How to lose weight and maintain the weight achieved in our everyday life – Part II
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According to a study of the University of North Carolina, the hamburger sold nowadays is 23% larger than the hamburgers in 1977. If you do not want to take in an unnecessarily great number of calories from carbohydrates and fats, turn to starters or lighter dishes when you are at a restaurant – salad/soup and a portion of rice with vegetables, for example.

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Start with the salad or soup as they fill up the stomach and create conditions for less additional eating. Replace the high-calorie and fat supplements to the salads with low-fat cheese and a dietetic dressing.  IF you still cannot part with the heavier sauces, use an easy yet effective trick: First, dip the fork in the sauce and then fork a bite of the dish, not vice versa. Thus you will save yourself a lot of calories and you will not go short of the seasoning.

Also keep away from the high-calorie caffeine drinks of the “Chino” type. No matter how attractive they seem to us in busy everyday life, as they are tasty, contain caffeine and seem to satiate, this sensation is only temporary and in fact deceitful. The energy bomb of sugar and caffeine gives us a strong boos but not much later we shall feel even hungrier although we have swallowed as many calories as there are in a lunch – yes, bit empty ones.

If you need and interim bite, do not be afraid of buts. According to dietologists from Harvard Univeristy, a handful of nuts per day gives a sensation of satiety, actually feeds the body and contributes to weight loss. Walnuts are one of the best assistants in our strive for maintaining good shape and health as beside the rest of the useful substances  they contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the burning of fats and to the longer sensation of satiety.

If you need to have something packed, choose lesser portions. We all know how hard it is to stop eating until the content of the package is gone.  If you are going to eat alone and not share it with someone else, instead of a large pack of Taralli, take pretzels or instead of a whole chocolate bar – a small chocolate bar. In this way you will avoid the risk of swallowing a much larger quantity than necessary and the respective feeling of heaviness and guilt if you do not manage to restrain yourself.

Keep a diary of your diet

Even if you do it for only one week, you will see the results. According to some studies, the people who record what they eat consume 15% less food. It is especially effective to apply this method at the weekend – on non-working days we are inclined to take in 150-200 kcal more on average as compared to working days.

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Pay attention to the sauces, dips, soft and alcohol drinks and the packaged carbohydrate foods that you consume. If you reduce them or fully remove them from your meal, this may be a turning point in your weight loss!  Another option is to take pictures of your meals – this will give you complete information on the quantity and content of what you consume and looking through the pictures will make you think again before the next meal!

If you feel that it is difficult to make changes in your daily routine, use the following strategy:  formulate and write down you goals, put them at a conspicuous place and repeat them as a mantra.

Have you heard of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”? If you believe that it is impossible to stop eating “junk” food and to take exercise  more, you will probably not do it indeed or you will try 1 or several times and you will give up with the  same argument: “It will not work out!”

Yet for considerable and sustainable changes we need more time and, respectively, assiduousness. Of course, at the beginning it seems unnatural and hard as we have already built habits but hey can be changed, with persistence. The following assertions will help you for this purpose – “I love my body and I will take care of it!” “I can change my habits and do sport every day to be healthier and feel more energetic and attractive!” Put in something from yourself and experiment!

Begin the positive changes in your daily routine with our help – active rest, a healthy diet and much fun in the programme for losing weight without starving LuckyFit in Bansko!