How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss ?

Why the skin sags

How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss this question intrigues all people who fight against extra kilograms and who have succeeded, but they have managed to do so incorrectly, without prior consultation with a specialist. This is usually a quick weight loss, so the skin doesn’t have the necessary biological time to adapt to the new body shape.

How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss ?

In this case, the loose skin is only one of the problems because the whole organism is at risk. It is no coincidence that loose skin also occurs after weight loss due to a disease. This condition may occur in women after giving birth, which is stressful for the organism.  Furthermore, the skin loses its elasticity with age, malnutrition, when it lacks the necessary nutrients, excessive exposure to sunlight and so on.

There are different ways to regain the elasticity, but just like the weight loss, they also should be consulted with a specialist, because they depend on a number of medical indicators. It is necessary to define the general health condition of the patient, the possible specific diseases, their extent, age, sex.

The information with regard to how many kilograms are lost and within what period of time is also very important so to specify the changes that occurred in organism. Otherwise, some cosmetics may not work on that individual, and some foods and exercises may be contraindicative, etc. So the answer to the question how to regain the firmness in the abdomen area after weight loss, is a complex one.

Proper nutrition

To tighten the skin of the abdomen after weight loss, first we have to pay attention to the nutrition. Besides the overall beneficial effect on the organism, the vitamins and minerals are of key importance for improving the elasticity of the skin. Therefore,raw food is an absolute must in the menu–fruits and vegetables, as the fatty foods should be avoided.

How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss ?

It is also important to schedule the drinking of water – at least 8 glasses a day, as part of the hydration process of the organism is also the firming and smoothing of the skin. The fruits and vegetables should be consumed every day, at least 4-5 times because of their beneficial nutrients.Vitamin С, for example, plays an important role for the production of the proteins elastin and collagen. Vitamin C is contained in the cabbage, potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, mellons and others.

Vitamin Е eliminates the free radicals and thus protects the skin cells from damage. Vitamin E is contained in peanuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, wheat germ.

Another important vitamins isVitamin D–for the growth of new skin cells, for moisture and elasticity.

The vitamins of the В group are also important for the skin condition. B-6 and B-12, for example, reduce the amino acid Homocysteine, which at high levels blocks enzymes required for the collagen and elastin. There is a high content of the vitamin В-6 in peppers, wild onion, garlic parsley, beef meat, salmon and so on. B-12 is contained in the veal meat, chicken, eggs, trout, and so on.

Physical exercises

Part of the method that answers the question  How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss,is to strengthen the muscles and accumulate additional muscle mass, as the fat content in the organism should remain low. Muscle growth will fill the empty space of the burned fats, so the skin will become smoother. Of course, this method to restore the elasticityshould be combined with the correct application of other methods to tighten the loose skin in the abdomen area –nutrition, massages, cosmetics.

How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss ?

There is no need for people to become bodybuilders, it is sufficient three times a week to make complex and relatively easy workouts that can be performed at home. It is even better if people can make time for these workouts every day. Prior to the specialized exercises, a general gymnasticsis requiredto warm up the musclessquats, jumps, stretching.

The scissors exercise is very useful. The body is lying down, the palms are to the floor. The legs have to be positioned at about 45 degrees above the floor, then you start waving them, one by one,as if they cut the air. It is best to do the exercise 3 times with 10 waves per leg. Just like in the abdominal presses, it is very useful to touch /bring close/ the elbow and the opposite knee.

Another option is to lie down on the left side, the legs are stretched, as the left hand is under the head. The right leg should be lifted a little bit and it should remain there for about 5 seconds. Then turn the body on the right side and repeat the same exercise.

The next exercise is on four legs, as when you inhale the left leg and right hand have to be lifted in one line for about 3 seconds. When you exhale,the hand and the leg have to be returned to their initial position. The exercise should be repeated 10 times with both legs.

Another useful exercise is again in lying position on the left side, as the left hand is supporting the head. The right leg is flexed in the knee and placed in front of the left leg, which is on the floor, and the left leg should be lifted at 20-30 centimeters. The exercise have to be repeated a dozen times with every leg. And one more simple and efficient exercise – rotating hoop on the waist. 5 minutes are enough a day clockwise and back.

Cosmetic products

When we prepare a plan on how to tighten the loose skin after weight loss, we also have to think about thesuitable cosmetic products – lotions, gels, creams and other.

How to tighten the loose skin of the abdomen after weight loss ?

Creams containing Aloe Vera are very useful, as well as the creams containing Vitamins A and E. These ingredients are intended to increase the collagen and elastin content in the skin. Moreover,Vitamin C is connected with the production of collagen, which reduces the loose skin and wrinkles. That is why the creams and lotions with Vitamin C are very useful.

There is also aspecial collagen cream. It is recommended to use twice a daylight moisturizer, containing both collagen and vitamin Е. It promotes the development of new cells and improvement of the skin elasticity. Coconut oil is a natural light moisturizer, which also has an antibacterial effect.

It is good to use exfoliation products with sea salt or a pilling, as this helps to remove the dead cells and improves blood circulation in the skin. It also contributes to its firming after weight loss, for itshealthiness and elasticity. Hot baths with sea minerals are also a good choice. Various massage techniques for tightening the loose skin of the abdomen can also be applied, SPA procedures, therapies with algae, steam baths, sauna, and so on.