Is there a most effective weight loss diet?
[:bg]Ефективна диета за отслабване[:en]Effective diet for weight loss[:]

Effective weight loss diet

Myths and truths about weight loss diets

In the desire to lose weight, many people rely on diets and there are plenty of options. The mono diets are one example. In these diets, typically, the week is divided into a day, two or three, and during the given period people consume only one type of low-calorie food.

After the end of the specified period, the type of food is changed with another, then accordingly with third – only vegetables, only water and unsweetened teas, only vegetable soup, buckwheat, fruits, low-fat fish, only yoghurt and so on – the number of combinations of foods is abundant.

The truth, however, is that the sudden reduction of calories has the opposite effect. This is a great stress for the organism, which is trying to preserve energy and blocks the fats inside the cell to prevent it being used for energy. Thus the reduced weight is not at the expense of fat, but of muscle mass and water. The body loses the protein obtained from food, the reactions in the cells are disturbed, metabolism decreases, the synthesis of enzymes is also disturbed, as all this causes negative effect on the brain and nervous system.

The longer you apply such a diet, weight loss will be more difficult and you can even damage your health. Many people rely on other type of diet – mainly on protein foods /legumes, fish, meat, etc./ and strong restriction of carbohydrate foods.

The truth, however, is that, although very beneficial, protein foods should not be overdone. Consumption of excessive amount of proteins is contraindicated for a number of diseases – cardiovascular, liver, kidney, so their intake should be moderate with a view to their health benefits. They affect the brains centers that control the appetite.

People often use pills that reduce the appetite, but their effect on the controlling brain centers is very serious also for the organism in general. Moreover, with no guarantee of lasting effect on appetite and of no side effects of the intake. Teas for weight loss are simply diuretics, and acupuncture does not help everyone. People may apply diets with no salt, diets on separate food products and so on.

The truth, however, is that there is no answer to the question Is there a most effective weight loss diet? First of all, weight loss is impossible without changing the eating habits and without physical activity, because otherwise one can not burn more energy than he has consumed with food. And second – the characteristics of each organism are different: age, sex, physical condition, mental attitudes, etc., so universal approach does not exist.

Risks from aggressive weight loss diets

Risks of aggressive weight loss diets

Of course, a diet is also required in the process of weight loss. Many people, aiming at rapid weight loss, are choosing aggressive diets. However, these diets hide a number of risks, especially if they are applied for a longer period of time.

Here are included the risks of rapid regaining of the previously lost kilograms after the end of the diet, as well as permanent damages of organs and poor appearance. In sudden and significant weight loss, essential changes occur in the organism. This is especially true with regard to metabolism, when toxins such as acetone, acetoacetic and beta-hydroxybutyric acid build up in the organism. In the beginning people feel fatigue, general weakness and nausea.

When the poisoning reaches the vertebral ganglia, the function of various organs is disturbed, as damage to the brain neurons causes headaches. Unwanted changes in the appearance may occur as a result of the aggressive diets. Due to the substantial restriction of nutrients, the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is disturbed, and the amount of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins is reduced.

Substantial weight loss achieved only with a diet often leads to a reduction in hemoglobin, disturbance of electrolyte balance. In case of decreased number of immunoglobulins in the body, the skin becomes dry and is not able to resist infections – so as a result appear rashes, fungal infections on the nails and so on. Circles appear under the eyes, as well as a network of small wrinkles on the face. The total restriction of fats leads to sagged skin of the breasts in women, because they are made of fat tissue, and upon sudden weight loss the skin does not have the required time to firm itself.

By disturbing the metabolic processes, the aggressive diets often suppress them, and the cellulite is more visible as a result of these lost kilograms. If a person chooses a complete fasting or semi-fasting diet, the glucose reduces which sends a signal to the brain center that controls hunger and as a result the appetite is activated. Ultimately, after the end of such diet people overeat and this discredits all their efforts. And it can also lead to bulimia and permanent eating disorder. So the accurate question is not Is there a most effective weight loss diet?, but Which is the right diet.

