Lose weight without disturbing your comfort!
[:bg]Вкусното меню на ЛъкиФит[:en]Delicious menu at LuckyFit[:]

Teodor Kordev - Instructor in LuckyFit

There is a way to lose weight without dieting and starvation and keep your comfort and enjoy doing pleasant things in the same time. Besides you will achieve fast and visible weight loss results – you will lose up to  6% from your weight  for a week and up to  8 % if you choose the 14-day program.

The overall effect is that after the course you will achieve your desired weight and mantain it without any problems. If you want to make this possible, you have to keep  a steady motivation and realize what have made you gain weight in the first place.

The average Bulgarian person doesn’t eat healthy in general. Most of us eat almost unconsciously and promiscuously when we are angry or under stress; we have a fast snack at work when we have time; we eat in front of the TV or the computer… And especially  at the evening when we are much hungry and cannot feel satiation at first and as a result we overeat.

Вкусното меню на ЛъкиФит
LuckyFit’s tasty menu

The picture is completed by the mass sedentary lifestyle. The hard physical labor that burns much energy becomes more rare to many people. Recently the mass sport topic is very popular, but  as a nation we don’t have the habit to go at least once a week to the playground. Weekends in nature, walks and park jogging are not popular either.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, 78% of the Bulgarian population are inactive, which makes Bulgaria a leader in the ranking for a most sedentary nation. This includes even the kids – the medics warn since a long time that the overweight and even obesity is a problem among the growing up kids.

In this way a person can easily become obese. Obesity doesn’t only limits our activity and distance us from living a  fulfilled life. Overweight leads to several health problems – cardiovascular, spinal, etc.

Therefore we have come to the most common question: How to lose weight? You will find the answer in LuckyFit Bansko – luxury weightloss clinic where you can reduce considerably your weight while enjoying a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Exactly in LuckyFit you will get fast weight loss without starvation and learn how to maintain the desired weight.

The programs are carried out in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. So that’s why we’ve said that you won’ t disturb your comfort. You will have all the necessary conveniences in this luxury hotel in Bansko – from TV and internet, to swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. You can also have SPA procedures and all the eventual entertainment that a five-star hotel can offer.

The base program of LuckyFit is LuckyFit Standard. The other programs are developed on its basis as they have additional procedures our choice for enhancing the concomitant effects. For example, cosmetic anti-cellulite massage, procedures for skin rejuvenation, etc. https://luckyfit.eu/en/prices/

The methods are based on balanced diet and entertaining physical activity. The menu is varied, the food is delicious and low-caloric. The diet is supervised by Prof. Bozhidar Popov. Specially selected fitness exercises, callanetics, yoga; mountain hikes with a varied difficulty, horse ride, etc., also night dancing with an instructor are included in the activities.

Of course, the staff finds the optimum effort sutable to your capabilities. The programs are carried out under a medical control and you shouldn’t suffer from some of the serious diseases that are described on the clinic’s website.

Finally, you will spend in LuckyFit entertaining and relaxing holiday during which you will achieve fast and healthy weight loss with visible results. And the staff will show you how to maintain your desired weight.

It’s up to you to enrol and do this.

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