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Along with all other traditional and modern detox methods, in the recent years on the market appeared also the detoxifying patches, which have caused intense social debate.

Some people think that the detox patches are one of the quickest and most effective ways to deal with the toxins that are accumulated in our body, while others believe that the patches have no effect, or if there is any effect, then it is minimal.

We won’t take a side, but we will try completely impartially to introduce you to the action of the detoxifying patches and to the different opinions about their effectiveness. The conclusions are left to you!

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What are the detox patches?

The detoxifying patches have entered the European market from Eastern Asia, and more specifically from Japan where they have been used for years to remove toxins accumulated in the organism and heavy metals.

As it is clear from their name, the detox patches are just patches/plasters.

Unlike the conventional patches, the special thing is that the detox patches contain special ingredients such as bamboo acid, tourmaline, dextrin, chitosan, vitamin С, negative ions and others, which have the ability to eliminate the toxins out of the body in a completely natural way.

How and where to place the detoxifying patches?

Placing the patches is very simple and easy. Just remove the patch from the protection foil and place it on the feet of the legs.

Before going to bed, the feet should be washed, dried well and then the patch should be gently placed on the feet. It is good to put also a thin sock so to prevent the patch from moving during the night.

For patch components to work as effectively as possible, it is best to leave them on the feet for at least 8 hours (all night).

The plasters can’t be reused.

In the morning, the detox patch should be removed, and if it has changed its color and there is an unpleasant smell, this means that it has fulfilled its detoxification functions. After several consecutive days of use, the cleansing patches are getting lighter, indicating that the body is cleaning of the harmful substances.

Effect of the detoxifying patches

  • They remove the accumulated toxins in the entire body;
  • They improve the metabolism and blood circulation;
  • Help to relax the muscles and tendons, reducing the tension and tiredness;
  • They soften the skin;
  • They reduce unpleasant smell of the feet;
  • They reduce the swelling and pain in the joints;
  • They improve the sleep and general health.

Why they should be placed on the feet?

We mentioned above that detoxifying patches are a product developed in Japan and, according to the Eastern medicine, all blood and lymph flows pass through the lower part of the legs (feet). Moreover, the feet are the centers where circulation is slower, which means that the toxins accumulate the most there.

There are more than 60 acupuncture points and the patches use these points to remove the toxins out of the body.

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Can you use the patches on other parts of the body?

It is recommended to place them on the feet, because their detoxifying effect is stronger there, but according to the manufacturers, the patches can be placed on other parts of the body such as hands, back and legs.

However, we must mention than if they are placed on other parts of the body, the patches have much less effect.

For how long the detoxifying plasters can remain on the body?

The total lymphatic detoxification may take up to 30 days and more. It all depends on the quantity of accumulated toxins in the organism.

Since they don’t have contraindications, the plasters can be used until their color becomes lighter, as this means the body has cleansed and the patch draws less and less harmful toxins.

What is the detoxifying effect of the patches?

The main ingredients of the detox patches are bamboo acid, tourmaline and wood vinegar.

Tourmaline is one of the natural minerals that have the property of generating negative ions through infrared rays. These ions stimulate the acupuncture points, soothe the body, reduce stress and improve metabolism.

Bamboo or pyromucic acid is a condensed liquid that is obtained from bamboo charcoal or bamboo wood. The quintessence of this acid has the ability to infiltrate and eliminate toxins.

The wood vinegar stimulates peripheral blood circulation, reduces swelling and tiredness of the legs, helps to remove toxins from the body through osmosis.

In addition to these ingredients, the detoxifying patches contain also minerals and plants in powder, vitamins, elements of shellfish, orange oil and so on.

As soon as they are placed on the feet, the patches begin to work. The natural ingredients contained in them penetrate through the pores of the feet and enter the lymphatic system of the body, they connect with the harmful toxins and take them out of the organism.

Who can use the detox patches?

We have already mentioned that the cleansing patches have no contraindications and they can be used by all, but they have stronger effect for:

  • People who spend long hours seated in front of computer or standing in shop;
  • People who suffer from insomnia, depression or stress;
  • Smokers;
  • People above the average age;
  • All who want to get rid of the harmful substances and heavy metals accumulated in their bodies.

From where to buy detoxification plasters?

All pharmacies and sites that offer healthy products also offer detox patches. You don’t need a prescription.

We have come to the most important question, namely „Are the detox patches really effective or not?”

Like many other products that are based on the principles of the alternative medicine, different people have quite different views on the patches.

According to the opponents of this way of detox, the patches are completely useless and the change of their color is not due to elimination of toxins, but to the fact that when the patch is placed on the feet it interacts with the air and moisture of the feet, and then a reaction occurs causing the color.

In support of their allegations, the opponents of the detox patches specify that laboratory tests have been performed on the colored patches and the results shown no eliminated toxins or heavy metals.

According to the traditional Western medicine, it is not possible to remove toxins with plant extracts, because the skin is not an easily permeable membrane and as it doesn’t allow substances from the outside to penetrate the body, the same way it doesn’t allow substances of the body to come out. The only way for a truly effective detox, according to the modern medicine, is the waste substances accumulated in the organism to be eliminated out of the body through the urine, sweat and excrements.

The only effects that the patches have, according to the opponents of this detox method, are to soothe and hydrate the feet, to reduce the smell and placebo effect.

However, the defenders of the detoxifying patches have a very different opinion…

According to them, the patches not only work and cleanse the organism from all harmful substances accumulated from the food and polluted air, but they also improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation, they improve the function of the liver and kidneys, boost metabolism, reduce stress and have moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin.

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In conclusion, we can say the following…

There is still no solid scientific evidence that detox patches work, but the treatment methods that are applied by the alternative medicine often lack understanding and support in modern society.

If you decide to try the detox patches, buy them from a licensed manufacturers, as many options of detox patches are available on the market today, and you may find a poor quality option.

Do not forget that the detox patches are not a medicine, they don’t provide any type of treatment. They are just a way to get rid of the accumulated tension, stress and toxins and to feel the best way possible.

Combine the use of patches with physical exercise, change your diet to achieve better detoxification results.

Why the detoxification of the organism is so important?

Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution, we have a lot of work to do, we don’t move enough, and the worst thing is that we don‘t pay attention to what we eat and often we eat fast food that is bad for our health.

We live in a hurry, messy and stressed. Sometimes we forget to eat regularly, sometimes we overeat. Very often we eat because we are sad, angry, tired, sometimes we eat because we are so nervous that we can’t find a place for ourselves.

We live in the big cities and the smog surrounds us completely, very rarely we find time to go into the mountains, to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the nature.

All this affects not only our physical health, but also our emotional condition, and sometimes even our psyche.

Our body is an ideally designed system that has its own ways to protect itself from the toxins, which accumulate in it, but our lifestyle prevents the organism to cope with this on its own. No matter how well the liver, bile and kidneys function, if we don’t contribute to the detoxification process, these organs can’t deal with the problem on their own.

So we have to look for ways to detoxify our bodies and to eliminate the harmful substances and heavy metals that are accumulated in our organism on a daily basis.

We have to take advantage of any detox method if we want to be healthy and in a good condition.

Are the detox patches effective or not?

That’s up to you. The most important thing here is not to forget that we are responsible for our health and if we don’t take care of it, there will come a day when our „cleansing system” will stop working.

The detoxification methods that we are going to use are not as important as it is to feel good in our bodies.