Natural nutrition to cleanse the organism and regulate the weight
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In 2018, the LuckyFit program in Bansko has two new special options — LuckyFit Full Detox and LuckyFit Yoga — for complete body cleansing and physical and mental state regulation through special exercises and relaxing practices.

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The diet at LuckyFit Yoga has been developed by an Indian doctor and is based on ancient system for Indian medicine Ayurveda. In this “science of life”, the organism is seen more as a process than as “something” static, it is a dynamic system, and everything we do affects its functioning.

It is considered that 98% of all atoms in the body are replaced entirely for less than a year. Then why does it seem to us that our figure is hardly changeable? Because we have a hard time changing our habits — our eating, movement, emotional response habits, which result in the condition and shape of our body. If we learn to take the right action weight loss and maintaining of a healthy weight should actually be quick and easy without having to go through hunger or exhausting workouts.

Weight Loss and Natural Eating

The first rule of natural eating is to eat when we are hungry, when we feel that our body really needs food. Yes, everyone knows this, but doesn’t it happen often that we eat because we feel pressure at work or in the family, because we are invited to lunch, because “there is nothing” to do while we are sitting in front of the TV?

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It is important to begin revisiting our habits, starting with the simplest but constantly repetitive actions whose effects accumulate over time. The question “Am I really hungry?” will give us an answer when and how much to eat.

What kind of food is suitable for us?

For this reason, in the LuckyFit Yoga Program, the individual constitution (the so called dosha in Ayurveda) of each participant will be pre-defined and their menu will be aligned with that. More about the doshas and the relevant eating principles can be found here:

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In the Ayurvedic system, overweight is associated with digestive disturbances resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the body. These waste substances are known in Indian medicine as “ama”, which at the physical level appears as a white sticky substance that blocks the normal course of the processes in the body.

While there are accumulated toxins in our body, it is practically impossible to cure the disease or to lose weight. For this reason, the first step towards good health and slim figure is the cleaning of our system from ama. To this end, it is important to know and apply the principles of proper nutrition, and to regularly clean our bodies through a detoxification program.

The Indian health and beauty system encourages the practice of a day of unloading once a week in which we consume liquid food (soups, teas, fresh juices, smoothies, legumen with water, warm milk) or just water. It is mandatory to drink hot water every half an hour or every hour because it dissolves “ama” and cleanses the body from the accumulated toxins.

It is also recommended to add ginger to the menu as well as other spices which stimulate digestion such as cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, mustard seeds and pepper. Ginger also helps to clean “ama” which can be taken as a spice in the dishes or before eating cut into pieces or juiced with water (fresh ginger) with a little lemon juice and honey (optional) or in the form of tea before a meal.

In Ayurveda, there are general prescriptions about which foods help reduce weight and at what times it is advisable to eat. For example, the period from10 AM to 2 PM is good for digestion and is therefore appropriate for the main course of the day. However, each person has specific needs according to their constitution, so it is important that the menu be drawn up according to it.

Do not hesitate to join our new special programs LuckyFit Full Detox and LuckyFit Yoga in Bansko for complete body cleansing and harmonization with an individual approach to you!