How to lose weight after giving birth ?
How to lose weight after giving birth ?

How to lose weight after giving birth ?

It is understandable that every woman after pregnancy would like to regain her former shape and even look better.We are inspired by many celebrity moms who walk on the beach in their swim suits with a perfect figure just months after the pregnancy, so we are wondering how they achieve these results. It is absolutely normal for most of us to want to lose weight quickly after the end of the pregnancy, but of course we must take care of our health first, and then pay attention to the aesthetics.

Of course, it is an advantage to lose the kilograms gained during the pregnancy. The excessive weight increases the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Increased weight also includes a certain risk of complications in future pregnancy, as well as greater health risk for women who suffer from gestational diabetes.

How to lose weight after giving birth ?

However, as we well know each person is individual and some women experience difficulties to recover their initial weight, as for other women this is not a problem.

The weight loss processis different for every woman and there is no exact formula to follow. But there are some simple rules that every woman can observe in order toachieve positive results in weight loss.

When it is recommended and when is dangerous to get on with weight loss after giving birth?

During the pregnancy most women averagely gain 10-20 kilograms over their normal weight. Some ladies can‘tlose the kilograms gained during the pregnancy, which becomes a source of frustration and stress for theyoung mother.

During the first months after the pregnancy strict diets are something undesirable. It is important to give our body the chance to recover after giving birth, and then to make bigger changes to our nutritional regimen.

What do we need to know before making these changes?

Forpost-natal weight loss, it is very important to be patient and remember that we shouldn‘t compare our results with the results of other women.

What nutritional and physical regimen should we observe?

We should not expect instant weight loss results. It is best this to happen gradually if we want this process to be a healthy one. Our body has its ownnatural rhythm and we should provide it with time to adapt to the changes.

In the beginning it is good just to start eating more natural and satiating food. The unhealthy drinks are our worst enemy, as well as the dough foods and all sugary foods. The consumption of more fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grains is recommended.

Consuming fresh andhealthy foods will not only help us to get in shape more quickly, but will also help us create useful habits as a lifestyle.

Dieticians also recommend to eat more often, as this will help us boost our metabolism. It is best to eat in every 3 hours averagely. This will give us energy that will be required for the breast-feeding period.

What are the weight loss principles after the pregnancy period?

How to lose weight after giving birth ?

Be realistic

Setting toohigh goals regarding the weight loss after pregnancy can discourage us and even demotivate us. Depending on how many kilograms we have gained during the pregnancy period, we can lose 4.5 kilograms for one year. The more weight we have gained, the more time we will need in order to lose it in a healthy way.

The most important thing is to restore an optimal weight, and not to strive to becomethinner than we were before the pregnancy. Setting smaller goals and their achievement will maintain our motivation and thus we won’t give up our efforts with regard to the weight loss.

Aviod drastic regimens for a short period

After the pregnancy, our body needs nutritional food rich in trace elements. So deprivation of sufficient food and the drastic calorific reduction is not a good idea after pregnancy.

In the breast-feeding period, it is important to consume good quality food, because then our body needs more calories than usual.

How to lose weight after giving birth ?

During this period it is not recommended to deprive ourselves from important substances for the mother’s organism. Following a strict diet during this period will make you feel tired. Moreover, this will reduce the quality of your milk. If you observe such a regimen while you are still pregnant, thishides a risk of disturbance in the growth and development of your child.

Let’s assume that you are with normal weight and you didn’t gain many kilograms during the pregnancy, then just reduce the calorie intake by 500 and this will help you lose about 0.5 kilograms per week. For example, if you consume2000 calories and you reduce the calorific content of the meals by 300 and burn additional200 calories with exercises you will achieve your goal. An excellent sports idea for pregnant women is the yoga, as well as the exercises with training belts.

Consume foods with more fiber

Researches have shown that the consumption of foods that are rich in fiber during a weight loss diet leads to positive results. It has been found that 10 grams of soluble fiber helps for the reduction of 3.7% of body fats in the abodmen area within a period of five years.

Soluble fiber keep us feel satiated for a longer time, they decrease the production of the hormone of hunger, increasing the feeling of satiety and the hormone cholecystokinin.