Exercises for weight loss at home: do they really work?
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Working out at the gym can be fun for those of us who enjoy noisy companies and feel motivated to work out with friends and among many people. They are an excellent combination of the ability to keep our body in a good physical shape and at the same time they are a part of our active social life. At the gym we meet people who have interests similar to ours, we exchange experience, knowledge, even establish new friendships and find a new social environment.

Weight loss exercises at home | LuckyFitAll this sounds really wonderful but what is the reality and do we make it to the gym? Being in a hurry following the daily rhythm, trying to balance between work, home, family, relatives, friends, and what if we had children or even a dog… The gym and working out for health or the firm body are somehow left in the background and more often than not remain only a part of our New Year’s solemn resolutions for a definite change and a turn to the better Me.

The startling news is, in fact, that we do not need a gym to keep our body in shape, to lose weight and, above all, to feel good in our skin, to be vibrant, full of tone, energy and will to live! All we need is will and a little time for ourselves.

So, ladies and gentlemen, do you have the desire to get in shape, do you want to lose weight and get rid of the extra kilos that lay heavy on you lately and make you feel apathetic and suppressed? It’s time for action!

The exercises for weight loss at home give results!

The only condition is to show perseverance and to make home weight loss exercises an indispensable part of our everyday life and we will soon be really fascinated by the results! When we limit our calorie intake and work actively and purposefully to burn the excess fat, we will notice a huge change in our lives.

Weight loss work out at home, unlike diets, leads to a better and better effect in the long run and is ideal for keeping not only the body but also our minds in excellent health and shape.

As we have already said, we do not need to go to a gym to lose weight with the right exercise and physical activity. We can achieve enormous results from the comfort of your own home.

It does not matter where we train, it’s important how we train, how often we train, but of course, the most important thing is to make sure that we train effectively! We can easily do sport, shape and get our body firm and lose weight in the comfort of our own home, as long as we make it our purpose!

The advantage of weight loss exercises at home is that they are extremely comfortable. Whether we have children or our schedule is too busy or it takes us a lot of time to drive to and from the gym, working out at home solves most of these problems. Not to mention that they remove any excuses for not working out or that we do not have time for some weight loss exercises.

What are the most effective weight loss exercises we can do at home if we want to lose weight and get in shape?

The problem areas for each woman are thighs, abdomen, arms and, of course, the buttocks.

Let’s start with the legs – the longest muscle in the human body is the sartorius or the thigh muscle that starts from the pelvis and reaches the knee. If we want to shape our thighs and get them firm, a symbol of female attractiveness and sex appeal, it is necessary to perform daily, for example, the following set of easy but extremely effective exercises at home:

  • Swings

  1. Stand straight facing the back of a kitchen chair and grab the back of the chair with straightened arms so your body is at a hand distance from the chair;
  2. Fold the knee of one leg towards your chest and push it out hard, with a jerky movement backwards;
  3. Again, fold your leg towards your forehead and chest and push it out again with a strong swing backwards;
  4. Do 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions with each leg.
  • Side swings

  1. Stand with a face parallel to the back of the chair;
  2. With your inner hand, grab the back of the chair and place the other hand on your waist for balance;
  3. Start to do swings with the inner leg forwards and backwards, making sure the movements are jerky and energetic;
  4. Do 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions with each leg.
  • Back lunges

  1. Stand in a starting position, straight body, legs together.
  2. Move your right leg as far back as you can in a wide stride and squat until the right knee almost touches the floor;
  3. Stand upright, pull up your right leg and lift it up to your chest, folded in at the knee;
  4. Repeat the same movement 10-15 times with your right leg, then perform the exercise with your left leg. Again, the recommended series are 3 with each leg.
  • Squat with a front kick

  1. Stand in a starting position with a wide stride as a sumo squat;
  2. Squat until the thighs are parallel to the floor, pulling the buttocks backwards;
  3. Stand upright and do a high front and right kick with your right foot;
  4. Repeat the same movement – squat and an upward left kick with your left foot;
  5. Do 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Exercises for weight loss - squats | LuckyFitIt’s turn for the tight and appetizing, well-shaped butt!

We start with classic squats!

  • Squat

  1. Stand in an upright position, feet spread at the width of the pelvis;
  2. Squat pulling your buttocks backwards while your thighs are parallel to the floor making sure your knees do not pass the imaginary vertical line above your toes;
  3. Stand up and tighten your buttocks;
  4. Do 3 sets of 10–14 repetitions.
  • Lifting up of the pelvis

  1. Lie back on the floor, legs folded close to the body, fingers pointing outwards;
  2. Lift your feet on the heels and then lift the torso to as high as possible;
  3. Relax the torso until it touches the floor slightly and lift it up again;
  4. Do 3 sets of 10–15 repetitions.
  • Lifting a leg from a position on 4 bases

  1. Stand on 4 bases on the floor – palms and knees, head looking up, spine slightly curved in arc downwards;
  2. Lift your right foot, folded at the knee until parallel to the floor;
  3. From here, lift your leg as high as possible, folded at the knee until you feel tension in the gluteus;
  4. Perform the exercise consecutively with the right and then left leg, 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Beautiful and well-shaped arms are extremely important to our overall look!  

