Overeating – the number one enemy of good health and figure
Преяждането - враг номер едно на доброто здраве и фигура

Food is  an integral part of our lives . It is not just energy for our body, but also an elixir for the soul. In the fast-paced world of high technology and at the pace at which everything is moving today,  we often overlook the basic needs we experience as human beings.

Преяждането - враг номер едно на доброто здраве и фигура

Of course, when a person does not have enough free time and has to  eat “something” quickly,  we often allow ourselves to eat less healthy food. Of course, in such cases the quality is not always the highest, but we cannot complain about the quantity. The key here is  control over the amount of food we eat.

In recent years, there has been increasing talk about the  problem of overeating.  It is in the  top 10  of modern society, along with obesity, which often goes hand in hand. That is why all developed countries have  developed their own strategy to combat the problem.

Even when we eat a slice of pizza, a burger, a greasy pie or another  type of fast and traditionally harmful food , but still without overdoing the quantities, things don’t look so bad.

Especially if we do not allow this to become  our usual daily food,  it is very likely that we will feel and stay much healthier than other people who seem to be on a diet forever.

We often hear similar recommendations from all media, nutritionists, doctors, advertisements and others. It is good to remember, however, that  each person is individual  and that everything is relative, as  Einstein himself said.

Преяждането - враг номер едно на доброто здраве и фигура

What is the reason that makes us overeat?

Many of us love to eat. For whom more, for whom less,  food always affects our body and physical health , and not only.

Good food is also important for  our emotional and mental state . The reason for this phenomenon is not one.

When we ingest a bite of our favorite food, some particularly important processes take place in our body. When they are our favorite, we naturally  enjoy when we eat it.

Some foods even  directly activate the pleasure hormone dopamine.  Here a clear example we can give is chocolate. That is why few of us manage to resist him.

But what exactly are the reasons for overeating? Very often, for example, the presence of many tempting cooked dishes on the table  prompts us to try all this  and so we find ourselves with an overloaded digestive tract. A great example of such overeating are the holidays and weekends –  Christmas, Easter, New Year, summer holidays.

In these moments we seem to be  more inclined to indulge our appetites  and to eat many delicacies in abundant quantities. And here, as in many other similar cases,  temptation very often plays a bad joke on us.

A lot of people calm down with the thought that  they will catch up with restraint in the future , but when this becomes a daily routine, things change and it starts to be a problem.

Преяждането - враг номер едно на доброто здраве и фигура

What is actually happening?

The main burden of overeating is  borne by the digestive tract  hence it becomes the root cause of many of the problems that doctors find in such cases. In the beginning, the manifestations are usually stomach pain, bloating, gas, heartburn, in some more severe cases – nausea and vomiting.

In the long run, symptoms such as:

  • increase in blood sugar
  • high cholesterol and blood pressure

However, these are just some of the many processes that take place in our body at this time.  Long-term overeating  invariably causes physiological changes, some of which are irreversible, such as enlargement of the stomach, production of excess stomach acid, etc.

Преяждането - враг номер едно на доброто здраве и фигура

As we know,  the body always strives to adapt to the conditions in which it is placed . But our metabolism usually has an exhaustive potential that does not allow it to increase and accelerate to infinity.

When this happens,  the body begins to store excess calories  in the designated areas. Of course, some people are an exception, but usually this is up to date and over the years inevitably  excessive overeating leads to weight gain.

Excessive eating on an emotional basis

Most people are  prone to overeating when something worries or makes them nervous  Over time, this becomes a habit and has many negative consequences.

How to deal if we feel we have a similar problem?

There are many ways to  counteract overeating and its unpleasant side effects . Here psychologists intervene with various non-invasive therapies that can give a wonderful effect, but for this purpose requires great cooperation and perseverance on the subject by the patient himself.

At the core of this is to  build the necessary positive habits  in terms of what and how much to eat. Self-control, as we have already mentioned, is key.

It is only important to  realize that we have control over our will,  which is often the problem of people who overeat systematically. And as old people often say – “in moderation everything is useful, as long as it is not overdone.”

Methods for alleviating the effects of overeating

We have all heard of magic pills and other methods that  supposedly help against overeating.  These remedies are not a very good choice, especially without medical supervision, because they can  lead to health problems.

Especially pills and detox teas can be  extremely dangerous,  and at the same time not give the dream effect for us. We still want to look thin, but healthy at the same time, don’t we?

In fact, what really has the effect of speeding up metabolism are enzymes. They are the ones who  help our stomach process food . They also improve the absorption of nutrients from it.

If we have been in the grip of a systemic overeating for too long, we may even need surgery.

Some quick remedies when we have eaten more

If we overdose,  soluble digestif is a good option to help digestion.  Available in various forms on the market – soluble capsules, drops and more.

Another option is to  drink a cup of nice, aromatic tea.

Some means to deal with overeating permanently

In order to avoid the permanent damage that can be  caused by food abuse , we need to take the necessary adequate measures in time. Of course, there is no panacea for this, no magical solution to help us,  without much effort.

Here are some real and very affordable approaches we can take:

  • Be careful how many calories you take in. In general  the size of the dish  has no direct effect on weight. Things are not so simple. But if you can’t organize yourself enough to keep track of your calories,  control the portion size you eat.

According to Indian wisdom  our lunch should be no more than the size of two palms collected for a ration.  Yet Tibetan monks eat even less food and live much longer than people in our latitudes, right?

  • Slow eating is very useful both in the fight against overeating and for  neutralizing the negative effect of gaining weight.  This maxim is scientifically based. However, it is important not to chew slowly, but to chew a lot. In this way, after a while  the mind sends a signal to our stomach that it has eaten.
  • Never pour extra . Once you have decided how much to pour, do not reach for a second serving.
  • It is useful to eat alone , or at least not to talk while eating. This includes smartphones, computers, and TVs. It is especially harmful to listen to music while eating,  because thanks to it we treat and eat much more than we actually need.
  • Plan a specific number of meals for the day and do not eat indiscriminately. If you feel like eating in the meantime,  first think very carefully about what you will gain from it.  Are you really hungry, or just wondering what to do?
  • Do not completely exclude sugar from your menu . When we are looking to deal with bad and bad habits, it is not good for us to go to extremes. To feel full, our body seeks to feel the full range of flavors .

So  try to eat a varied diet.  Another little trick you can try is to “hurry up” with dessert. When you feel like you’re getting full,  eat your sweets  and see if you’re ready to finish eating an idea sooner.

  • Meditate If you eat a lot out of habit or on nervous soil, this can be  eradicated only with meditative practices . Be it with the help of a psychologist or an Eastern thinker, you need to do  regression therapy, returning to the root causes of your behavior.

Once you realize your feelings and what is provoking you on the inside to abuse food,  you will begin to understand yourself and control yourself much better.

The important thing is not to fail to ask ourselves frankly the questions –  “What happens to our body when we systematically overeat? When does this happen and what are the underlying reasons for it?

How can we avoid this phenomenon and its unpleasant effects? ” Try to  create your own rules regarding diet  and exercise in your life. The most important thing is that they are simple and work for you.

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