Healthy weight loss and how to maintain it
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Healthy weight loss and metabolism


The weight loss is not just the appearance of the body. It is related to vital processes in the body set by nature. It is risky to cause artificial abnormal changes because it can confuse a number of functions in the body and worsen its general condition.

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That’s why medics talk about healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss means natural weight loss.


In conducting healthy weight loss there is no such thing as continuous hunger or unwise eating. Weight loss, consistent with healthy principles and practices, means balanced nutrition with all the nutrients necessary for the body.


Otherwise you start tricking your metabolism which causes the zero weight loss effect. В противен случай започва “надлъгване” с обмяната на веществата, при което отслабването да стане с нулев ефект. Inconceivably limited food is like a signal to the body that hunger occurs.


Its natural reaction is a slowing of metabolism to accumulate a reserve of energy, especially as fat. Thus, despite the limited intake of food, the hip fat does not decrease.


Why healthy eating?


In healthy weight loss, the meal plan is accomplished because it is recognized that the deficiency of nutrients causes a general metabolic stress that can lead to related side effects. Thus, while the body is weakening healthy, there is no way to slow or stop weight loss.


Furthermore, muscle mass is not lost in this process, it will not hurt, feel palpitations, nausea, fatigue, cold.


These are not accidental and harmless symptoms, there are a signal that improper nutrition restriction in the body’s diet can also lead to disease states. If weight loss is not healthful, it can cause serious liver and kidney problems. In addition, with a sharp and long restriction of food, the decomposition of oily deposits releases toxins that enter the bloodstream and are dangerous.


All of these metabolic risks could be avoided with a healthy weight loss. In addition, choosing a healthy weight ensures that it is durable, with the habits of weight being maintained.


Healthy weight loss, fat and carbohydrates


It might sounds surprisingly but the “usual suspects” of obesity – fat and carbohydrates should not stop entirely when the weight loss starts. In healthy weight loss, they should be taken in certain amounts and types, which can be judged by the type of food balanced with proteins, minerals, etc.


Choosing a healthy weight ensures that the body will get the so-called good fat. They are a major source of energy and retain for their proteins the role of building organs and systems instead of going to energy.


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Fats and healthy weight loss


Fats are related to testosterone. Not only the testosterone is defining the secondary sexual characteristics in men, but it has a number of other functions. For instance – improving memory, bone strengthening, and more. In fact, fat is also associated with other hormones, each of them is important and have an essential role.


Speaking of healthy weight loss, the fats should not be excluded from the meal because they are in the membrane of each cell, in the connective tissues they protect the internal organs from traumas and the body from over cooling. The fact that nature has “chosen” in the human brain to account for more than 65% is also the importance of fat.


In conducting healthy weight loss it is also considered that the fatty acids coming from the fat serve to create the new cells. They are also “suppliers” of valuable vitamins, such as A and D, and many other benefits.


Optimal healthy weight loss also takes into account the benefits of carbohydrates, in particular complex carbohydrates. Generally speaking, carbohydrates deliver energy, but have many functions.


In healthy weight loss they do not stop because only they fire the muscles and are the main “supplier” of the brain and bone. In addition, they are involved in building cells and in the body’s defense system. Healthy weight loss also provides carbohydrates to deliver vitamins from the B-complex, vitamin C, minerals, and also magnesium, chromium, zinc and others.


Fast weight loss in a healthy way


Healthy weight loss does not mean it must go slowly. On the contrary, you can safely achieve rapid weight loss in a healthy way. If everything is done properly, the fast weight loss can be achieved, which will be healthy – for a week to reduce weight to 6 percent, for two weeks to eight.


Furthermore – with a fast weight loss in a healthy way. For example, in a year, the weight can be reduced between 20 and 30 percent, and then it will be kept steady. Such healthy and fast weight loss is obtained, for example, with the programs of LuckyFit – a special clinic in Bansko for slimming under medical control, body cleansing, detoxification and beautification.


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Here are some tips for a healthy diet plan


The first rule to be successful your healthy diet is to manage to combine the right food intake and the energy consumption. Of course the intake of energy is through food, and the consumption – through sport and various activities.


When losing weight in a natural way, the food should be varied and containing all of the necessary nutrients but without excess calories. For fast weight loss, the food should also be delicious in order not to create discomfort and interfere with the regimen, or just to deny people who have started to lose weight.


When we are talking about rapidly weigh loss  it should be considered a lot of things, such as gender, age, possible illness, general condition. In practice, any rapid weight loss should be tailored to each individual. But there are some common rules about food.


If a person “loves sweet” – candies, cakes, pastes, waffles, he must limit them. The menu must be mostly unprocessed or minimally processed foods, to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts. Avoid snacks and “fast food”, sweetened carbonated beverages, refined foods such as white bread, for example, and fried foods. The meat preferably is chicken and fish, avoiding fat meats.


Weight loss, eating habits and the importance of water


To achieve the healthy weight loss you should start changing the harmful eating habits. Once we have gained extra pounds, the diet is not correct and we probably do not choose the right food for us.


For weight loss, the diet should be regular – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and not “when it happens”. Dinner should not be abundant and should be at least 3 hours before bedtime. It is good to have a light walk after dinner.


If a person is trying to lose weight, eating should not be done in front of the computer or the TV – this is a major obstacle to weight loss. In front of the TV and the computer, one is distracted from the meal and does not feel when he’s drunk and starts to overeat. He can avoid this if he focuses on food – what he consumes and how much he consumes. Portions of nutrition should be small, served in smaller dishes.


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Water and healthy weight loss


Along with weight loss is drinking enough water – liter and a half-two a day. It helps to improve metabolism, and it is important for weight loss to burn calories faster. It is good – not only if you are in a weight loss mode, but also in principle, to drink two glasses of water before meals.


Water suppresses the desire for food, and at the same time assists digestion. To be effective for weight loss, water intake should be frequent and in small amounts. During eating and about an hour afterwards, it is not good to drink lots of water, because it dilutes the gastric juices and make it difficult for the food to be absorbed.


Water also helps to avoid the thirst for hunger, and not to eat unnecessarily. If a person thinks he is hungry, he drinks a glass of water. If after half an hour he’s still hungry, then he really has to eat.


Weight loss and physical activity


No matter how much the energy intake is measured, there is no way to lose weight if this energy is not consumed, and in a higher quantity than the one obtained.


Physical activity for energy consumption, as well as diet for weight loss, must be consistent with the condition and capabilities of the person. Because congestion of the cardiovascular system, for example, especially in not-trained people, can have bad consequences. However, there are some more general rules.


If the person is gained a few pounds and desire to lose weight he has so far limited the movement. His work is not related to physical exercise, and he does not have any physical activity habits – some training, dance rehearsal, and so on


The options are two – participating in a special weight loss program conducted by specialists or “self-conducted” weight loss.


If you choose the second option – you should start increasing the amount of walking – in a moderate or fast-paced move to work, in the park or just around the city. You can do and buy a pedometer.


For this type of weight loss is enough 7-8 walking kilometers per day. It takes an hour and a half or two. In steps it makes 8-10 thousand.


You do not have to go one step at a time, it can be distributed – going or coming from work, while shopping or walking through lunch breaks, climbing stairs instead of lifts, leisure walks, and so on. In addition to weight loss, it will also helps maintain weight because it will create a walking habit.


Depending on how it feels, a person in a healthy weight-loss mode can increase the walking distance, choose more difficult terrains, for example, in an area around the city. This can be combined with lighter or more intense workouts, for example, in the gym, in the hours of the swimming pool, etc.

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