Healthy and permanent weight loss – see how!
Сутрешни упражнения за отслабване | LuckyFit

Combined gymnastics exercises | LuckyFit

Losing weight is pointless if it’s not healthy. Who wants to lose weight by stressing his body and get sick from this later?! Or by starving which will weaken his natural immune system.


The five-star “LuckyFit” in Bansko offers healthy weight loss with permanent effect.


The clinic combines it with detoxification, anti-stress, rejuvenation and beautification. You’ll build up your tone and improve the immune system, your muscles will be stronger and thicker, you will feel fresh, full of energy.


“LuckyFit” helps you to lose weight without a diet and starvation and its methods work pretty fast. If you choose the one week course you will reduce your body weight up to 6%. The 14-days program will get it up to 8%. You will learn how to achieve the desired results and keep your body that way.


First and foremost, the luxury clinic “LuckyFits” teaches how to lose weight with pleasure. It’s not just a motto but the actual practice. The clinic is located at aparthotel “Lucky Bansko” which guarantees you a five star luxury and comfort.


Horse-riding in the mountain
Horse-riding in the mountain


In brief, “LuckyFit” programs for losing weight are based on balanced nutrition and physical exercise according to one’s possibilities. Actually, the exercises represent a special combination of fun activities such as dancing, mountain hiking, horse riding, swimming, etc. It also includes gymnastics combined with yoga, fitness, callanetics and others.


The whole program of physical activities is created by a team of specialist who shaped it until the very last detail. Nothing is randomly put, everything plays an important role. The mountain hiking, as one example, combines paths and routes with different terrain, hills, etc. The excursions to unique cultural and natural landmarks also include a lot of walking.


Horse riding, which is an amazing experience, reduces the stress and has a positive effect on your mind. It puts almost all of your muscles to work, while trying to sit tight on the animal, which burns a lot of calories.


Breathing exercises in ancient Chinese methods have various effects – increased blood flow to your brain, better concentration and focus, work against hearth diseases and improves overall body condition.


You will find the nutrition in “LuckyFit” delicious and diverse, three or four times a day depending on the initial program. The “secret” is balanced eating, leaving no room for unhealthy food and chaotic meals day and night like many people do.


The menu has no “empty” calories, everyday you’ll drink live water, fresh and zeolite. The nutrition process is overseen by prof. Bozhidar Popov. For special requirements, such as vegetarian food, you just need to make your request in advance.


The whole course in “LuckyFit” goes under the supervision of a medical staff. First you need to know that some diseases may prevent you from taking part in a course. They’re all listed on the website of the clinic. Depending on the state of illness there might be some exceptions but it must be discussed with the team before any further plans.


We did our best to be helpful with information. If you want to lose weight fast, healthy, permanently, with pleasure, then you should contact the “LuckyFit” clinic in Bansko. You decide.


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