How to lose weight during the weekend?
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In the busy everyday life at work the weekend has become a small island of calmness, freedom and pleasure (or at least this is how we imagine it to be). The strict regime of getting up, eating and movement often is replaced as we long for a blissful rest and relaxation. The bad news is however that whatever happens during the weekend doesn’t stay in the weekend. The weekend is almost 1/3 of the week and can make a change – both in the desired direction and the undesired one.

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How to make it so that our days off would work for our goals?

Let’s start in order. Do not remove the alarm. After a whole week of mobilizing your body every morning, we long to be able to sleep enough at least during the weekend. However, according to scientists from the University of Arizona in Tuscon, getting up later during the weekend gives us the sensation that we are more tired, contributes to the bad mood and carries risks for our health and figure.

Another study shows that the earlier the body is exposed to light, the more probable it is for it to have a lower body mass index which is related to the release of hormones regulating the levels of energy.

Movement (but with a good mood!)

According to surveys, people do less sports during the weekend and at the same time they increase the intake of calories by consuming unhealthy food (bacon, beer, fries). Instead of thinking of movement as a training and consequently as one more duty, why not make it fun – do sports with friends, listen to music while walking or running, dance.

If possible, spend more time in open air and under sun light. According to experts, the activities performed outside contribute to the improved concentration, reduced anxiety and increased well-being which relates to the more balanced eating. And probably cycling in the park is more exciting than riding the stationary bicycle at home.

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According to one study, people who keep a strict diet during the week but loosen it up during the weekend not only lose weight at a slower paste but also gain a bit of weight during the week. If you keep such a regime during the whole year, it is possible to gain around 5 kilograms. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t eat something that we avoid during the week. However, the all-or-nothing type of thinking does not help with our figure.

Try to limit to one the free meals (preferably in a social setting) or to include a forbidden during the rest of the time element in other way normal meal – for example a dessert high in calories. This will help you avoid the unpleasant sensations for heaviness and guilt and you will enjoy your meal fully.

Social contacts

The social setting puts us in between borders and predisposes us to comply with it. For this reason it is a good idea to be surrounded by people who have a good eating and movement regime and to share our workouts and meals with them. This not only supports the good habits but also brings us the emotional benefits of the positive social contacts.

One more idea about how to combine the pleasant with the useful which has been gaining popularity lately and which surly has occurred to you many times is to collect every waste that we see while walking or running in the park or the street. In this way, we will not only improve our workout but we will also feel more satisfied!

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Replace shower taking with a bath as counteraction to stress accumulated during the week (and the weekend). Besides the benefits for the nervous system, relaxing in the tub doing nothing burns around 130 kcal!

Another idea is to go to a SPA, have a massage or a yoga or tai-chi class. It is proven that high levels of stress are related to overweight. Therefore, allow yourself to relax at least during the weekend.

If you find it difficult to organize your weekend days so that they would work for your well-being and weight loss, do not hesitate to take part in the LuckyFit Antistress program for the weekend or any of our other programs for weight loss without starvation in Bansko. Your weekend days will be full of good mood, activities in the nature, healthy eating and quality rest in the cozy setting of aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax!