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Examples of weight loss exercises at home and the effect from these 

There is no doubt that without exercise we cannot achieve a positive result in weight loss. Adhering to a healthy diet is a good thing, but by itself, in the long run, diet is not a very recommended approach.

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The most reasonable way to get rid of excess weight is by combining a healthy diet with exercise. In addition to the “miraculous” weight loss dietary supplementswhose ads hunt us on television and the internet, one can get confused by the variety of fitness equipment.

We begin to ask ourselves where to start from and whether it’s worth the time and effort. Although some of the fat burning supplements can have a positive effect, we cannot rely only on them. Only with a properly selected diet and sport activities can we enhance their effect and get real results.

Speaking of sports, most people think that in order to lose weight we should be “living” on the treadmill. This is not the case at all. While gym equipment will help us achieve results, there are exercises that use only the weight of the body that are just as effective as exercises done with the help of a machine. We do not need to use any special gym equipment at home for weight loss.

The well-known fitness coach from New York Amanda Russell says our body is the best gym equipment we have. Just by engaging more muscle groups, we can make our body start burning fat efficiently. There are a number of exercises for which we do not need equipment because they are complex and include all muscle groups.

Here are 10 easy-to-perform exercises that, if we perform regularly (about 3 times a week), they can guarantee us super results. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that they involve several muscle groups at the same time, thus boosting metabolism and stimulating our body to burn more energy.

It is proven that after the workout is finished, our body continues to burn calories. In addition, they improve our speed, strength and flexibility. All we need is a pair of sneakers, comfortable sports clothing and a good mood.

Each exercise is executed for 30 seconds on each leg repeating a total of four times for the whole cycle. We take a short break between each exercise and strive for a maximum of repetitions in the 30 seconds of workout. Remember, the proper form of execution of each exercise is important. If you want to make the exercises even more challenging, you can add dumbbells.

Forward lunge

This easy to perform exercise is effective for shaping the legs as it engages three types of muscles: quadriceps, buttocks, calves. We start in a starting position with straight feet spread at the width of the shoulders.

Forward lunge at home | LuckyFit

We put our hands on the waist and squat forward with one foot, making sure to fold at a 90-degree angle. We hold the position for a second and return back to the starting position. We repeat the same with the other leg. We keep our spine upright all the time. We do 10 repetitions in 3 series.

Squat with a kick

Stand in a starting position with the feet spread at the pelvis width and place both hands behind your neck. Make as deep a squat as you can, stand up and kick forward with your right foot. This is one repetition.

Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds. This exercise focuses mainly on sciatic muscles.

Mountain runner

Stand in a starting position. Move your right knee towards your left elbow as close as possible to the elbow and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat the same with your left leg moving it towards your right elbow as quick as possible.

Jump with a lunge

Stand in a starting position with feet spread at the width of the shoulders. Jump in order to stand in a position for a forward lunge with a right lunge. With the heel of your right foot, press the floor and jump. When jumping switch the legs and land on the other foot in a lunge position. Take a break for a minute and repeat 4 series of 30 seconds.


This exercise is one of the more challenging ones but it has a good effect on shaping the whole body as it covers the arms, chest, shoulders, legs and abdomen simultaneously and helps build muscles and shape a strong and beautiful body.

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We perform it as we stand in a starting position with the feet spread at the shoulder width and do a squat. We put the hands on the floor perpendicularly to the shoulders and bounce back with both feet, holding a plank position. Then jump forward with our legs, pull our hands off the floor and make an explosive jumpupwards by landing properly with your legs folded. This is one repetition.

We can perform the more advanced variant combined with a push-up. Repeat for 8-12 repetitions in 3 series.

If we have injured wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, hip joints, ankles or have a spinal distortion or suffer from discal hernia, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Hand swings

For this exercise, you need a kettlebell with appropriate weight for your level or if you do not have one, you can use a dumbbell. This is one more exercise of this type involving a lot of muscle groups and is really effective. With it you activate not only the muscles of the legs, but also the ones on the arms and the abdomen.

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It is performed by standing upright with your feet having to be spread a little more than the width of the pelvis. Take the kettlebell with both hands, hold your stomach tight and gently perform a squat by pushing the kettlebell forward as you would do with a pendulum and at the same time stand up and returning to a squat exit position. Do 15 repetitions in 3 series of this exercise.

And last but not least, it is important to be patient and stick to the diet and workout plan. The results do not come right away. Everyone has a different body and different metabolism, so some results come faster and others slower.

One of the ways that would help us not to give up the chose diet and sports regime is to do the workouts with a friend. Partner training is a motivating way to maintain our shape year-round.

Another trick is keeping a calendar with specific hours for each workout. With the help of pre-workout and motivation, the chance to skip our workout is small.