Good rest – indispensable for losing weight in a healthy way
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Have you ever considered that sleep has a key role in weight reduction? The three main aspects of a healthy lifestyle and in particular, of losing weight in a healthy way is proper nutrition, exercise and rest.


In the current article we focus on the importance of sleep, as well as on a few relaxation techniques. Because everyday care for improving the quality of our sleep contributes to getting and staying fit.


The intense everyday life and accumulated stress call for more and better rest of body and mind. That’s why it’s necessary to be not only properly active, but also to rest properly.


The natural process of rest, in which we spend a considerable part of our daily lives, is sleep. It helps for processing our experiences and for solving emotional conflicts. Nowadays, it’s hard for us to fall asleep on time and in the right state of body and mind. It’s because we have many distractions and stimulation from our surroundings – for example, we use all kinds of electronic devices in bed – telephones, tablets, even laptops. What’s more, we often carry the stress from the day into the night – the period in which we should rest, which leads to less quality and quantity of sleep.


Research shows that chronic sleep deprivation exhausts the organism, lowers the defense of the immune system and makes gaining weight easier, as we tend to eat more and exercise less when we are sleep-deprived. Not getting enough rest often makes us snack more, even in the evening or at night, which disturbs the natural cleansing processes of the organism, because they take place at least a few hours after our last meal.


Sleep deprivation accumulates and forms the so-called sleep debt. It causes additional stress to the organism, which secretes more cortisol (the hormone of stress, which leads to increased appetite). Have you noticed your choice of food in such moments? It’s more likely that you reached out for a high-calorie sandwich than for a salad, because your body tries to compensate the lack of energy in every possible way. What’s more, the organism needs more serotonin, which has a soothing effect, and the easiest way is by consuming food rich in fats and carbs, for example chocolate and ice-cream. Sleep deprivation also alters the secretion of the hormones ghrelin, which indicates hunger, and leptin, signaling of satiety; metabolic processes slow down.


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In a nutshell, according to experts enough quality sleep is of crucial importance for losing weight in a healthy and long-lasting way.


There are different techniques for relaxation before sleep:


– One of them is to focus on your breathing. Concentrate on the flow of air coming into your nostrils, passing through the trachea and filling the lungs. Scan the body for any tension and if there is any, imagine that you disperse it with every exhalation.


– Another technique includes visualization of a pleasant and soothing place, activity, or memory, which brings you positive, but not too strong emotions. Try to imagine the selected scene or activity with your full attention and in as much as possible detail. If you happen to distract, notice the thought or feeling which you are experiencing and then return your focus on the visualized image.


– One more technique is to try to rewind the images in your head from the passed day – from the current moment to the next earlier until you reach the memory of waking up. By then, you should fall asleep with your body and mind relaxed.  


In LuckyFit Weight Loss Program you will find a balanced combination of good nutrition without starvation, regular exercise and walks in the nature and enough time for quality rest.

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