Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend
Живейте здравословно и през уикенда в ЛъкиФит Уикенд

Weekends are a time for relaxation and recharging. Perhaps the best option for a weekend is to be in nature , away from the hectic pace of the work week. There one can indulge in complete relaxation, a healthy lifestyle and take care of one’s body and spirit.

There is a place in Bansko , which offers excellent conditions to combines active rest with healthy therapies with restorative, rejuvenating and anti-stress effects , which can be within a weekend or for more days.

Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend

The LuckyFit program is suitable for anyone who wants to tone their body, improve their figure, shake off stress and lead an environmentally friendly way of life. All this is achievable in the clinic of the same name, which is located in the hotel complex Lucky Bansko.

LuckyFit Clinic offers perfect conditions for visitors and has proven results in its long practice. The courses are aimed at weight loss, detoxification of the body and full recovery based on practices for long-term health change.

Nature-friendly therapies not only gain a better figure, but overcome bad habits , which lead to more stress and weight.

Change is not always easy without the guidance and competent intervention of specialists. LuckyFit Weekend is the perfect way to test such a program, to prepare the body for a full course of healthy therapy to achieve permanent change and complete rearrangement.

Good results are guaranteed by following the recommended methods, which are always tailored to individual health and characteristics.

How does one day of the LuckyFit program go?

The day begins with zeolite reception at 8.00 am . This is a natural product that is known for its cleansing properties. On an empty stomach, it stimulates the detoxification of the body and the elimination of harmful toxins.

Between 08.00 and 08.30 the participants in the program play therapeutic gymnastics, which is based on Chinese breathing exercises known as Qi Gong . In this way the body and the psyche adjust to the coming day. The series of physical activity has a proven positive effect on concentration and overall toning.

Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend

The day continues with breakfast in one of the fine restaurants of the Lucky Bansko complex. The menu is consistent with low-calorie therapy, which is prepared by a nutritionist. The products are completely ecological and in line with the overall program for healthy eating.

Between 09.00 and 09.30 the group prepares for its daily march in the mountain. If necessary, participants are transported to the starting point, from where they set off on a eco transition, led by a professional guide.

The routes are safe and tailored to the physical capabilities of the group. The goal is moderate activity in fresh air, not only because of the overall movement, but also with anti-stress effect.

Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend

At 1 pm the group returns for lunch at the hotel, then between 14.00 and 16.30 hours everyone has the opportunity for free time and procedures in the ultra-modern spa in Lucky Bansko.

Available to guests of the complex are open and closed spaces, saunas, steam baths, aqua therapies. Bio-pools are cleaned by innovative filtration , without the need for chemicals.

Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend

Recovering afternoon continues with one-hour aerobics or zumba training . Dynamic exercise helps speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation and lose weight.

After the dynamic physical activity, a light but invigorating afternoon breakfast is provided. Nutritionists have long been adamant in their opinion that better and lasting results in weight correction can be achieved with a proper diet , not with uncontrollable hunger.

The evening continues again with spa and full recovery among the coziness and comfort of the five-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & amp; Relax.

Live healthy and on weekends at LuckyFit Weekend

Dinner is between 19.00 and 20.00 , again in line with daily routine. The products and their preparation completely follow the recommendations of nutritionists for an environmentally friendly menu, suitable for weight loss and detoxification.

The day ends with a positively charging class in folk or Latin dances. The idea is not only to stimulate calorie burning, but to shake everyone off stress and urban tension.

Very often overweight and health problems are directly dependent on emotional attitude and psychological attitude

Program Reviews

The specialized clinic in Bansko has been successfully applying its combined approach for more than ten years, which enjoys many fans. LuckyFit’s methods lead to quality purification and weight loss.

The biggest advantage, however, is that some of the nature-friendly therapies for many will become a healthy lifestyle. Many participants said that thanks to the program they have overcome a number of bad habits and disease problems.

They highly recommend the clinic to their friends or come again to give a complete vacation in the beautiful nature of Bansko and a new recharge with positive emotions.

Several-day cures include not only consuming a natural menu, but also therapeutic gymnastics, practice of yoga, dancing, mountain walks and a full charge of positive emotions.

During stay in the clinic educational lectures are held on the needs of the body from healthy therapies, the quality of food, ways to properly prepare and consume it.

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