Nutrition trends – is there a fashion for this?
Тенденции в храненето - има ли мода за това?

Food, like almost everything in our time, is subject to fashion, current trends and new discoveries related to human health.

The aspiration for a harmonious and healthy body is massive , which defines some new views of the daily menu. Fast food, semi-finished products and foods packed with many E’s are increasingly giving way and remain in the background in the category of harmful and dangerous for a good figure habits.

Trends in nutrition - is there fashion for that?

What do modern eating tips cover?

When we talk about healthy foods today this is mostly related to bioproducts . It is important not only that the fruits and vegetables are fresh, but how they are grown, whether they are treated with chemicals, whether the soil is treated, etc.

The meat monitors how the animals themselves are raised, ie. in what environment, what they eat, and whether they are injected with hormones or other medications to accelerate their growth.

Trends in modern nutrition are not so focused on strictly restrictive regimes , constant hunger or fast acquisition of the necessary calories. They are mainly related to the usefulness of the products and their impact on the body.

The aim is to consume those foods that have the maximum positive effect on the body , i.e. It is now fashionable for food to be environmentally friendly and tailored to the individual needs and health status of each of us.

Тенденции в храненето - има ли мода за това?

What practices do modern nutritionists and modern weight loss programs apply?

One of the biggest trends in nutrition in recent years are ketogenic diets . Many people recognize this culture of eating for themselves, because in this way they try to adjust their weight.

A current trend is the seasonal diet or the inclusion in the daily diet of various fermented products. The common of all these approaches is the established beneficial effect on the body when we want to get rid of extra pounds or keep fit.

One of the most common fashions of the last decade is the large consumption of fruits and vegetables in the form of juices. So-called fresh juices and smoothies have taken over the world recently. The reason is that fast food with burgers, hot dogs and other products suitable for consumption “on foot” were replaced by fast healthy drinks.

Smoothies are increasingly preferred because they contain minced vegetables, nuts, fruits, milk and other healthy foods that are prepared and consumed quickly, but give good energy without overeating with pasta.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a mandatory element of the modern diet. They either predominate in the daily menu or are present as a mandatory bop element in the form of a salad, side dish or dessert. Therefore, we can easily define seasonal crops as a hit at every table in the world.

A curious and important point is to point out that nutritionists advise vegetables to predominate over fruits, due to the large amount of sugar that the latter contain. When the menu is mainly of plant products, it is good to consume them at least 4-5 hours before bed to have time to digest.

Тенденции в храненето - има ли мода за това?

A new trend is also the consumption of more whole grains. White this flour is not a friend of the slender figure, so it is avoided by people who try to lose a few pounds in the hip area and abdomen. Wholemeal bread, muesli with milk are today’s patties and mekis for breakfast.

Many of these products are already sold on healthy food probes in large retail chains. There are also specially opened small shops for environmentally friendly products , where one can find a variety of useful products for environmentally friendly diets.

There are white flour substitutes such as coconut, almond or whole grain. Crystal pollen can be replaced with brown or honey.

The modern hit among those who want to be weaker is the process of ketogenesis. It is about consuming certain fats at the expense of carbohydrates. Diets based on this allow the intake of fatty products to accelerate the formation of accumulated fat in the body.

Keto diets are a total boom and many people are turning them into a new way of life and food intake. However, like any diet, it is recommended to consult a doctor in advance.

The most important thing when changing the diet is that it is suitable for our health, which can be established in advance by medical examinations and examination by a specialist.

The denial of fried and fatty foods is considered a new fad. While most semi-finished products from the recent past have undergone heat treatment of the pan, today this is completely denied by nutritionists. French fries, zucchini, eggplant and a bunch of other delicacies are about to be less common on the table.

The best option is the availability of modern appliances that allow you to cook without fat or with a small amount . Another way is to replace frying vegetables with steaming them or grilling them, which is far healthier and lower in calories.

This also applies in full force to the preparation of the meat . Chicken and chicken meat are preferable to pork. Fish and fish delicacies are useful in 3-omega fats , which makes it a must-have on the weekly menu.

Nutrition trends - is there a fashion for this?

Mankind today rediscovers the benefits of cereals . They have always been present in the diet of the various peoples of the world, but they seem to have been forgotten or temporarily displaced. And it turned out that they were the main livelihood back in time, which also has its economic reasons, but people were definitely healthier and in better shape.

Boom marks and the use of fermented foods. In our latitudes, they never have not been forgotten, but doctors are rediscovering their excellent effects on the body. Probiotics are a clear example of the imposition of this fashion in the good sense of the word.

Sauerkraut, pickles, pickles have always been present on the Bulgarian trapezoid . Today, they have been shown to play an important role in stomach health and the functioning of the digestive system.

Similar trends are creeping in from other nations. Worldwide Korean pickled kimchi is also widespread now . This is the case with Bulgarian yogurt, yeast, kefir and other similar foods and beverages.

When we talk about modern trends and fashion in food culture there is no way not to mention the widespread detoxification. It is practiced at certain times of the week, month and year. The goal is to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins , which the modern way of life imposes.

Some people use the method to deal with extra pounds . The basis of detoxification is the consumption of certain foods or beverages for a specific period of time.

Through them the organism manages to separate the harmful accumulations and to purify itself . Detox is also used for therapeutic purposes in many diseases that are thought to be provoked by bad habits and lifestyle.

Тенденции в храненето - има ли мода за това?

Detoxification is similar in understanding to fasting or religious abstinence from certain foods at some point in the year. This is related to the holidays around the change of seasons and preparing the body to move from autumn to winter or from winter to warm weather and so called

These food calendars were associated with traditional and mythological symbolism. Today, however, the significance and importance of such a practice for human health is being rediscovered.

Mankind is about to rethink its views on the consumption of carbonated and sweetened drinks . Health goes hand in hand with good hydration of the body. Therefore, consuming enough water every day is not exactly a fad, but rediscovering the importance of old but important rules of life.

It is recommended to take a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. But the amount is best adjusted to the individual weight of the person and his daily activity and need for fluids.

It is important that nutritionists recommend not to replace the mandatory amount of water with other drinks, because they can not have its useful properties and qualities for the body.

The medicine of our time has determined other table arrangements that are related to the study of various diseases. It has long been known that diabetics should not consume sugar or sugary foods.

Today, however, doctors are finding a link between certain foods and their effects on certain people. Ie there is a link between food and the provocation of certain conditions if a person is predisposed to specific diseases.

Gluten is one of the ingredients that more and more people do not use to avoid complaints. In case of proven food allergies, the given products are deliberately avoided.

It is fashionable to eat according to the season of fruits and vegetables , which are consumed. Another feature is the compliance of the cook with the blood group /

Some Eastern practices are becoming more widespread. Herbs and spices from other continents are entering. The importance of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, basil, various nuts, types of pepper and other flavors is rediscovered. In Ayurveda philosophy also many people find useful practices and solder to follow them in their daily routine.

However, all food trends are united by a few basic rules. And they are subject to the desire of modern man to be active, young, well-groomed, with good figure and health.

This is the new understanding of a full life in harmony with the nature around us. Practice shows that in the general case, people are open to experimenting with trying new foods to find the best for themselves.

In fact, modern dietary trends are a look back in time to discover forgotten truths about the world. Even through food man tries to achieve harmony with the world around him and with himself.

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