Luxury relaxation with visible weight loss and wonderful memories – see how!
[:bg]Упражнения във вода[:en]Exercises in water[:]

Exercises in water | LuckyFit

Luxury hotel. Accommodation in a cozy studio with all comforts and extras for 5-star comfort – from the Internet, telephone and TV, to the ultramodern bathrooms with renowned French cosmetics. Computer areas in the hotel, pool, jacuzzi, hydro jet, sauna, fitness, dancing, horse riding…


And all this – at the foot of Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes, with walks, treks and excursions among their unique beauty!


It sounds like a fabulous break for relaxation from everyday stress. And it’s just that – with the LuckyFit programs, you’ll be relaxing for a week or two, you’re going to get a full year of energy.


And most importantly, with the programs of the luxurious LuckyFit clinic in Bansko, you will achieve rapid and visible weight loss without diet and hunger! For the 7-day course you will take up to 6 per cent of your weight and in two weeks – between 6 and 8 per cent!


Moreover, if you follow the model that will show you at the clinic and follow the team’s advice, you will be able to lose weight between 20 and 30 percent for one year.


Because in LuckyFit they will help you replace your harmful habits that have led to overweight kilos with healthy ones. You will be able to create your own regimen where you can combine the necessary balanced nutrition with the right one for you and physical activity.


This will allow you to rely on the weight you like and lastingly maintain it.


Вечерят в ресторант „Леонардо“
Участниците вечерят в ресторант „Леонардо“

In the clinic you will achieve additional effects. Weight loss is naturally accompanied by a detox of the body – your body will be rid of a number of poisons, pesticides, heavy metals accumulated by unhealthy eating.


In addition, the programs are five. To the base – LuckyFit Standard, there are packages with additional procedures, such as LuckyFitBuy. It is for skin tightening and rejuvenation, wrinkle cleansing and cellulite.


LuckyFit Plus is for extra muscle relaxation and LuckyFight Weekend is a relaxing break for toning and getting acquainted with other programs.


Luckyfit Antistress is also suitable for people who are not overweight but want to relax in an interesting way and live healthier.


All programs are held at Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, where the clinic is based. They are under medical supervision. To get involved, you should not have any specific diseases that are detailed on the clinic site. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the team in advance.


Weight loss in LuckyFit is based on two things that combine. One is a balanced diet without surplus, the other is a physical load according to the possibilities.


With LuckyFit Standard, meals are 4 per day on the Healthy Menu of the program. It is varied and tasty, but with reduced calories. Fruits, vegetables, freshes, nuts, living water, zeolit are combined with vegetable soup and fish – say, trout fillet with protein and almonds. The diet was compiled and controlled by the Chairman of the Scientific Society of Nutrition and Dietetics in Bulgaria, Prof. Bozhidar Popov.


The motor activities are judged according to the possibilities of the participants and besides the already mentioned activities indoors and outdoors, they also include Chinese respiratory gymnastics and specialized gymnastics of yoga, pilates, calanetics, tae – bo, etc., which is quite interesting and entertaining.


In short – a luxurious holiday with lots of fun and apparent weight loss – great deal, isn’t it?

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