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Detoxification of the body from toxins and heavy metals is something that, if not mandatory, is at least recommended for anyone who wants to take care of their health.

The environment in which we live, the stress and electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones and computers that are part of our daily lives, the food, which is full with harmful substances, all this makes our organism unable to cope on its own with the harmful toxins that are accumulated in it.

That’s why, if we want to be in a good shape and to be healthy, we have to think of detox programs, which will make us feel better physicall, emotionally and mentally.

There are many ways to make a detox, and everyone chooses whether to make a detox with herbs, Epsom salt, fruits or to visit a specialized detox clinic for this purpose.

Over the past few years, along with all these familiar ways of body cleansing, another method has appeared – ionic detoxification, which attracts the attention of more and more people.

What is ionic cleansing?

The ionic cleansing is a high-tech detoxification system, which helps the body to deal with the accumulated harmful toxins from the food, the polluted air and our bad habits.

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At the core of the ionic therapy lies the discovery of two American scientists MacKinnon and Agre, who believe that the toxins in the body can be eliminated by introducing ions to bind to the opposite ions of the harmful waste.

How does ionic detox work?

Imagine that you are on the shore of a lake or on the beach and you are taking a walk. You are barefooted, the waves are reaching and touching your feet, and you feel better and more energized. You breathe deeper and freely, you smile and your mood gets better with every passing minute.

Perhaps you haven’t wondered why you feel so good along the coast of the sea or the lake, haven’t you?

But in fact, your good mood and the harmony that you feel is due to the ionization of the water molecules of the water, which when reaching your feet, removes the accumulated toxins in your feet.

The legs, and more precisely the feet of a person, have over 2000 pores, through which our body is trying to eliminate the harmful toxins accumulated in it.

Water is composed of atoms that are divided into negative ions and positive ions, and the negative ions are very useful for our body.

Why did we make the small digression with the sea waves?

Because the principle of action of the ionic detoxification is very close to the action of the sea waves on your feet.

According to the scientists who have developed the method, if the water molecule breaks down to positive and negative ions, it could be used to restore the energy balance of the body.

How so?

We mentioned that the feet have over 2000 pores. If the feet are placed in a vessel with water, connected to an electrolyte that ionizes the water, the negative ions can quickly penetrate through the pores of the feet and then restore the electrolyte balance of the body at a cellular level.

At the same time, the body can naturally eliminate the harmful substances accumulated in it and, restore and normalize the pH values in it.

How to perform the ionic detox?

In order to perform this detoxifying procedure, you will need a device called ionic detoxifier. Briefly described it is a feet bath-tub with electrolyte inside. The tub is filled in with water, then the electrolyte is turned on, as it ionizes the water. When the water is ionized, it loses one of its hydrogen atoms and becomes with negatively charged polarity. The same way the sea waves get ionized when breaking on the beach or the waters of the waterfall when they fall from a high altitude.

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The negative polarity of water, according to the supporters of ion detoxification, can „bind” to the heavy metals and toxins in the body, removing them through the pores of the feet.  

Passing through the pores of the feet, the ions „detect” and connect with the oppositely charged toxins that are accumulated in the organism, and take them out of the body through osmosis.

The active ions, which are created with the help of the ionic detoxification, improve the metabolic processes in the organism, contributing to the elimination of toxins within 48 hours.

All harmful and hazardous to the health substances, metals, toxins leave the body safely and naturally, without the need for subsequent rehabilitation of the cells of the body.

Benefits of the ionic detoxification

Toxins and acidic waste that are accumulated in our bodies have negative impact on all organs and tissues and only bring us discomfort. The key to removing these harmful substances is to maintain normal alkaline levels, and this is almost impossible.

The ionic detoxification is able to solve this problem because, thanks to the ion detoxifier, just after a 30-minutes feet procedure, millions of ions can penetrate into each of our cells and eliminate everything that is not good for us.

The effect of the ionic detoxification is felt immediately after the procedure, and whether it is effective can be seen during the detoxification itself, because the water gets colored depending on which organs have accumulated the most toxins.

After the procedure, the following effects were noted:

  • Removing unpleasant odors from the body;
  • The function of the reproductive system is activated;
  • Bowel function is normalized;
  • Reduction of the emotional, mental and physical tiredness;
  • Removing of discomforts such as bloated stomach and swelling of the legs;
  • Improved sleep quality and better blood circulation;
  • Boosted immune system;
  • Less menstrual pains;
  • Normalized cholesterol and blood pressure;
  • The skin regains its elasticity and freshness.

Who can undergo a ionic detoxification procedure?

Is the ionic detoxification good for everyone?

Although most people can benefit from this way of detox, people with pacemakers or other implants, open wounds or people who suffer from diabetes type 1, the procedure is not appropriate.

Ionic cleansing is also not recommended for people suffering from epilepsy, hemophilia or people with organ transplants, inflammatory diseases, mental illnesses or people on a strict diet.

It is also important to know that the ionic detox is recommended to be performed in a specialized detox clinic, where you will be under supervision. The qualified medical control is recommended because some patients experience discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue. These conditions go away almost immediately after the procedure, because they are due to the detox, but it is still good to have a specialized medical staff on hand.

What else is good to know?

The number of ionic detox procedures is strictly individual, but according to experts, children aged 7 to 15 years should use the ionic detoxifier for not more than 20 minutes, and the cleansing courses shouldn’t exceed several series per month.

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The procedure for adults is 30 minutes, with sessions being held one to two times a week.

For people over 50 years of age, ionic detoxification is recommended every 2 days of the week, as the cleansing course shouldn‘t last longer than 14 days.

For children under 8 years of age, the ionic detoxification is not recommended.

Although the procedures are individual, you shouldn’t overdo them, because the ionic cleansing is not a method of treatment, it is just a way to get rid of the harmful toxins in your body and feel better.

If you have any illnesses, the procedures can’t cure them.

Rules that should be followed

    • 24 hours after the procedure it is advisable not to use alcohol;
    • During the session you shouldn‘t eat and drink;
    • It is recommended to take extra minerals in combination with the ionic detoxification;
  • If you are taking any medicines, then they should be taken under 4 hours before the detox;
  • Don‘t rush to get up after the end of the cleansing procedure. Stay for a few minutes and then stand up. If you are hungry or thirsty, wait at least 20 – 25 minutes before eating.

Opponents and defenders

To be honest, we have to mention that the ionic detoxification as a body cleansing method has its opponents. According to them, the method is not reliable, as the coloring of the water that occurs during the detox is not due to the elimination of toxins, but to rust or other particles, which are released in the water when a weak current passes through it.

The allegations of the opponents of the method are disproved by its defenders who refer and rely to some researched carried out in various centers around the world.

In defense of their allegations, the defenders of the ionic detoxification mention a study performed in 2008, carried out in the Center of research strategies, in which 31 participants went through an ionic detox twice a week for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, the results have shown that the average amount of aluminum in the blood of the participants decreased by 46 %, and the average level of arsenic decreased by 24 %.

In a study conducted in 2002 in Saint Charles, California, following an ion detoxification procedure with a detoxifier, in the water was detected an increased level of toxic metals. In 9 of the ionic detox tubs was found a high concentration of copper, aluminum, lead, iron, cadmium, manganese and others.