Right weight loss diet

The right weight loss diet

The right guarantees safe and permanent weight loss, which improves overall health, as well as immunity, endurance, general tone, and psyche is also positively influenced. The diet is not applied only on its own, but in combination with a complex of various physical activities – dancing, swimming, hiking, trips in nature, fitness, aerobic gymnastics and so on.

This complex should be specified by a specialist who will determine the energy intake required for the given person, his age, sex and the respective energy consumption that should be higher than the intake. This of course happens after medical examinations.

The diet itself should not be with starvation and deprivations that could discard your weight loss efforts. The food should be varied, delicious and it should supply the organism with all nutrients necessary for the nourishment of the body. The restrictions shall be focused only on decrease of the excess – you just have to eat the amount of food that is required for the organism, not more, as this amount should be specified by the specialist. Thus,  calories are reduced without changing tastes.

Although weight loss is individual for everyone and depends on his characteristics, a few basic principles can be highlighted. The dairy products, for example, should be low-fat. The fat content of the cheese should be 30 %, not 40-50%, dietary yoghurts should be consumed without sugar.

White bread should be replaced by bread made of rye and whole grain, with a lot of fiber. It is nutritious, contains Vitamins of the B group, it is good for the peripheral nervous system and muscles. Juices should be freshly squeezed, because processes ones contain lots of calories and almost no fiber.

Raw fruits and vegetables are low-calorie, they contain trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Processing destroys almost all these beneficial substances. You can include to your menu lean meat – chicken, fish, as sausages should be avoided. Natural meat does not contain preservatives, excessive fats, nitrates and starch.

Tips for weight loss diets

What we need to know before we start the weight loss diet

The weight loss diet should not be seen as something temporary, because then the results will be short-term. Our motivation must be strong, because even though we are aware of the rules, it is not difficult to break them with the promise “to start again tomorrow”.

The diet should be a lifestyle that is bound with eating habits. They have to conform to the natural mechanism that is set for us by nature, so we just have to synchronize with it and follow the signals of the body.

We should not eat when we are not hungry. Many people do this – often they “have a snack”while waiting for something, because they have nothing to do; or because they are anxious about future upcoming event; because they are angry due to a fight with a colleague or something else; because they can’t sleep, etc.

Another bad habit is to eat while working – for example, eating in front of the computer, and in this case it is difficult to say when we had enough and we don’t need more food for the moment. The same applies to dinner after a long, tense and almost hungry day at work, when we come home and eat in front of the TV, or to the “snack” when we are at the coffee shop with friends and while sharing stories we eat a lot.

Eating should be an independent activity, without distractions such as newspaper reading, listening to news on the radio, TV and so on. Without these distractions we will not only enjoy the food, but we will also when we had enough. Of course, the list can go on, but generally speaking, if we want to lose weight, we should act and live as people with healthy habits and weight.

Help building right eating habits

How to help ourselves while building the right eating habits

Many people fail in their attempts for weight loss regardless of the fact that they eat the right foods, because they can’t turn the diet into a lifestyle. There are number of “tricks” here that can be used. Above all, we should chase away the thought that we don’t have money for a healthy diet.

The healthiest products – rye bread, cabbage, carrots, milk, curd, buckwheat, oatmeal, plant oil – are not expensive. And the exact recording of “every crumb” you eat and check-up of the consumed calories, will help you feel as if you are disciplined and in charge of the process.

However, you should not temp yourself – the food should not be kept in a visible place. It is recommended to cook in a company – it is more fun and there are “witnesses”, so you can discipline yourself and not try the food while cooking.

It is also good to buy sliced bread – then you can take a slice and not a whole piece of it. It is recommended to go shopping from a distant shop so you will spend more time walking – this is one of the beneficial physical activities. Also you should avoid eating while moving – because without noticing, you consume more calories than if you eat at home.

It is best to split the portions – then food seems more. And another important thing – eat with people who eat less. If a woman is having dinner with a man, she will consume more than usual and vice versa – if she is with a girlfriend, she “will fit” in the norm.