Is it possible to cleanse our body within only a day?
Pros of one day detox

Why there are different kinds of detox 

If one is interested, he will see that the topic of detoxification is very relevant today. Various types of detox are available: one-day, three-day, weekly, 10-day, two-week, three-week. Why is that? 

Because nowadays the problem with the accumulation of toxins in the body is massive and we are looking for any options to mitigate or eliminate it. In the busy and intensive everyday life, modern people eat harmful foods in a harmful way. Breakfast is most often missed, although at 5 – 6 a.m. the stomach is biologically activated and at 7 a.m. it “wants” breakfast.

By 12 o’clock the stomach actively releases acid, but for most people, “lunch” happens chaotically and rapidly – when there is time, when we are working on tasks or while doing other stuff. From 5 to 7 p.m., gastric acid release is increased, but people traditionally have dinner after 7 p.m. in front of the TV when the gastric activity decreases, and by 8 or 9 p.m. it is highly reduced. Thus practically disturbs the processing of the food consumed at the late dinner, so it starts to ferment and rot. 

In addition, people consume too many unhealthy foods – doughy foods, oily, salty, spicy; semi-prepared products with food additives, spices, salt, swelling agents, etc., which affect digestion in a bad way. A large part of the menu also includes artificially processed foods with preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, colorants, flavors and more substances that are not natural for the body.

People often eat stale food instead of fresh one, so the useful ingredients have lost their properties, and one eats “dead mass”, which is not only useless, but in many cases – harmful. All this is inconsistent with the biological rhythm of the body, the cycles of activity and passivity of the organs, the natural processes in the body. Thus, it is subjected to a stressful situation and can not fully digest and process the consumed food in order to absorb the beneficial substances and to eliminate the harmful and useless ones. The digestive tract contains residues from the decay and fermentation that leads to formation of toxins. 

The liver – the processing plant of the body, overloads and is not able to do its job, so through the blood the poisons spread everywhere in the body, damaging the cells and organs. As a result, without having developed a particular disease, one feels nervousness, fatigue, even exhaustion, experiences sleep disturbances, rashes, stomach bloating, and so on. Thus, in the fight with toxins, different methods are applied – such as prophylaxis, partial or complete detox of the body, purification of individual organs. 

Types of body cleansing systems

Which are the two main systems for detoxification

In fact, detox systems are not many, they are actually two. One is the professional detoxification, which is conducted under the supervision and control of qualified teams in specialized clinics. It lasts for three weeks, one of which is preparatory and can be done at home, after medical examinations, as an individual diet plan and certain procedures will be provided to the patient for this purpose. 

The second week is for intensive detoxification and is performed in the clinic, the third week is to end the detox, and the body adapts to a long-term diet. This adaptation can also be done by the participant at home, again according a specific plan. The intake of certain ingredients that activate specific organs and systems may last up to two months after the detox.

The other system is for detoxification at home. In this case the duration can be different, but if it is for a short period of time, the cleansing will be partial. So, is it possible to purify the body for only a day? This method can be effectively applied once a week or two, for prophylaxis by people who have experience with diets, especially with Eastern practices and Yoga. However, depending on the degree of knowledge of the regimes, they can also make a complete fast on water and cleansing supplements such as plantain, and to continue for up to 7 or 10 days. It is usually applied once a year because these people eat healthy in general. 

A one-day detox can be used to “feel better” after overeating during prolonged holidays. An organism that has accumulated toxins due to improper diet can not be activated in one day so to throw them out naturally. But relieving of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver is beneficial. For people who do not have experience, the semi-fast regime is more tolerable, but there are other different combinations – on juices, vegetables and fruits, vegetable soups, cottage cheese, low-fat yoghurt, etc. And of course – lots of water evenly distributed over the day – at least 1.5-2 liters.

Pros of one day detox

 What are the benefits of one-day detox diet  

So – is it possible to cleanse our bodies for just one day? A full detox can not be performed just for a day, but one-day detox diets have benefits. Especially if performed often – once a week, which is a good prophylaxis.  

