How to lose weight without changing our diet or activity regimen
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The diet and motor regimen make up the foundation of any weight loss program. But there are other factors that influence our diet and figure. In this article we will look at some aspects of “how” and “where” we eat which can imperceptibly work for our weight loss over time.

Use smaller containers

We start with the use of smaller plates and glasses (for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages), as well as putting on the table or desk the amount of food you want to consume and not more. When ordering in a restaurant (especially for fast food), choose the smallest portions.

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Often, a smaller quantity is enough for us to sate us than what we imagine when we are in a state of hunger. Moreover, the portions nowadays push us more to overeat than to a healthy satiety.

Another trick is to serve each dish in a separate dish and consistently instead of putting the whole food in one dish. Thus, if you start with a salad or soup, for example, you will feel a level of satiation before you start with the main course and get to the dessert. When talking about dessert, choose treats which are packed individually. According to a Swedish study, people consume 30% less candy when each candy is wrapped in cellophane to be removed. Similarly, nuts in shell require more effort and time in order to be consumed.

The setting in which you eat is also important

There are mixed data regarding the setting in which we eat. Some experts recommend eating in a relaxing setting with a quiet, melodic music and a slightly dimmed lighting. A research shows that such an atmosphere predisposes to a slower eating and consuming fewer calories. According to other specialists, bright lighting and total silence encourage self-monitoring and self-control respectively. The advice is to experiment, keeping in mind the potential influence of the setting on nutrition.   

Another advice related to the interior is the selection of appropriate colors. It is proven that blue (and gray) color suppresses appetite. Eat in blue plates, cover the table with a blue cloth, use blue napkins. On the other hand, avoid red, orange, and yellow, which stimulate appetite (think about which colors are used in McDonalds restaurants, for example).

Fragrances and nutrition

When it comes to the setting, we can add another accent — aromas. It has been proven that the vanilla flavor suppresses appetite for sweet. Use perfume with vanilla scent, light up such a candle at home or add a few drops of vanilla extract or vanilla powder to your coffee.

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Japanese researchers also found that citrus aromas (grapefruit and lemon) stimulate fat burning and prevent weight gain. Scientifically, massage of the abdomen with aromatic oils (in particular a mixture of grapefruit, lemon and cypress) reduces abdominal fat. In the study, women who undergo abdominal massage twice a day in 5 days of the week for 6 weeks have significantly less subcutaneous abdominal fat at the end of the study, measured as a reduced waist circumference and improved image for their own body.

Social environment and nutrition

The social environment is also important. Did you ever hesitate to order a dessert? Well, the chance to follow the rest of the company with regard to this decision is very great. “Reflecting” those around you refers not only to individual cases but also to more sustainable patterns of nutrition and movement as well as to attitudes towards weight and appearance. For this reason, spend more time with people who have habits that you think are right and useful to your goals. What’s more, eat in the company of people who contribute to your good mood! Researchers say one hour of intense laughter burns as many calories as 15-20 minutes of walking or cleaning home with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, intense laughter increases the overall body energy consumption by up to 20%.

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