How to consume dried goji berry for weight loss
годжи бери прием

What fruits are goji berry and how they help

How to consume dried goji berry for weight loss – this question intrigues more and more people in the country, because theseunique fruits have gained great popularity in Bulgaria. Moreover, Bulgarian farmers began to growgoji berry as a cultivated culture, as in the recent years they increased the plantations due to the high market demand.

годжи бери прием

But before we find out how to consume dried goji berry for weight loss, we have to know what these fruits are and how they affect the organism.

Goji berry are the fruits of bushy tree, which can reach up to three meters high. They are red and so fine that they cannot be harvested by machine, but only by hand. Their taste is sweet-sour. Some consumers compare their taste to the taste of blueberries, others – as something on average between raspberries and strawberries.

Impressive with regard to the tree is that it withstands high temperature amplitudes: cold weather to minus 20-25 degrees and very warm weather over 40 degrees. The tree is traditional for Tibet, China, Nepal, Mongolia. In Bulgaria the tree grows freely most often in the high places of the mountains and is known aslycium. Its fruits are smaller than of the Chinese version, but the properties are also healing.

However, the beneficial effects of goji berry are recently known in Bulgaria, as before it has not been as widely known as in Asia. In the Eastern medicine, this plant has been applied for thousands of years as a healing plant for many diseases.


The fruits are used for:


  • Cardiovascular problems and problems with the blood vessels/for example, they lower the cholesterol levels/;
  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Vertigo
  • Ulcers
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia
  • Eye diseases
  • Cellulite and many more.

These fruits cleanse the toxins from the organism, improve the metabolism and normalize blood sugar. The countless effects of the fruits on various systems of the body rise again the question How to consume dried goji berry for weight loss,because its overall effect should be considered, as there is no unique recipe.


Why dried?

годжи бери прием

Because of the fine structure, in raw state goji berry have a short shelf life. In raw form, these fruits last for a week in the refrigerator. In frozen form, the fruits last a year. Therefore, for longest durability, they are dried and this process doesn’t change their qualities.

Traditionally they are driedin the Sun, as this is practiced to the present day, but it is time consuming, therefore in our modern times we use more industrial heating and ventilation methods. The dried fruits that look like raisins are stored in acool and dry place in closed jars, in impermeable foil or paper packaging.

There are also extracts available in capsules, as well as tincture in ampoules.The fruits can also be consumed fresh, dried in warm dishes, including in meat dishes, soups, porridges, yoghurt, salads, fruit shakes, smoothies, and so on.


Goji berry – a unique depot of useful substances

These fruits are unique because of the beneficial substances they contain – both as type and amount. For example, compared in equal amounts, the content of Vitamin C in the goji berry is 500 times higher than in the oranges; goji berry contains 15 times more iron than the spinach; the content of carotenoids that are a powerful antioxidant and protect the cells from aging, is more than in any other type of food; the important trace elements are21. The list may go on with 6 important vitamins, including Vitamin C and vitamin В1, 18 amino acids and other valuable substances for the proper development of the organism.


Goji berry and weight loss programs

As any fruit, goji berry is dietary, as it contains little fats and calories. And as you can see – it provides a lot for the nourishment of the cells. This compensates for a great deal of the dietary limitations and gives strength for physical activities that are an integral part of the weight loss programs.

годжи бери прием

The sufficient proteins maintain the muscles and help to prevent the loss of muscle mass, and support the fat burn. The rich content of fiber – 10 per cent, helps to cleanse the intestines so the consumed food to be absorbed better. Fiber is important for the weight loss because it is not a carrier of energy, but boost the digestive and metabolic processes.

Generally, goji berry increases the metabolism five times, boosts the processing and burning of fats, which increases the carbohydrate energy consumption. That is why this fruit is regularly present in the menu of the weight loss programs.

In dry form is enough to drink 20 grams twice a day, but the amount of the intake may reach up to 60 grams for the day after consultation with a physician. Of course, goji berry  doesn‘t replace and cancel the other rules of the weight loss diet – avoiding too fatty foods, fried foods, sweet, as the water for the day must be at least 2 liters, and the necessary physical activity has to be performed. Because no matter how beneficial these fruits are for the health, naturally, the human being can’t /and shouldn’t/ consume only them. Moreover, there may also be contraindications for the given person – in case of some plant allergies, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, diseases of the stomach and intestines, and small children.

For example, in diabetes, goji berry can be consumed in small amounts, under a specific medical regimen. Therefore, weight loss programs include goji berry under medical supervision, which is present in the overall course of healthy weight loss. The healthy way is important, because when it is performed “quickly”, you can lose even 15 kilograms within a month, but this is not recommended –rapid weight loss brings a lot of risks for the entire organism.

And in addition to health problems, cosmetic problems may occur – loose skin. So it is better to lose kilograms gradually – after the initial weight that is reduced in the course, the efforts have to be maintained for a month or two with the new habits, until they become firm and there is no problem to apply them. So the desired weight can be achieved without difficulties and then it can be preserved, and goji berry can be consumed for energy, tone, boost of immunity.

Consumption options

As it was mentioned, there is no universal answer to the question of how to consume goji berry. It depends on the specific goal of the overall weight loss program – how many kilograms have to be reduced and within what period of time, are there chronic diseases that are treated simultaneously with the weight loss course and what are they, what is the age and sex of the patient, and so on.

годжи бери прием

However, after a medical consultation, goji berry may be used also at home. In fact, there is no food and drink that cannot be combined with the fruit, because always you will get something delicious and beneficial for the organism.

For example, we could use 30 or 40 grams of the dried fruits, wash them in a strainer, and then we pour hot boiling wateron them in a thermos of half or one liter. Then close the thermos and leave it for the night. The drink should be consumed in the morning, after you warm it, because it is healthier warm. You can make a potion out of it. For the potion you will need a tablespoon of dried goji berry that are poured with cold water – one glass, then wait until the water boils. Leave it for three minutes and remove it from the hot plate, after the potion cools down strain it, and the beverage should be consumed a quarter-cup 3 times a day.

The dried fruits can be added to all kind of porridges – for example rice-dairy. At the end of cooking, add 20 grams of goji berry per portion. When the porridge is ready, remove it from the hot plate and cover it with a cloth. Wait until it cools down before consumption. Goji berry with yoghutis an excellent breakfast, especially if you leave the fruits in the yoghurt for 10 minutes before eating.