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It is no wonder if we have gained much weight and now we are asking ourselves: how to lose weight? According to official data, 78% from the Bulgarian population are with a low physical activity – young, old, children. It is true that the low physical activity is a problem of our modern civilization as a whole, but with these 78% Bulgaria are at the top of the list as a country with the highest obesity rate.


Despite the fact that the people in the other countries also have cars and computers, and work with even more technologic devices, that don’t require physical activity, but on the contrary, these technologies make their lives easier. So, this “world problem” is not an excuse at all, everything depends on us. How many times per week we have long walks or run in the park?


How  often we choose to walk, rather than drive – to work, to visit someone? When we add to this also the unhealthy eating, with which we filling our bodies with unnecessary calories, the result of this is these calories turn into fat and here is how we gain weight and become obese.


All this can change, you can lose weight fast and reach the desired weight and always keep it the same.

How? When you enroll in some of the courses in LuckyFit in Bansko for weight loss without dieting. In the 1-week course there you will lose 4 % to 6 % from your weight, in the 2-week course – from 6% to 8 % from your weight and learn how to keep up your desirable weight. You should to know one more thing.


LuckyFit is not just a weight loss center, it is a five-star specialized clinic with a comfortable atmosphere in the luxury hotel Lucky Bansko, in which besides  healthy weight loss, you will get beneficial effect for your whole body.


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Your body will cleanse itself from the different toxins in a natural way, you will strengthen your muscles and improve you agility, you will become more flexible and active. In short, you will refresh and rejuvenate yourself, enjoying a good and restorative holiday. Therefore, people who aren’t overweight also can enroll in LuckyFit’s programmes, if they want to relax in a five-star comfort, combined with entertainment surrounded by  a unique mountain nature; also to relieve stress, clean their body from toxins and gain in health. All the more that cosmetic procedures (anti-aging and anti-cellulite, massages for muscle relax, anti-stress program) are added to the main program.


As we have said, the main program is LuckyFit Standard.


This skilfully finds a solution to the problems that we started with – lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating. The physical exercises for weigth loss in this clinic are selected and combined according to you specific capabilities and applied in activities that will be enjoyable and entertaining for you. Yet, you shouldn’t suffer from serious diseases – you have to contact in advance with LuckyFit and make a consultation. The programs are carried out under a medical control and they start with an initial examination during which you have to tell the doctors whether something troubles you about your health condition so that the regime be made suitable for you. The physical activities in LuckyFit are indeed spent in an entertaining way during the whole day. These are also the hikes and mountain walks with  experienced guides, and horse ride and tours to unique natural and cultural sightseeings; they include walking tours and night dancing with professional instructor. Hardly anyone will need any convincement about how beneficial are the walks in the unique mountain nature / besides the calorie burn/. The communication with this beautiful nature will еnchant you, help you get rid of the daily stress and you will recharge with energy for a long time. Moreover, the mountain air is healthy for breathing problems such as bronchitis and asthma to name a few. The walks are combined on chosen terrains – incline, distance, road surface –  according to the physical capabilities of the group. All this is combined with special gymnastics including fitness exercises and  yoga, Tae-bo,  Chinese breathing exercises.


The physical activities are combined with a special diet. The word diet should not scare you, as we’ve said, there is no starvation and severe diet in LuckyFit. The food is delicious and more than enough, and the meals are balanced – 3 or 4 times per day depending on the given program and doesn’t include the surplus food amount that had made us gain weight in the first place. The menu can be additionally made suitable for you, if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Besides everything we have mentioned so far, there are lectures with specialists about the topic about weight gain and weight loss. Therefore you will first lose weight fast without effort and stress in LuckyFit. And second, they will help you form healthy habits that will help you achieve your desirable weight and to maintain it.


The choice is yours!


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