How to lose a woman 50 years and older
Диети за отслабване и над 50

Why weight loss should be age-appropriate

Around the age of 50, a number of changes usually occur in the body of a woman, often with illnesses.

How to lose a woman 50 years and older

Metabolism generally slows down, for which menopause plays an additional role. Eventually the weight goes up. At the same time, there is a certain wear and tear on the bones and joints, the muscles weaken, which leads to risks to the condition of the musculoskeletal system. Reduces short-term memory, problems with digestion, vision and hearing are impaired, hair may develop, etc.

Diseases are very common diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, which is thinning of the bones from metabolic changes, etc. All this is related to changes in various processes in the body. In addition to physiological changes, the value system for the important things in life changes, it changes to drowsiness or directly to immobility, weakness to sweetness and other “tastes”.

Weight loss has to be taken into account – losing weight is much easier for the body to be 20 and 30 years old than 50 or more. For example, if a wrong diet is applied, the body may be deprived of important substances for age and condition, or cause stress for the body, which exacerbates certain comorbidities.

Excessive physical activity can also cause complications in a variety of illnesses – such as cardiovascular disease or trauma. Therefore, the question How to lose weight a woman aged 50 and over is essential for a certain age and the answer should be sought by a specialist consultant after medical research.

On a case-by-case basis, the professionals involved must determine what and how to eat, what foods to exclude, what physical activities to do and how to combine them in the regimen. What changes will be made to the overall lifestyle will also be specified so that weight loss can be sustained permanently.

How to lose weight to women 50 and over

A gradual change in activity and diet – this is generally the answer to the question How to lose weight a woman aged 50 and over. The goal is to lose weight is healthy – no one wants to lose weight while getting sick. Thus, the diet after the age of 50 is a number of differences from the standard diet suitable for young girls. This applies not only to nutrition, but also to sports, and lifestyle.

How to lose a woman 50 years and older

Eating right means using healthy food and eating right. There should be no drastic restrictions on foods with solid diets aimed at fast weight loss, as this will provoke drastic changes and new problems in the body.

In addition, losing weight in this way will be pointless – it can lose some weight, but mostly at the expense of the muscles. And because metabolism has slowed down with age, muscles will be replaced with fat and more weight can be gained than it was before the weight loss decision. Therefore, the advice is for a gradual change in diet, focusing on high quality plant products. Because of all this, as mentioned, the exact diet on a case-by-case basis should be determined by a nutritionist.

Healthy weight loss without movement activation is impossible. As you get older, different transformations occur – fat builds up, muscle tone decreases. Active sports require a medical examination and consultation. For some conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, exercise is contraindicated.

Physical activity should permanently enter life: walking in clean air, using different terrain and slopes; a moderate sport according to health and ability. Practiced daily, physical activity prolongs youth and beauty.

What to know in advance

Diets, although prescribed by a specialist, should not be performed blindly – people need to know what they are doing. This greatly contributes to their motivation. In this sense, if you are wondering. How to lose weight a woman over 50, it is good to know in advance what is useful and what is harmful.

In general, high-calorie foods need to be stopped, which is why we need to learn to monitor their ingredients. Product details are on the labels that we need to be able to rely on. Special attention should be paid to the  glycemic index and energy value of the food.

The diet should be as varied as possible, but balanced – with no excess calories to produce optimal energy. For effective weight loss after the age of 50, it is a good idea to start the day with a glass of warm water by adding lemon juice. Preferably, breakfast is protein foods – such as scrambled eggs, low-fat curd, low-calorie cheese.

The first meal may include complex carbohydrates – whole grain bread, cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds. They are rich in coarse fiber minerals, vitamins. The interval between meals should be 3-4 hours in order for the ingredients to be absorbed optimally. It is recommended that at lunch and dinner you should eat a portion of fish or lean meat – poultry, beef, rice, vegetables.

For example, the menu may include trout or mackerel. Potatoes, however, are contraindicated and can be replaced with cauliflower. Eating after 19 hours is also contraindicated, because in the evening the activity of the body decreases, including slowing down and digestion, and loading the stomach with food makes it difficult to perform its functions.

In general, meals should be in small portions 5 or 6 times a day, drinking at least 2 liters of water. Tea, coffee and soups are not included in the body’s water regime.

Weight Loss Exercises For Women Over 50

Exercise for weight loss for women over 50 is the most difficult start – because of established habits and mental barrier. However, after consulting with a doctor, relatively easy exercises for which you do not even need special equipment can be selected: a carpet at home, a jump rope, dumbbells, etc., which are easy to secure.

The duration of the exercises is at least 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week. However, after cardio exercises, you should not eat for two hours or drink caffeinated beverages like coffee. Particularly, it must be said that exercises that greatly boost the heart rate are contraindicated. For the age of 50, it is best to practice Pilates or Yoga Asanas.

How to lose a woman 50 years and older

It is known that at the age of 50, muscle mass decreases by about one-fifth compared to the time we were 20. However, muscles are the main consumers of calories and when they are reduced, the energy derived from food does not burn but body in body fat. Therefore, exercise is needed to compensate for muscle loss and boost metabolism.

One of the popular exercises is to lie on the floor with your hands on your body. The pelvis is lifted up to the tightening of the buttocks. Repeats 15 times with breaks for about a minute. It is useful for thinner waist, tight hips and buttocks.

The complex may also include a knee position with hands on the floor. He flexes his right leg and pulls to his chest, then returns to the starting position. It is made 30 times for each leg in two complexes. Helps strengthen lower back area.

The third exercise is lying down with knees bent and arms raised. The torso is pulled from the floor, hands are overhead. Repeat 25-30 times. There is also an exercise for more flexible muscle connections. He lies down on the floor, his legs rising up. Each leg is sequentially wrapped in arms and pulled, 2-3 sets are made for each leg.