How many pounds can we lose in a month?

There are hardly any of us who dream of losing as much weight as possible in as little time as possible. Most girls grow up with a Bridget Jones-style diary in which they record their weight almost every day. As the Christmas holidays approach, graduation, the wedding of an important loved one, or other event where we are about to be in the spotlight and the center of the lenses, we wish we could shed all those extra pounds with a magic wand.


However, too fast weight loss can lead to serious health problems as well as to eating disorders that are extremely difficult to overcome.


Weight Loss

How many pounds can we afford to lose in a month without causing us illness?


This depends on a number of factors, including how much we are weighing, starting from our starting point, what is the goal we would like to achieve, and how we decided to achieve it. It is advisable to have a strategy outlined with the help of a nutritionist and stick to it.


When the total weight we want to lose is more than 5-10 kilograms, it is especially difficult and once we have dropped them we will be able to hold on to those hard work and deprivation levels. That is why it often happens so well to catch up that we even end up with a kilo or two more. Why is that?


First of all, the reason is that the human body is a very complex system that cannot be readjusted just like a finger click. For this reason, and also for many health reasons, it is best when we lose weight that this is done under the supervision of specialists.


Weight Loss

According to the professional advice of nutritionists, losing between 4.5 and 5 pounds in four weeks is a good goal, but it may actually be too ambitious for many applicants. In addition, in many cases, even 5 are the extra pounds that the body can afford to lose without compromising its risk.

This is not because of weight loss per se. The reason lies in the fact that weight loss  is related to limiting daily calorie intake and we need to be careful about which nutrients we are saving calories exactly. Therefore, if you notice that you are  shedding pounds after kilograms too fast or do not stop losing weight for six months without interruption, be sure to consult your doctor.


Needless to say, if our goal is to lose some weight – by 4 or 5 pounds, we will not achieve a good result, trying to achieve it all at once. The optimal for our health is balance and perseverance. It is best to lose 1 or 2 – 2.5 pounds every four weeks, at least every forty days, take a break from any deprivation. Our diet must be tailored to the needs of our body. We should not deprive ourselves of basic nutritional groups. To do this, it is advisable to adjust your diet with a nutritionist.


There is another reason why we should not be exposed to excessively extreme diets and deprivation. According to a number of scientific studies, too little calorie intake through food actually slows down the metabolism process. We all know that it is metabolism that matters most when we are trying to lose weight healthily.

Weight Loss


When we try to lose weight, we should not underestimate the psychological factor

If we lose 5 pounds in one month and 3 in the next month, it is likely that this will demotivate us – or, in other words, make us relax and stop making the necessary efforts. Instead, you can choose a more gentle but steady pace of 3 kilograms per month that you maintain for at least 2-3 months before making a 0.5-1 kilogram weight for at least a month or two.


In practice, it doesn’t even make sense to siphon more, as it is quite likely to flip through the scales, causing the so-called yo-yo effect, and catch up very quickly with the huge effort and even gain a few top for cover. This phenomenon of permanent weight loss can, in principle, be a sign of a rather serious hormonal imbalance. If so, then the problem must be examined in depth to find out the cause.

Nutritionists agree that synthetic nutritional supplements should not be trusted, which, according to a number of advertisements, will help us lose 10 pounds within a month. In most cases, these substances harm a number of systems in our body, while being extremely ineffective in achieving the goal of buying them – namely, to lose weight. If they are effective, however, keep in mind that it is not healthy to lose so much weight at once. If the pace continues, you should definitely consult a nutritionist and immediately stop taking the supplement that causes it.


Natural and organic products are certainly the safest option when looking to lose weight in an environmentally friendly way. Some of the herbs and natural ingredients we’ve heard about can really help us crusade against the pounds. How effective they are, however, again depends on the right choice of case. Depending on how effective the supplement is, with organic products a month can lose between 3 and 4 pounds.

Weight Loss

Motor activity is even more important than diet, if our goal is really long-term weight loss


Keep in mind that the number of pounds we can remove in a month will also vary depending on the program we choose. If we focused on fitness as the most convenient exercise for the urban environment, we should not forget that the stress of burning calories can seriously increase our appetite or cause us to retain greater amounts water. However, we must not allow this to demotivate us and divert us from our ultimate goal.


Stress also plays a role in weight gain. If this is the case, if the worries at work and at home make us bite often to calm our nerves, then we must take measures especially to limit the stress factor. Otherwise, we risk returning to the same pounds very soon after we have managed to lose them. When we are looking for weight loss after being overweight due to mental stress, it is best to look for a  specialized program where we can work on ourselves as prevention and treatment.


If the filling is due to an autoimmune or other disease, we should look into what works well for our condition and apply a treatment regimen that targets mostly the disease itself. As a result of improving our overall condition, it is suggested that we can lose the pounds accumulated from the disease easily and without risk to our health. In these cases, the rate of weight loss is not recommended to be fast because any weight loss could artificially affect the inhibited organism.


We must not forget that the pounds are just a figure on the display of the scale. After all, we want to look and feel good in the first place. These are the results we can’t wait to achieve, not the downloading of a certain numerical value, which in many cases proves to have nothing to do with good looks or health.

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