If you do not have dumb-bells, you can do the exercises with 2 small bottles of water of 500 mL.

  • Biceps exercises

  1. Standing upright, arms relaxed next to the body with palms facing upwards;
  2. Fold your hands in the elbows, the fists aiming to touch the shoulders;
  3. Relax and lift again;
  4. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Shoulder exercises

  1. Standing upright, arms relaxed next to the body with palms facing downwards;
  2. Raise the arms straight forward while parallel to the floor, the arms are spread out at the width of the shoulders;
  3. Relax your arms next to the body and lift them up again;
  4. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Triceps

  1. Upright position, arms folded at the elbows and raised above the head, holding together the two dumb-bells, the forearms being above the head, parallel to the floor;
  2. Relax the forearms down, back towards the head, with the elbows looking straight upwards, the movement is from the forearms;
  3. Straighten and fold again your arms at the elbows;
  4. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercises for abs at home | LuckyFitThere is no way to complete the set of exercises for weight loss at home without a series for a tight and flat belly!

  • Hand swings

  1. Lie down on the floor, fold your legs at the knees and bring the feet close to the buttocks;
  2. Raise the upper torso, chin sticking out forwards and upwards, arms parallel to one another and parallel to the floor;
  3. Begin doing fast, sharp swings with your arms up and down holding the top of the torso away from the floor;
  4. Perform the movement between 50 and 100 times, depending on your individual physical shape.
  • Wheel

  1. Lie down on the floor, put your hands on the neck, behind your head;
  2. Fold the right foot towards the left elbow trying to twist the body while lifting up the upper torso;
  3. Perform the exercise on the opposite side – left leg to the right elbow;
  4. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
  • Lift the upper part of the torso

  1. Lie down on your back with your legs lifted vertically upright, the feet in horizontal extended position;
  2. Stretch your arms up and lift the torso making sure your fingers touch the toes;
  3. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Do these weight loss exercises at home for at least 2 months and we guarantee you a visible result! It is important to plan your workouts by doing them each time at the same time, every day or on certain days of the week to acquire training habits and turn working out into part of your daily routine.

Diversify your program of exercises for weight

It is also important to diversify our workout by changing exercises or repetition schemes. A limited set of equipment at home may reduce the choice of exercise but that does not mean that we have to do the same exercises every day.  Using our imagination, we can combine perfectly different weight loss training exercises that we can only perform with the weight of our body. Latest research proves the effectiveness of interval and conditioning exercises with one’s own weight, so let’s get to work!

It is important, however, to increase the effectiveness of weight loss exercises at home by making them more fun to avoid the monotony trap. Let’s include bands, dumb-bells, balls, elastic bands, jumping ropes, everything we can think of, in our weight loss program. To increase the effect of training at home and to achieve the desired loss of weight and especially visible tightening and shaping of our body, it is a good idea to diversify our workout plan by alternating muscle groups on a single day and once or twice a week to perform a functional workout to surprise our muscles in order for them not to get used to the same load and thus cause the exercises to lose their effectiveness.

If we are aiming for a quicker effect, we can choose functional weight loss exercises that include exercises for the whole-body complexes. So we will use more energy and we will include more muscle groups and most of all we will use up more calories. Combined with reduced calorie intake, regular workouts at home will result in burning of the accumulated fat and loss of extra weight.

Weight loss workouts at home are effective as long as we observe the following conditions

  • Warm up our body carefully before each workout and stretch after each group of exercises to protect our body from injuries;
  • Train regularly – at least 3 times a week;
  • Train effectively – when performing the exercises, focus on our physical activity rather than doing it by the way while watching our favorite movie;
  • Challenge ourselves – in order to achieve the desired effect and shape our body and muscles and to get rid of the extra weight, we have to load our body. Whether at the gym or at home, weight loss exercises should effectively load our muscles, speed up our pulse, and yet represent a certain difficulty for us;
  • Diversify the training exercises – no matter how effective an exercise is, if we perform only a limited number of repetitions, our muscles will soon become used to it and our workouts will not produce the desired result. Efficiency lies in diversity;
  • Train all muscle groups – besides being varied, weight loss exercises at home should involve all muscle groups. Let us not underestimate, nor give priority to certain parts of our body. The beautiful, well-maintained body is harmoniously developed, so let’s choose comprehensive weight loss exercises for the whole body!

Home exercises for successful weight loss | LuckyFitAnd last but not least – let’s work out with passion and desire!

Every activity in which we put our heart leads to excellent results! So is the case with working out at home for weight loss! They will have an effect and will help us lose weight, tighten and shape our body if we do them with pleasure, desire and of course perseverance!

If you feel insecure or hesitate about exactly how well you perform the weight loss exercises at home, you can take advantage of any of our offers within our weight loss, anti-stress, beauty and yoga programs at our LuckyFit Center. Each of our programs includes not only medical examinations tailored to your needs, an individual calorie-intake menus, but also daily exercises for firming, body shaping and as a result weight loss, for performing of which you do not need any equipment or special skills but only desire and the weight of your own body!

Trust our professionalism and let us show you how to turn your cozy home into your favorite and comfortable place for effective workouts to reduce your extra weight!

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