You should stop processed foods and animal products and switch to liquid food from vegetables and fruits – this definitely relieves the digestive system with regard to the degradation and absorption of the substances. At the same time, fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that activate metabolism; fiber and water that is beneficial for digestion; antioxidants that neutralize various toxins in the body. 

In addition to all mentioned above that associated only with digestion and metabolism /there are also other benefits/, the fruits and vegetables are low in caloric value. Thus, the fruit-vegetable diet gives us energy and promotes stronger immunity without burdening the body. Moreover, the diet usually includes juices and so-called “superfoods“, rich in valuable amino acids, protein, magnesium, iron calcium, lecithin, and so on.

Among these foods are goji berries, spirulina, aloe vera, hemp seeds, and so on. In addition to relieving the organism, a one-day detox diet can be a “precursor” when one thinks to change his diet with a healthier. 

Errors in the detox diet

Errors we make in the one-day detox diet

Due to the shortness of the one-day detox diet, many people are convinced that they can do it at their own discretion. This is a mistake, a consultation with the GP is required. First, nutrition affects the whole organism, and one may have a disease that is contraindicated for certain diets

And secondly, sudden change can cause nausea, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, and more. In addition, despite its name, one-day detox should not be considered as a one-time act, because if it is accidental, it loses its meaning. It’s like taking care of your health for one day for, and not for the rest of the time. Clearly what the result will be.

The one-day detox diet should be the beginning for which there is preparation, and then – a continuation of building useful habits for everyday nutrition. In principle, sudden changes to the body are not desirable, there must be gradual progress. 

So before the day we have set for a start, the meat, highly processed foods and products, eggs, dairy products, sweets, coffee, cigarettes should be gradually reduced. It is possible that “smokers – coffee lovers ” can experience crisis moments, but they have to endure them. The preparation focuses on vegetables and fruits – raw or cooked, on cereals and purified water. 

The day goes by consuming juices, cocktails, soups, fruits and vegetables. Afterwards, efforts must be made to adopt healthy eating habits with light and fresh foods, herbs, without fried and highly processed foods, only steamed and baked, etc. Of course, this also includes an increase in the fruits and vegetables in the menu, especially the fresh ones. A complete balanced diet can be designed with the help the GP.

An example menu for a one-day detox

Example menu for one-day detox

When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of water, which should be warm and with some fresh lemon juice. Hot water extracts more fully vitamin C from the lemon, which helps to neutralize free radicals by activating the formation of glutathione – a strong antioxidant that neutralizes heavy metals in the body, as well as pesticides, etc. 

In addition, lemon water is a diuretic and helps the natural release of toxins. For breakfast you can make a salad of cucumber and tomatoes with celery, spinach and parsley. This can be replaced with fruity or vegetable smoothie and oatmeal. For the afternoon snack you can eat an apple because it contains a lot of fiber.

At lunchtime, vegetable soup made of spinach, broccoli, zucchini, green beans and with rosemary, marjoram or basil for flavoring can be eaten. The soup can be replaced with a salad of red and white cabbage, pepper, avocado with lime juice, hemp oil, a handful of St. John’s wort. 

For breakfast before dinner you can consume yogurt with raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, banana. This can be replaced with a drink of apples, spinach, lemon juice, carrots. Dinner option is a salad of cabbage, carrots and cucumbers, lime juice or lemon juice. Another option is boiled sprouts with tomatoes, green peppers and onion with squeezed lemon. Naturally, this does not completely cover all possibilities for a one-day detox, for example, there are variants that include only smoothies.

When consuming more solid meals, you should chew well, until it gets soft. Alcohol is of course absolutely forbidden, smoking also reduces the effect of diet, as dairy products, black tea, chocolate are not recommended. It is good during the day to practice various activities – walking, climbing stairs, etc., but with a moderate load, without intensive activities. 

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