Low blood pressure and diet – what we need to know?
Ниско кръвно и диета - какво трябва да знаем?

What happens to the body with low blood pressure?

An indicator of normal functioning of the cardiovascular system a person is his blood pressure . It is an indicator of the condition of the heart and blood vessels. High blood pressure is generally considered to be a more risky factor for health problems.

The reason lies in the real risk of stroke and heart attack in chronic indicators over the norm. However, low blood pressure should not be underestimated, because it can also create discomfort and anxiety.

Low blood pressure diet - what do we need to know?

For low blood pressure, also called hypotension , the state of pressure from 90 to 60 and lower values.

Experts explain that the reported upper limit of blood is an indicator of the maximum pressure in the blood vessels during the contraction of the heart. The upper limit is also called systolic pressure. While the lower is determined by the minimum contraction of the vessels between two consecutive contractions of the heart. It’s called diastolic blood pressure.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

It often happens people don’t assume they have low blood pressure, because they do not experience certain symptoms or do not attribute them to a similar problem.

However, some typical conditions that are characteristic of hypotension can be listed.

In the general case weaker and anemic people, young women, have low blood pressure.

For example, if he is in a hot room without enough fresh air, if he is dehydrated or has been starving for a long time. The opposite effect is obtained, as it is possible to feel dizzy after eating due to the accelerated blood supply to the stomach.

High or low blood pressure diet

It is widely believed that people with high blood pressure are overweight and those with low blood pressure are weak. The statement is not entirely correct, although there are many similar cases.

Hypertensives often suffer from more weight and dealing with waist circumference is also a way to normalize blood pressure. While some thin women are advised to eat healthier and more often, to overcome anemia, for example.

In any particular case, the rule that a nature-friendly lifestyle and maintaining a normal body mass index is a way to solve a number of health problems.

Blood pressure can be controlled by achieving a balance in diet and daily life.

Ниско кръвно и диета - какво трябва да знаем?

How to eat with chronic low blood pressure?

Diet in such a state can have a positive effect on the body. It is enough to follow a few less complicated rules in everyday life. To begin with it is important that the experts state that the number of meals should not be limited.

On the contrary, it is useful to eat 4-5 times a day , but the portions should be small and healthy. This means the three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks in between.

The food must be complete, with fresh fruits and vegetables predominating , dairy products, nuts, healthy fats and clean meats. Good hydration is also crucial for the body.

The rule is a minimum of eight glasses of water a day and the specification that the juices carbonated beverages, alcohol and other liquids cannot be substitutes for water.

Overeating is extremely contraindicated, due to the accelerated blood supply to the stomach, which is a prerequisite for hypotension.

Don’t overdo it with salt or sugar. It is true that salt is more harmful to hypertensives, but in general it leads to fluid retention , which is not good for nobody.

Sweets give energy, raise the tone and in case of fatigue they are resorted to, but should not be overdone. If you need sweetness, let it be dark chocolate, honey and other natural sweeteners.

Caffeinated beverages are allowed for people with low blood pressure , as long as they are not overdone, so as not to go to the opposite extreme. Coffee, black or green tea are drinks that are useful to take at the beginning of the day.

Ниско кръвно и диета - какво трябва да знаем?

When is and is not appropriate for hypotension?

This is the case when the weight is not too critical to subject a person to a strict diet . However, whether it is necessary to lose weight is possible when applying diets in which you eat more often, but exclude high-calorie products.

The diet in all cases should be reconsidered in the presence of chronic low blood pressure, regardless of the figure. The reason is that food is a way to normalize values.

In any case doctors advise to avoid products high in carbohydrates , and this is always a way to adjust a few pounds more. The scientific explanation is that carbohydrates stimulate insulin production in the body.

Which foods are best for weight loss in low blood pressure?

We have already said that anemia is often directly dependent on low blood pressure . Therefore, even in the diet of people with hypotension, it is good to present products containing iron. Such are  red meats, liver, legumes, spinach, corn.

Nuts are the other suitable food , because of the useful fats in them. Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, etc. can be taken up to 60 grams per day.

Eggs are an integral part of the menu of anyone who wants to adjust their weight. A suitable option are boiled eggs for breakfast or cooked without fat for dinner.

Strength and energy, without accumulating unnecessary calories, provide fresh salads and fruits. In case of blood pressure problems, it is recommended to consume apricots, peaches, raspberries, cherries, pomegranates, blackcurrants. Root vegetables are also recommended and especially red beets, which normalize blood pressure values.

Extremely useful in hypotension is consuming sprouted wheat grains. They are extremely easy to prepare and anyone can make them at home. 100 grams of wheat are washed well, then put in a saucepan with a little water to cover the grains well.

Then leave them warm in the room for a while until they swell. Consumed sprouted about a spoonful in the morning, maybe with yogurt or tea. They are suitable for addition to salads or other foods.

People with hypotension can sweeten with dried fruit. Directly or with a bowl of yogurt in the morning – so they are most useful. They are suitable for making winter compote or for sweetness in the snacks during the day.

Low blood pressure and diet - what do we need to know?

Spices are also suitable for a diet. They help speed up metabolism, proven to speed up metabolism. You can easily garnish dishes with black and hot pepper. Ginger, nutmeg and curry are good to be present at the table.

Last but not least herbs have a beneficial effect on low blood pressure. Suitable in this state are thyme, mint, oregano. Experts recommend in addition to herbal decoctions, therapies with essential oils. They have a detoxifying effect on the body, which is always useful to get rid of unnecessary substances and harmful toxins.

To be healthy and in good shape, there should be a variety of foods and dishes on the table a way to maintain normal blood and a slim waist.

We should not forget about physical activity . More exercise and sports at least a few times a week are a must to keep your body in shape.

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