How to lose weight and maintain the weight achieved in our everyday life – Part I
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Losing weight and calories

According to experts, man gains 0.5-1 kg per year on average. The good news is that if we consume 100 kcal less than our usual diet every day, we will prevent this weight gain. If, however, we already have kilograms to lose, we need to reduce our calories intake by 500 kcal, and it will not be necessary to only deprive ourselves of food!

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We may burn half of the calories through physical activity, for instance by walking for 30-45 min. According to a study, 30 minutes of everyday walk is enough to prevent the increase of kilograms but is we wish to lose weight, we need more (for instance 45 min of fast walk every day).

It is a good idea to keep a diary of you motor activity. In this way you will keep track of your progress, you will get a positive feedback (or you will become motivated to do sport more regularly and intensively) and you will maintain focus on you goals.

If you have not done it yet, download a mobile application for following the number of steps, that you walk every day. Experts recommend making 10,000 steps daily but reaching this number gradually, adding 500 steps per week.

Do not overlook any other opportunities for movement during the day (beside training and walks). In a sitting position we burn about 100 kcal per hour and while we stand – about 140 kcal. This is a small difference but it can become considerable if we use it in our favour. If possible (but think about it seriously), stir every 2 hours, for a 5-10-minute walk or a stretch with a few exercises for the back and neck.

If you work in a sitting position, also use each opportunity to stand or walk: having a telephone conversation or a chat with a colleague, for example.

Training and losing weight

As regards training after the end of the workday, when you are usually tired, think about dance lessons. They put you in a good mood and raise you tone while they also contribute to the burning of quite a lot calories – 400-500 kcal per hour of fast dance.

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During the yoga classes we also burn calories, their number depending on the style, but the advantage of this training is that it renews the mental and physical energy and tones us for the tasks that usually expect us at home.

Apart from more movement, to maintain good health and god shape it is very important to ensure more quality sleep. Tiredness due to lack of enough sleep makes us less motivated to train and to cook something healthy and good for our shape. In addition, when the rhythm of sleep shifts from the one that is natural to the human organism, that of eating also changes.

When we go to bed late, in the morning  we usually do  not feel hunger and, to compensate, in the evening or at night we are ready to swallow large quantities of food to maintain an energy level of functioning, which is not usual for this period of the day and night.

Yes, but the very process of food digestion requires energy, especially if we have eaten a bit more, and the metabolic processes at the time are slowed down. The better option is to eat regularly during the day and not to let ourselves become “as hungry as beasts” at the end of the day.

According to experts, the more we eat before lunch, the less hungry we are in the evening, and we also have the opportunity to burn the calories taken in during the day. The results of a study show that women who consume  500 kcal at breakfast, 700 kcal at lunch and 200 kcal at dinner lose 5-6 kg more as compared to women who exchange the dinner calories intake for that at breakfast or lunch.

Training in yoga, dances and walks in nature, together with a specially developed nutritional regime for healthy weight-losing with a good mood and without starving makes the core of the programme LuckyFit in Bansko. You are welcome! Let us make together the first steps towards a better health and shape!