Healthy weight loss through purification of the body
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The end of the winter is the best time of year to purify our whole organism. During the harshest season, the body naturally keeps fat and toxins from bigger meals and lack of exercise. A good method for purifying the body is detoxification. Its purpose is to eliminate toxins (such as the accretion of cigarette smoke and air pollution, chemicals and heavy metals) from the body by turning them into waste, enhance the action of the organs responsible for the body purification – liver, stomach, intestines (digestive and urinary system).


Signs of body intoxication are fatigue, headache, joint pain, hypertension, constipation, rapid changes in mood, depression and irritation without obvious reasons. These states are visible when and toxins were sent to the intestines to be removed from the body but, because of the interruption of the cathartic process, they were sucked back into the blood.


Purification and detoxification of the body, which are part of the Lucky Fit program, would have a beneficial and healing effect on you. Purification does not mean to starve yourself completely but to regulate your daily nutrition and diet.


Besides the digestive system, our gastrointestinal tract has a cleaning mode. When the body has finished the digestion process, and there was enough time for this to happen, intestines switch to cleaning mode. Very often we perceive this feeling as hunger and start to eat which then interrupts the process of cleaning. For the body, this of course is not good.


In the first half of the day, until noon, it is best to consume a very light meal, such as fruits or even better – some fresh-squeezed juices, also known simply as “fresh”, as their quantity may be significantly higher like a liter or even more in cases where people have an increased appetite in the morning. Juices can only be made out of fruits or mixtures of fruits and vegetables as well, one of the best options is carrots + apples + beets. At night, the body usually starts cathartic processes and these processes continue in the morning, but the moment you eat a heavy meal is the moment your digestive system turns on and any cleaning processes get interrupted. Juices are absorbed without digestion which allows the body to continue the purifying processes, so at the same time we provide our organism with nutrients and energy and we do not interfere with its own automated purifying processes.


Here are some health advises to deal with the accumulated weight:

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Apples are the most important fruit which helps the detoxification processes in the body. They contain substances that stimulate the bile and thus help the liver to eliminate toxins. Apples also help the body get rid of daily deposits and metals from other, heavier foods.


Celery reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, and sometimes does it better than medicine. It helps against stress as soothes the entire nervous system. There are many beneficial effects on the kidneys and the urinary tract.

Grapefruit helps the liver to burn fat. Great food that reduces cholesterol, helps with diabetes and cancer. It helps with stomach ulcers and gum problems.


Avocados are rich in fiber and fat. This fruit contains many antioxidant, glutathione, which blocks over 30 carcinogens and detoxifies the liver. Suppresses the desire to eat sugar and thus helps us to lose weight.


Almonds are tasty and rich in fiber food that helps cleaning the intestines and to balance sugar levels in the blood. They contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, and the best part is that they can be eaten anywhere, anytime.


More foods that help detoxify the liver and gastrointestinal tract are garlic, onions, ginger, beets, pineapple, asparagus and green tea.


Wine is widely known for its positive sides and healing properties since ancient times. Today, the modern medicine adds that the substances in the skin of red grapes (phenols and flavonoids) can control cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure. Tartaric acid and its salts also stimulate the kidneys. Wine reduces the risk of tumor formation, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.


But let us not forget that the true purpose of wine is to give pleasure and enjoyment. You should not compromise in the right choice of better wine and it’s good to select high quality red, preferably younger, wines. According to most doctors one or two cups a day are helpful.


Clean water is the most effective and useful liquid for the body. It takes about 2 liters a day. To enhance the detoxification process you can add Zeolite in your everyday nutrition.


Stretching exercises


Any morning activity is also one of the keys to good health and body shape. Cup of warm water after getting up, combined with a brief physical exercise, assist purifying processes and contribute to the cheerful start to the day.


Frequent walks in nature regulate the level of stress accumulated in everyday life. Air pollution, noises and stagnant way of life in cities are just some of the factors which violate the right rhythm of the human body. Even brief contact with nature harmonize the body and restores our welfare.


For even better effect of detoxification the specialists recommended sauna, steam bath and therapeutic sweating.




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