How do the celebrities cleanse their bodies?
Detox diet of Beyonce

According to the classical meaning, the detox programs usually consist mainly of limitation of solid foods and their replacement with the consumption of nutrients in the form of different mixes of vegetable or fruit juices, smoothies, and so on. 

Let‘s take a look at how the different celebrities do their cleanse? 

Many stars have an individual approach to detoxication – some do it primarily to lower the size of their clothes, while others seek spiritual cleansing alongside with the purification of the body.

Let’s look into the bag of secret tricks of the famous people through which they manage to look and feel as impressive as possible in their own skin. 

Detox diet of Beyonce Knowles

The super famous performer Beyonce Knowles is one of the many stars who are known as fans of detox diets. Over the years, she has tested several methods of purification – such as lemon detox and raw diet, and has always achieved excellent results.

Taylor Swift quite often enjoys magnesium baths for purification, and Kate Hudson relies on apple cider vinegar. Although its price is extremely high, taking a small amount, for example, a tablespoon of it in the evening at bedtime, for 5-7 days, can do wonders for the detoxification of the body – just what a star with an extremely busy schedule and limited time for action needs

Madonna is another world-famous person who is known to be one of the supporters of detox programs. In addition to taking useful substances and depriving of harmful ones, she also  does very intensive physical activities such as sports, dancing and fitness to keep her body free from toxins. In this way, the queen of the pope looks young, beautiful and always in shape.

The singer says that when she decides to go into a detox regime, first she limits the consumption of grains and increases the intake of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and others. Perhaps this is similar to the the well-known method of detoxification with the help of fruits and vegetables, but there is also a “secret” ingredient in the regime of Madonna – and that is exactly the seaweed. The talented singer adds them to her menu to speed up the body’s purification of toxins and to get the huge amounts of minerals needed to protect her health – they include iodine, vitamin C, B complex, magnesium and many others.

Seaweed – nori, wakame, agar-agar, hijiki, etc., are a food known for its exceptional useful qualities. They are rich in micro-elements that have an anti-inflammatory action and also protect us from the formation of tumors as well as from blood clots. In addition, sea vegetables supply us with a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, especially iodine, which is extremely important during and after the detox regimen. 

But can our detox regime be out of control? Unfortunately, yes. In the absence of a balance between the chosen program and the specifics of our particular organism, what is meant to purify and refresh us can have a negative effect on us. 

Detox diet of Angelina Jolie

Although she looks great, in order to play the main role in the action movie Agent Salt (2010), the stunningly beautiful actress Angelina Jolie had to lose at least 10 kilos within a very short time. She successfully accomplishes this within 21 days, namely through a detox diet based mainly on lemons, thus putting health and perhaps even life at risk. 

The truth is that the lemon regime has been created a long time ago, but has become particularly popular over the last few decades. It has been tested by, and it is a favorite of a number of great stars, known for their great shape, such as Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce Knowles. But you should not overdo in no case this type of detox, as well as all other types.

It is important to note that during lemon detox, not only lemons are eaten – they are consumed in combination with cayenne pepper and sweetened with maple syrup. However, the lemon regime should not be performed without preparation in advance, nor too often, or for too long. 

Experts warn that you should not experiment with this type of detox. Angelina herself admits that lemons are not satiating at all, and she felt very thin, regardless of the amount she consumed, and her colleagues in Agent Salt worried that Jolie could have caused serious health damage by over-dedicating to lemon hunger.  

Famous actress and top model Demi Moore also uses this kind of detoxification as a diet, and she really manages to lose almost as many kilos as Jolie, and for a shorter period of time, and this terrified the experts.

However, if applied wisely and under the guidance of specialists, the lemon regime could contribute not only to our good shape but also to balance the various systems of the body, restore normal pH in the body, reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve the allergic conditions and problems with the respiratory tract.

A special advantage of the diet is that it has good effect on the appearance of the skin and in general it gives us a feeling of rejuvenation. The duration of the lemon detox depends on the individual condition of each organism. Most often, the lemon regime is between 8 and 10 days.

Detox diet of Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, known as a maniac of detox programs, often shares in interviews that she usually performs a detox regime only once a year, but an extra fast can be performed if her work is directly linked to her own wellness brand. In the rest of the year, Paltrow likes to detoxify with several sessions in the infrared sauna – which also has a good effect on joint pain and relieves stress. 

With infrared technology, our body becomes warmer, but the rest of the objects in the room do not get heated, thus allowing us to sweat much more than if we spend the same time in the classic sauna.

But it’s not always a good idea to try any recipe for a detox regimen used or promoted by someone famous. Often, these celebrities are involved in contracts for advertisement for millions of dollars, as was the case with the sisters Kim and Clawie Kardashian, who in the beginning of 2019 were criticized by a large part of their own audience for their involvement in a marketing campaign of a famous brand “detox shakes” in Instagram.

These products later turned out not to have the necessary license issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, and that most of the US dieticians found them harmful. The situation has come to the conclusion that a US Senator from Connecticut has requested an investigation of the company distributing the “special” product.

The other Cardassian sister, Courtney, was accused of recommending people to drink plain water, flavored with cucumber, lemon, orange or other as a “detox” drink.

But a number of people remained skeptical about her thesis. 

Although they agreed that the addition of fruit and vegetables to water may indeed increase the daily intake of liquids and may replace the consumption of unhealthy non-alcoholic beverages with artificial flavors, it has been noted that you can not achieve a detoxifying effect on the organism using this drink.  Experts warn that attempts to achieve purification by water, whether it be flavored with natural ingredients, could lead to very serious health consequences.

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