals cause cancer

Especially dangerous are heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which accumulate in body fluids and tissues.The lead, for example, lowers the immunity and decreases the brain activity,it has negative effect on the nervous systems and the bones, causes allergies, delayed development or hyperactivity, depressions.

Lead is contained in the air from exhausted gasses from the road traffic, farm crops grown near busy roads, processed canned foods, cosmetics and so on.

Fruits for detoxification

Excessive amounts of mercurydamage the brain, glands, nervous system, kidneys, liver, intestines; they lead to reduced immunity and depressions, irritability, trembling and so on. Mercury can be found in some products used for protection of agricultural products, waters that are contaminated by industrial production, processed foods, cosmetics.

Other metals that can be accumulated in a similar way in the human body are aluminum, nickel, cadmium and arsenic. Other toxins can also be listed here – any substance, organic or inorganic that builds up in the body because it fails to neutralize it on its own, becomes poison and causes damages. The accumulatednitrate, for example, leads to hemoglobin decrease, and this in turncauses fatigue, tiredness, headache, memory loss and so on.


Toxins and metabolism

When it comes to toxins in the organism, we have to mention that they do not come only from the outside environment.

Fruits for detoxification

Toxins are also produced due to internal metabolic processes. The organism is able to self-cleanse and renew, as this process includes theliver, lungs, intestines and blood.In this complex process, substances are processed to beneficial for absorption and others – unnecessary or harmful that have to beneutralized and removed from the body.

Especially important in this function is the liver – it is the processing laboratoryof the body because it produces specific enzymes for degradation. For example, absorption of meat results in ammonia, which is deadly itself. But with the help of the enzymes, the liver transforms it into urea, which is safely released from the body through the kidneys. The problem is that in modern days, the human being is constantly in a highly aggressive environment and there are a lot of toxins in it, as sometimes the body gets overwhelmed with regard to its natural abilities to clean itself.


Fruits – the best detoxification method

As the attacks of toxins are constant, detoxification of the organism also should be constant, as the immunity should be maintained well optimized with a slightly alkaline body environment.  This will neutralize the destructive effects of numerous toxins.

Fruits for detoxification

Extreme measures can be taken, for example the execution of a liver detox, for a relatively short period of time, but they are more relevant to an actual disease.Otherwise, the body needs a constant, slow, balancing process of cleansing.

The best measures for this process are a number of fresh detox fruits, which must be present in the menu, as they are not recommended to be consumed frozen or canned. The various fruits for detoxification can be consumed also as fresh juices.

Grapefruit is famous for being a diet food, as it is especially very good for cleansing from carcinogens and toxins, reduces the cholesterol in the blood. One of the best detox foods is theapple, as it maintains the intestinal flora and promotes proper digestion,and the malic acid in its natural form protects from various pathogenic bacteria.

Another very useful fruit for detoxification is the kiwi. It is very rich in antioxidants and due to its strong action, it is recommended in narcotic intoxification and even as anti-aging remedy. It has an active cleansing effect on the intestine sand it is involved in fat degradation.

The next fruit, which is recommended for detoxification is the pineapple, it is rich in vitamins such as А, B and С. It also supports digestion, which helps to eliminate the toxins and fats, it also lowers the cholesterol. This is due to the special substance contained in the pineapple called bromelain, as the effect can be maintained even with two slices of pineapple a day on an empty stomach.


Preparation for the detox

In the modern lifestyle most people do not eat healthy. They even don’t manage to maintain constant detoxification regimes. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a courseto cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins at least twice a year.

Fruits for detoxification

This should be performed in compliance with the guidance of specialists who will prescribe the diet according to the health condition of the respective patient, his age and gender, etc. Usually, a few days before the course the patient must follow a diet that will help him feel lighter, as he should consume foods that are easy to digest, but the must avoid all kinds of meat, fish, salt and sugar, fried foods, sauces and fizzy rinks. The liquid intake should be increased – water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Combinations are also allowed – for example, the patient can drink spring water with some lemon juice or with cranberry juice.

It is also important to takeprobiotics:


  • yoghurts
  • fermented dairy products
  • hard cheeses
  • Sauerkraut
  • Bread without yeast

The intestinal micro-flora should be completely present, because in the detoxification process some of the good bacteria is eliminated from the body together with the various harmful substances. Alsovery good for the detoxification are the contrast showers (hot and cold showers), massages, more movement such as walking and sports. The adequate preparation for the procedure requires two weeks. Termination of the procedures also requires time, without suddenchanges in the diet and lifestyle.