No more starving, no more diets – lose weight with pleasure!
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Do you want to  achieve visible weight loss results  while enjoying a comfortable 1 week rest in a luxury hotel? And achieve more visible results for 2 weeks? Without starving and  diets!

Do you want to reduce the cellulite and target your problem zones, to refresh your skin, devote your body and mind to a well-deserved rest enjoying endless fun, increase your tonus and achieve overall refreshment?

You can do this with the LuckyFit program.

Дебелариум Лъки Фит - Сутрешна гимнастика

Something more – with LuckyFit you will achieve permanent and healthy weight loss


You will literally carve your body. During the first week you will lose  4-6%  from your weight, and during the second –  6-8%, and for an year you will have an opportunity for a gradual weight loss without a diet up to  20-30%! Тhat’s true because with LuckyFit you will improve your quality of life, overcome the bad habits and live serenely and healthy. Only for 2-3 weeks you can achieve results with health benefits that are related to a lowered risk of cancer or cardoivascular diseases.  Problems such as headache and digestive tract disorders disappear. The vital energy increases. This is not by accident – the program is created and carried out by a team of professionalists with many years of experience in the sphere of healthy and balanced eating, effective physical activity and weight reduction. LuckyFit is a weight loss, anti-stress and body detox program and one of its kind treatment program for reduction and keeping a healthy weight without starvation. Created in 2008, it has a proven effect and  a big number of followers.


The standard weight loss program focuses on healthy eating and physical exercise for a better body and lifestyle.


There is a variety of SPA procedures  in the LuckyFit programs, the package also includes massages, sauna and steam bath.


For a beginning you can choose from 5 programs according to your capabilities and preferences – LuckyFit Standard, LuckyFit Plus, LuckyFit Antistress, LuckyFit Beauty amd LuckyFit Weekend, which is a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing break after the work and be able to learn about the other programs. Of course, everything is carried out under the surveillance of a medical staff. Right at the beginning you will have a full medical examination because all participants should be in a good overall condition and without serious health problems. In cases of serious diseases in the opinion of a doctor some of the physical exercise included in your program may be reduced. They are in fact spent in an enjoyable way – hikes and activities in the breathtaking mountain nature and provide exertion according to your capabilities; daily combined gymnastics that include fitness exercises, pilates, yoga, tae-bo, callinetics and others; Chinese breathing exercises, folklore and modern dance courses. This is combined with a healthy diet and menu, created exclusively by Prof. Bozhidar Popov – president of the Bulgarian Society of Nutrition and Dietetics. A variety of delicious dishes is covered. They contain very healthy ingredients that are roughly about 1000 or 1300 calories per day. Food portions 3-4 times per day and life-giving water, energized water and zeolite are consumed daily. If you make a request beforehand, the menu will be made suitable with eventual eating lifestyles – vegeterianism, veganism, allergies and food intolerancies.

Център за отслабване Лъки Фит - Йога

All programs in LuckyFit are carried out in the unique five-star hotel complex Aparthotel LuckyBansko which is situated between three of the most beatiful mountain ranges in Bulgaria- Rila, Pirin and The Rhodope Mountains. In Aparthotel Lucky Bansko you will be accommodated in separate studio with full  sound-proofing, kitchen counter with all the necessary appliances, satelite TV, telephone, free wireless Wi-Fi, mini safe, minibar, bathroom with a tub, towels and toilet articles…Therefore, you will get all the benefits from LuckyFit – this weight loss center in Bansko – while enjoying a wonderful rest.

Lose weight with LuckyFit and improve the quality of your life!


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